Pamela Geller is Not Charlie

The shooting yesterday at the ‘Draw the Prophet’ contest in Texas was tragic and scary. But that doesn’t mean that Pamela Geller is a protector of free speech.


Penn Hillel Is Not Your Battlefield — It's Our Home

Penn Hillel is where some Jewish students feel at home. But thanks to the actions of Open Hillel, simply walking into the building now makes them feel like warriors going into battle.


A Split in Hamas That Might Bring Calm, But No Peace

Israel isn’t the only place where the political and military echelon are split. J.J. Goldberg analyzes a similar divide within Hamas and what it might mean.

Our Free Speech Moment

EDITORIAL: The Jewish community, here and in Israel, is having a free speech moment. In a world as connected as ours, we cannot let censorship prevail, even if we disagree with some opinions.

How David Cameron Plans To Channel Bibi and Win Britain's Election

David Cameron’s team spent plenty of time looking at how Benjamin Netanyahu won reelection. Here’s 3 lessons they will use to help him win Britain’s national vote.

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