A Divestment Campaign We Can Endorse

EDITORIAL: Taking a stand against climate change-causing polluters once seemed hopelessly idealistic. As Stanford sells stock in coal companies, let’s hope the movement is going mainstream.


When Israelis Teach Their Kids To Hate

When photos of weapon-wielding kids flooded out of the West Bank, most Jewish media outlets ignored them for one reason: they showed Israeli, not Palestinian, glorification of violence.


Israel Faces Facebook Intifada From WIthin Ranks of Army

Israelis have rallied to Facebook to defend a soldier accused of misconduct in the West Bank. It sounds like a social media tempest, but the story raises seminal issues, J.J. Goldberg writes.


Supreme Court Got Politics of Prayer All Wrong

The Supreme Court ruling allowing prayer at town meetings is deeply flawed, writes Dan Friedman. Just ask Thomas Jefferson — or Humpty Dumpty.


Supreme Plea for Inclusive Kind of Prayer

Jane Eisner learned the value of inclusive prayer over breakfast with a Catholic cardinal. The Supreme Court’s ruling on prayer at town meetings proves it has yet to learn that lesson.

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