Would Israelis Be Kidnapped If Not For Settlements?

The average Israeli doesn’t understand that every problem raised by the settlements — including the recent kidnapping — is a necessary outcome of their existence, writes Emily Hauser.


Praying for Kidnapped Teens — and Israel's Sanity

Everyone hopes for the safe return of the kidnapped teenagers. But Chemi Shalev writes the national frenzy over the incident has pushed Israel closer to dangerous intolerance.


Benjamin Netanyahu Lashes Out at Hamas — But Real Enemy Is Elsewhere

Benjamin Netanyahu is using the kidnapped teens crisis as an excuse to crush Hamas. But J.J. Goldberg warns he is conflating threats Israel can manage with the real danger of terror.


Twisting a Palestinian's Three-Finger Salute

A Palestinian student’s Facebook photo shows him celebrating last year’s Arab Idol winner. So why do Israeli news sites claim he’s celebrating the kidnapping of three Israelis?

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