Why Israel's #BringBackOurBoys Is Offensive

The hashtag used to mobilize support for Israel as it attempts to find three kidnapped teens is viral — and deeply offensive, Sigal Samuel argues.


Taking Different Lessons From Same Threat

As insurgents rip up Iraq’s map, terrorists snatch three teenagers on the West Bank. J.J. Goldberg explains the connection — and why America and Israel should care about both crises.


On Father’s Day, Let's End Violence Against Women

How are you spending Father’s Day? Menachem Creditor says we should use it to teach our sons — future fathers — how to fight violence against women and girls.


Reuven Rivlin, an Israeli President Who Wants One-State Solution

Reuven Rivlin’s election as Israel’s president is vindication to the right, argues J.J. Goldberg. He’s an elder statesman of the Knesset — but a fierce opponent of the two-state solution.


Kidnapped Students Could've Been Us

Three yeshiva students were kidnapped while thumbing a ride in the West Bank. Phil Getz feels a bond because did the same thing hundreds of times — in the exact same spot.

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