6 Ways To Spin the Gaza War

Now that the latest Gaza conflict appears to be over — or nearly so — it’s time to take stock of the winners and losers. Uriel Heilman looks at 6 ways to spin the results.


Jews Shouldn't Blame Palestinians for Getting Killed

David Harris of the American Jewish Committee suggested Palestinians were responsible for their own deaths when Israel shelled a school. That’s fear-mongering of the worst kind, write Logan Bayroff and Jacob Plitman.


Stem Tide of Anti-Semitism in Europe

Europeans will have to reach that conclusion themselves. The most thoughtful among them already understand that a continent in which Jews do not feel comfortable is not a healthy place for anyone.

News Quiz: What is Javier Bardem's Big Regret?

Singers, swingers and Klingons . They’re all here in this week’s quiz, along with Javier Bardem — who probably wishes he wasn’t.

4 Things About the Times of Israel 'Genocide' Blunder

A Times of Israel blogger suggested Israel could be justified in carrying out genocide. Jane Eisner offers four lessons about the controversy — and what it says about the media today.

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