New Fights Loom as Israel Slows Gaza Fire

The determination that the Israeli infantry officer thought to have been captured is in fact dead has changed the trajectory of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, which now appears to be winding down.


The Turkey Conundrum

The Gaza war has pushed Turkey’s relations with Israel to a new low — and led to major problems for Turkish Jews. But Ofra Bengio says things could improve faster than anyone thinks.


An IDF Reservist on Life at the (Protective) Edge

This was posted this morning at Haaretz in Hebrew by Niv Shtendel, an Israeli blogger, filmmaker, author, film and television critic for Haaretz and Maariv. It describes his experience of — and impressions of — Operation Protective Edge as a middle-aged reservist called up to the front. My translation, so any mistakes are mine alone. (Hat tip to Chemi Shalev for posting it on Facebook.)


Where Is Our Compassion?

Israelis have a reason to become hardened to the suffering of Palestinians, writes Dov Waxman. But what about American Jews — where is our compassion?


Prayers for the State of Israel. Yes, Now, on Tisha B'Av

Especially with Tisha b’Av approaching during a bloody war, many of us want to feel the bond of kinship that transcends politics, J.J. Goldberg writes.

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