How Israel’s Temple Mount Crisis Became A Showdown — Between Government And Generals

While world attention focuses on Palestinian vs. Israeli tensions, the real story is a behind-the-scenes battle between army and politicians.

Let My People Pray At The Temple Mount — It Will Teach Palestinians A Lesson

By Israeli law, Jews are not allowed to pray at their holiest site — a fact that Arabs use to inspire deligitimization and even terrorism.


WTF: Why Don’t Some Observant Jews Carry Umbrellas On Shabbat?

In this new series, “What the Forward,” an Orthodox Jew answers your burning questions about all things Jewish custom and religious observance.

The West’s Response To Hungary Affects The Future Of Europe — And Its Jews

Hungary is mutating into an illiberal democracy, putting Jews and other minorities at risk. The European Union and the rest of the West must respond.

4 Things I Learned About Jews This Summer

Michael Heckle — an atheist Iowan of Christian background — has opened his mind to questions about race, religion and community.

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