The Back-to-the-Future Bagel

An old school kind of bagel is coming back in a big way. Devra Ferst explains how the nouveau holes are inspired by what was once eaten on the Lower East Side.


The Benefits of Airing Deep Splits Among Jews

2015 will finally be the year that the American Jewish community gets comfortable airing its disagreements in public. Yehuda Kurtzer says that’s a good thing.


Playing Game of Chicken Over ICC 'War Crimes'

The Palestinians hope to join the International Criminal Court. But J.J. Goldberg explains it won’t be easy to put Israel on trial — especially for the ‘crimes’ you might think.


In the Shmitta Year, Lifting the Burden of Pay Day Loans

We are halfway through the year of shmitta, when debts are to be forgiven. Ari Hart says that edict applies doubly to predatory loans to the poor.


Did We Get USY's Interfaith Dating Shift Wrong?

Conservative leaders think news stories twisted the group’s youth movement’s shifting of rules on interfaith dating. Uriel Heilman says they are missing the point.

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