Time To Save Iraq's Treasures — By Force, If Necessary

When it comes to Islamic State, the only way to preserve antiquities is to destroy their destroyers, says an expert in charge of recovering the remnants of Iraq’s ancient cultures.


Why Barack Obama Still Faces Uphill Battle To Avoid Iran Deal Veto

Barack Obama needs just four more Democrats to avoid having to cast an embarassing veto over his Iran nuclear deal. J.J. Goldberg explains why it may be tough sledding to lock up the votes.


No, God Is Not Punishing Jimmy Carter for 'Anti-Semitism'

For some Jews, the cause of Jimmy Carter’s cancer is obvious. They believe it’s divine punishment for his behavior toward the Jewish people.


5 Ways for Barack and Bibi To Get Along Better

In the contemplative spirit of the Days of Awe, we canvassed the experts to recommend a way forward for the two leaders.


Are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Flip Sides of Same Populist Coin?

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump come at the race for the White House from opposite sides of the political spectrum. But J.J. Goldberg explains how they offer similar threats to the dominant orthodoxy of their parties.

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