At Twersky Shiva, Glimmer of Hope for Jerusalem

At the shiva house of Rabbi Moshe Twersky in terror-stricken Jerusalem, Elisheva Goldberg found hope among a sea of Jewish mourners — and their Arab visitors.


When I Drifted Off the Path

Avi Shafran, a pious Orthodox Jew, remembers his own brush with doubting Judaism —  and what it took to get him believing again.


3 Ex-Security Chiefs Slam Bibi for Caving to Right

Three of Israel’s senior ex-defense officials came out last week, almost simultaneously, with blistering attacks on the security policies of Netanyahu’s coalition.


The Terror Rocking Jerusalem Is Not About God

Many claim that since Jerusalem’s latest terror attack targeted a synagogue, the crisis is turning into a religious war. Lara Friedman says that framing is dangerous — and dead wrong.


How Can She Believe in God?

A Jewish atheist struggles to talk to his wife, who’s a believer in God. He asks the Seesaw for help raising their children Jewish in a divided household.

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