What Did the Orthodox Do Now?!

Our fascination with the ultra-Orthodox world often tips into sensationalism and stereotyping, writes Elissa Strauss. Maybe we should pause to wonder why we are drawn to these tales.


How Prayer Can #BringBackOurBoys

Critics say prayer won’t bring the in the three kidnapped Israeli boys home. But Avi Shafran turns to Jewish tradition — and declares that every plea to God makes a difference.


Want a Job? Put ‘Jewish’ On Your Resume

College student Yardain Amron often gets advice on how to beef up his resume. But a new research study shows he’s been leaving out his strongest asset: his Jewishness.


Would Israelis Be Kidnapped If Not For Settlements?

The average Israeli doesn’t understand that every problem raised by the settlements — including the recent kidnapping — is a necessary outcome of their existence, writes Emily Hauser.

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