100 Years Later, Has Louis Brandeis's Supreme Court Nomination Changed Anything?

Louis Brandeis’s elevation to the Supreme Court was a watershed moment for American Jews — but, paradoxically, it seemed to do nothing to lessen this country’s anti-Semitism, Jonathan Sarna writes.


How the Truths Marco Rubio Told an Atheist Could Lure Jews to GOP

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio movingly explained his Christian faith to an atheist in Iowa. The same message could help him quell Jewish fears about voting Republican, Bethany Mandel argues.


How Britain Remembers the Holocaust, More Than 70 Years On

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the UK’s former Deputy Ambassador to Warsaw recalls an experience at Auschwitz — and Britain’s responsibility to fight anti-Semitism.

How Eugene Borowitz Reached My Heart With Inspiring Imperatives of Jewish Thought

In Ethics of the Fathers, the rabbis teach that we must grant respect and honor to an individual who teaches us even the smallest bit of knowledge.

Don't Worry, Bernie — Being Jewish Won't Hurt You in Iowa

It’s kind of hard to picture Bernie Sanders engaging in an Iowan pie-eating contest. And yet, Ari Paul asks, is the corn-fed, Midwestern state ready for an East Coast Jew?

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