8 Pitfalls To Avoid When Being an Ally to Jews of Color

You might have the best intentions, but you’re not really being a great ally to Jews of color if you indulge in these eight attitudes — starting with ‘It’s all about me!’


Excommunicating Pro-BDS Jews Is a Huge Strategic Mistake

After a congregation hosted speakers on both sides of the boycott debate, its leaders decided that Israel supporters shoot themselves in the foot when they refuse to talk to pro-BDS Jews.


Help! Will My Grandchildren Be Catholic?

My daughter just got engaged and her husband-to-be wants their future children raised Catholic like him. Seesaw, is there anything I can do to get them to reconsider this decision?


Orthodox Belief in God and Faith Is Spreading — Got a Problem With That?

The Pew study shows Orthodox values like belief in God and adherence to custom are spreading. Mordechai Lightstone asks why any Jew would have a problem with that — even if some evangelical Christians feel the same.


What Is a Jewish Response to Virginia On-Air Gun Killings?

Now that senseless gun violence has claimed more lives, what can we do to stop the cycle? Jay Michaelson says it’s time for us as Jews to take the issue personally.

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