Using Ebola To Scare Israelis Off African Migrants

Israeli politicians and media are making a habit of associating contagious diseases with all Africans. Is Ebola being used as an excuse to keep migrants out?


Kiss Those Nobels Goodbye

There were no science Nobel Prizes for Jews this year. Noah Efron thinks this indicates that Jews don’t gravitate toward the test tube anymore.


How Not To Respond to the Ottawa Shootings

Within minutes of the Ottawa shootings, Islamophobia reared its ugly head. With her family under lockdown, Mira Sucharov cautions us against making assumptions about the shooters.


Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter. Should We Listen?

Monica Lewinsky has joined Twitter. Is she just looking for attention? The pressure is on her now to prove that what she has to say is worth hearing.


How Rudy Giuliani Got 'Klinghoffer' Right

Jane Eisner praises Rudy Giuliani for his restraint in leading a protest against ‘The Death of Klinghoffer.’ Why did so many others cross the line into destructive rhetoric?

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