Queer Passover Seder Helped Me Reclaim Judaism

Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc, was reeling from a spiritual crisis when she arrived at the LGBTQ Passover Seder that would mark her return to Judaism and change her life.


The Irony of Celebrating Passover in Egypt

Celebrating Passover in a Cairo synagogue, Jake Meth believed he’d finally feel the gravity and meaning of the holiday. But he mostly felt hungry.


Peering Into the Minds of the Climate Doubters

As the evidence about climate change becomes irrefutable, the denial of those who continue to doubt seems difficult to grasp. J.J. Goldberg explores their psychology.


The Ukrainian Revolution’s Unlikely Street-Fighting Rabbi

Natan Khazin led a Jewish squadron of fighters in the revolution that rocked Kiev’s central square. Meet the yarmulke-wearing IDF veteran and ordained rabbi.


New Generation of Rabbis Sees and Speaks Israel

A recent study showed that rabbis are afraid to talk about Israel from the pulpit. Can trips  like last week’s Breaking the Silence tour of Hebron change that reality?

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