Why We Shouldn't Accept Rabbis Who Marry Non-Jews

Reconstructionists have decided to permit intermarried rabbis. Jane Eisner says this dramatic change risks diminishing our religious leadership at a time when we need it the most.


Does Doctors Without Borders Strike Reveal U.S. Double Standard on Israel?

One of the low points of last year’s Gaza war was Israel’s August 3 strike outside a United Nations school in the city of Rafah. The strike, meant to hit a military target according to the Israel Defense Forces, killed at least 10 people and injured dozens. It was the latest in a string of Israeli bombs to hit U.N. facilities.


How Ta-Nehisi Coates Helps Make Sense of the Mideast Conflict

In ‘Between the World and Me,’ Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the root causes of racial violence in the United States. But Dahlia Scheindlin says the book also sheds light on how Palestinians experience Israel.


Why Won't Trump Stand Up to His Anti-Semitic Fans?

Some of Donald Trump’s biggest fans are outspoken anti-Semites. And despite having a Jewish daughter, he refuses to put them in their place.


When You're Way More Into Judaism Than Your Partner Is

What do you do when one partner in a marriage approaches Judaism with fondness and curiosity, and the other, well, less so? Elissa Strauss used to think it was a big deal — but not anymore.

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