Why Jews of Color Like Me Feel Unsafe After AIPAC’s Applause for Trump

Mexican-American Jew Lina Morales wonders if the Jewish community has decided to make its peace with white supremacy.


Who’s To Blame for Israeli Soldier Shooting Downed Palestinian Attacker?

The soldier who shot an already-subdued attacker is responsible for his own actions. But there is also a whole political and social environment nurturing just this situation, Dahlia Scheindlin writes.


AIPAC Now Creepily Resembles the NRA

Like the National Rifle Association, AIPAC was once a bipartisan lobby for credible positions — but it’s becoming fiercely partisan and toxic to anyone not in its extremist camp, Sam Freedman writes.


Can Merrick Garland Make the Supreme Court Talmudic Again?

Merrick Garland’s nomination just might restore the high court to its rightful status as a nerdy hall of intellectual debate rather than a convenient vehicle for partisan advance, Ari Paul writes.


What Brussels Taught This Israeli About Terror — and Tolerance

Moving from Israel to Brussels at age six saved Lior Zaltzman from a childhood filled with terrorism. Now, her safe haven is no longer safe — but its multicultural message is more relevant than ever.

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