Harvard Group Was Right To Visit Arafat's Grave

When Harvard students snapped a photo at Arafat’s grave, they incurred the wrath of the right wing. Elisheva Goldberg says their only crime was thinking critically.

Elusive Motherhood: When a baby is not in your future.

Embracing 'Otherhood'

An increasing number of women are entering their 40s without having found a mate. Despite yearnings for motherhood, Melanie Notkin finds these women, like her, are embracing the lives they have.


The Spiritual Advisor Students Need (Hint: It's Not Campus Rabbi Anymore)

When Ellen Bernstein’s title was changed from ‘rabbi’ to ‘adviser for identity and praxis,’ some saw it as an attempt to take the Judaism out of the job. But she embraced it.

Grief: Mourning is exactly the moment with ritual becomes useful.

Making Ritual for Ourselves

Does it matter if we invent ritual, asks Leonard Fein. Let people find comfort where they can, and bless the ones who are lucky enough or clever enough or wise enough to find it.


How a Flight Was Lost in the 'Twilight Zone'

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has now been missing for two weeks. Rod Serling thought of this kind of drama a half century ago.