How Hillary Clinton and the Haggadah Made Me a Feminist

Hillary Clinton and the Haggadah made me a feminist.


Why Hasids May Have a Decent Legal Point About Single-Sex Swimming in Brooklyn

The Jewish world has recently been abuzz over the latest clash between law and religion, revolving around — of all things — a public swimming pool in Brooklyn.


How (Not) To Wield Jewish Privilege in Israel

Do we want a state that places a particular brand of Judaism first, or a state built on the scaffolding of the highest ethical standards laced through Jewish texts?


Jewish Values Tell Us To Back Equality for Transgender People — It’s in the Torah

Citing both changing social practice and Jewish values, the international association of Conservative rabbis last week passed a resolution calling on Jewish institutions and government agencies to embrace the full equality of transgender people. Some see this as a departure from tradition. But, as the resolution claims, a stronger case can be made that full equality has much deeper within the Jewish ethical tradition.


Why Andrew Cuomo Is Worst Possible Face of the Anti-BDS Movement

Pro-Israel activists are portraying their fight as one against intolerance. That’s exactly why the New York governor is such a poor choice to be front and center.

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