Letter To The Editor: Why Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Gaffe Should So Worry Jews

Spicer’s statement reinforced Hitler’s narrative that the German Jews were not, in fact, “his own people,” that their citizenship mattered less than their ethnicity.

How The Shunned Jews Of Egypt Found A Warm Welcome In Brazil

For many years Jews and so-called foreigners formed the pillars of Egypt’s economy and culture. With their forced exodus, Egypt faced a void of talent that has yet to be replaced.

Grave Matter: Rising Sea Levels Threaten Jewish Cemeteries

The loss of graves due to climate change will trouble the future generations who may be pressed to relocate human remains and gravestones.

The Talmudic Case Against United Airlines

United Airlines’s forcible re-accommodation of a passenger has ignited outrage. But what does the Talmud have to say about it?

What The Humble Olive Tree Teaches Us About Israel’s Past And Future

Over thousands of years, the Dead Sea’s sediment and its trapped olive pollen built into layers meters thick. This is the memory of the land, trapped in sediment. In this memory, we also glimpse the future.

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