In Jewish Italy, ‘Diaspora’ Is a Dirty Word

Some Italian Jews say Holocaust museums and memorials promote an overly ‘Diasporic’ Judaism. But wait — since when is ‘Diaspora’ a dirty word?

Ukraine 'Euromaidan' Protests Must Shun Anti-Semitism

The pro-Europe protests in the Ukraine should embody the liberal ideals of freedom and democracy. So why do its leaders tolerate hateful anti-Semitism in its ranks?

Rose Fostanes, Israeli X-Factor's Unlikely Winner

Rose Fostanes unexpectedly found fame last night on reality TV. But her effort to use that fame to shine a spotlight on Israel’s foreign workers won’t be anywhere near as successful as her singing.

After 'Selma,' Asking How Many of Us in 'We Shall Overcome'

With ‘Selma’ playing in theaters, some have asked if Jews really played as key a role in the civil rights movement. One veteran of the struggle remembers when — and offers some answers.

Frozen Over: Ice floes fill the Hudson River in early January during an extreme cold spell that fell over most of the country.

Polar Vortex Is Nothing To Laugh At

Most of us will soon forget the recent polar vortex, like other cold snaps and heat waves. But we do so at our peril — especially on Tu B’Shvat, when our tradition tells us to respect nature.