Fear and (Jew) Loathing in Venezuela

Michael Kaminer had never experienced overt anti-Semitism in Venezuela. But on his most recent trip, he saw signs of Jew-hatred at every turn —  starting with the ‘Hello, Hitler’ t-shirt.


Our 'Car Talk' Rebbe in God's Auto Repair Shop

NPR radio host Tom Magliozzi has died — and that’s a distinctly Jewish loss, Jeffrey Salkin writes. ‘Car Talk’ had deep Torah in it.


Should You Give Jewishly?

There are plenty of variables to weigh when deciding how to support charities. Elissa Strauss writes that it’s even more complicated if one chooses to give Jewishly.


7 Best Jewish Comebacks to Catcalling

Lilit Marcus loved the viral street harassment video because she’s experienced her fair share of catcalling — from Hasidic men. She shares her favorite Jewish comebacks.


IDF Generals' Letter: 'Embrace Saudi Plan'

Here’s the complete text of the open letter to Benjamin Netanyahu from 100-plus retired generals and securocrats. Bottom line: ‘embrace the Arab League’ plan for peace.

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