A 'Fight of the Century' Over 'Pinkwashing' and Israel

Two prominent LGBT activists take dramatically opposing sides in the fierce debate over Israel and gay rights. Jay Michaelson unpacks the dispute — and comes down firmly on one side.

Standford Student Molly Hurwitz (top) and UCLA's Rachel Beyda (bottom) were both questioned about their Jewish identity.

Getting Jewish Students Out of Comfort Zone Isn't 'Anti-Semitic'

A recent string of incidents involving Jewish students at California campuses has spurred hysterical claims about a wave of anti-Semitism. Ari Y. Kelman says that’s patently false — and students are more than capable of learning from the events.

Brassy Jewish Woman 2.0: Pamela From 'Louie'

The brassy Jewish woman has long been a standard character on both stage and screen. But Pamela Adlon’s character on ‘Louie’ is turning the stereotype on its head.

Reclaiming Ashkenazi Culture? Sure. But Not Without Some Tough Love

Jonathan Katz is all for embracing Jewish culture. But he is wary of some who promote Ashkenazi heritage as a way of excluding others — like Sephardi Jews or people of color.

If You Defend Charlie Hebdo — Do Same for Pamela Geller

The Charlie Hebdo shootings and the attack on a Pamela Geller-organized event in Texas have raised debate about just what constitutes free speech. J.J. Goldberg says it ain’t as tough a question as it sounds.