Stephen Hawking's Worst Nightmare? Golem 2.0

Long before Stephen Hawking warned us about the dangers of artificial intelligence, the legend of the Golem conveyed to Jews the same subliminal message.

Introducing: Who Sets the Table?

In 2015, the Forward will explore whether women still do a disproportionate amount of the work around the Jewish holidays. Elissa Strauss offers an introduction.


Will Israel Alienate the Diaspora With 'Jewish State' Push?

The nationality bill in Israel’s parliament, which favors Jewishness over democracy, has alienated the Diaspora, writes Theodore Sasson. What will this mean in the upcoming elections?


Astronaut Snaps Stunning Photos of Israel. Spot the '67 Lines from Space!

NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore shot some amazing photos of Israel from on board the International Space Station. What they reveal will surprise, delight and disturb you.


How I Remember Mario Cuomo

Mario Cuomo was a man who took his faith seriously and always looked to unite New Yorkers. Ruth Messinger says we could use more like him.

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