Forward Series Highlight

Stop Worrying About Your Future Grandchildren That Aren't

Wedding bells are ringing for an Asian woman and her Jewish fiance but their parents only want to talk about future grandchildren. How to explain that they may not even have kids?

Bridge to Nowhere? With Mideast peace talks foundering, John Kerry may soon present U.S. ?bridging proposals? to move the process forward. An informed scorecard says it might not do much good.

A Mideast Peace 'Bridge' Too Far?

With the Mideast peace talks stalled, the White House may propose ‘bridging proposals’ on key issues. How will Israel and the Palestinians react — and can they reach a deal?

Jonathan Pollard and the Spying-on-Israel Scandal

Bombshell reports that the U.S. spied on Israel have some right-wingers clamoring for Jonathan Pollard’s release — and even tying the spy’s freedom to peace talks.

Edgar Bronfman, Prince of the Jews

Many eulogies will attempt to capture the magnitude of the loss suffered with the death of Edgar Bronfman. What you need to know: He was a prince of his people.

How Should We Feel About the Pew Study of #JewishAmerica?

The Pew study of Jewish America dropped like a bomb. It was a ‘portrait’ of our community opened a Pandora’s box of debate and discussion.