Letter: German and French Rabbis Lament Brexit, Call for Unity

We are deeply saddened by the result of the referendum because the UK has abandoned the great idea of a peaceful, united Europe. We are worried about the future because a forward thinking nation like the UK has shown the world that fascism is electable again. We are concerned that this referendum will unleash a chain reaction strengthening the extreme right across Europe.

Doctors Without Borders Denies Institutional Anti-Semitism

Recent comments by the former president of MSF France equated the wearing of the yarmulke with support of Israeli state policies. Such statements are ill-informed, offensive and just plain wrong. While later retracted, the remarks are condemnable, and in no way represent or reflect any official MSF position.


A British Jew Mourns, Fears Brexit

Prime Minister David Cameron stands down…Conservative Party leadership battle hots up… “Labour Party imploding” - shadow cabinet coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn…Nicola Sturgeon Scotland’s First Minister says: “Scotland may veto Brexit.”


Is Donald Trump-Style Populism Just Human Nature?

Trump, Nigel Farage, Avigdor Lieberman — these are all symptoms, not causes, of a malady that feels like it threatens the march of civilization itself.

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