Wishing Your Opponents Dead Is Not Good for Israelis or Palestinians

From the activists wishing Jews gone from Israel to the activists wishing gay people dead in Gaza, we’re all making the Mideast crisis worse with our rhetoric, Jay Michaelson writes.


How the Left's 'Yes, But' Mourning for Slain Israelis Actually Hurts Palestinians

Why do many leftists utter only half-hearted lamentations when certain Israelis are killed? Eetta Prince-Gibson says such behavior isn’t doing Palestinians any favors.


The Right-Wing Tactic All Jewish Leftists Should Be Stealing

Instead of funding organizations that criticize Israel’s human rights record, the left should be building think tanks to win public opinion. It worked wonders for the right, Maya Haber writes.


Trump-Promoted Twitter That 'Gassed' Sanders Now Pro Bernie — Not

That @WhiteGenocideTM Twitter that Donald Trump retweeted from? It’s now morphed into a mock “Bernie 4 Prez” feed.


Ditch JNF Tree-Planting and Reclaim the Real Roots of Tu B'Shvat

Do you associate Tu B’Shvat with making a donation to the Jewish National Fund? Sarah Chandler explains why that’s so far from the real purpose of the holiday.

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