Haredi Editorial Unifies Israel on Memorial Day

Every year, ultra-Orthodox Israelis offend the general population by ignoring the Yom Hazikaron siren. But today, a Haredi editorial changed all that.

7 Things Missing from Israel’s Facebook Movie

If Israel had a Facebook movie, what would it show? A lot more than Jerusalem U’s disingenuous “look back” video would have you believe, writes Sigal Samuel.


Why Ruth Messinger's Granddaughter Is Also Her Roommate

Finding the perfect NYC roommate is hard, but Ruth Messinger and Francesca Sternfeld did it. The fact that they’re grandmother and granddaughter is an added bonus.

Now Even Winnipeg Disinvites Speakers Over Israel Politics

It’s happening again — this time in polite Winnipeg, Canada. A university president has been uninvited to speak at a shul after he allowed Israel Apartheid Week events on campus.


Israeli Neighbors Fundraise for Fureidis After Attack

Jarred by a recent settler attack on the Arab village of Fureidis, Jewish residents of nearby Zichron Yaakov have begun to raise money for Arab families in need.

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