Kidnapping of West Bank Teens Points To Worse To Come

The kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers is a sign of things to come, argues Nathan J. Brown. After the collapse of peace talks, both sides will now likely speak in the language of force.


Move To Ban Kosher Slaughter Really Not About the Animals

As a vegan, Jacob Ari Labendz would normally be in favor of moves to fight animal cruelty, like the push to outlaw ritual slaughter in Europe. But he sees something else at work.


My Life Revolves Around Kidnapped Boys

The kidnapping of three boys has changed the rhythm of life for all Israelis, Marcy Oster writes from the West Bank. But some routines — like hitchhiking — haven’t changed at all.

Working Toward a Transgender Vocabulary

Whether we’re bored, excited or afraid of the idea that our male-female dualism has been complicated by the transgender experience, we need the vocabulary to deal with it.

Why #BringBackOurBoys Is the Perfect Hashtag

Mordechai Lightstone argues that Israel’s #BringBackOurBoys doesn’t take away from Nigeria’s #BringBackOurGirls — on the contrary, it adds to it.

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