Israel's Got No Business Banning Nazi Symbols

The new Israeli bill that would ban Nazi symbols may have worthy motives underlying it. But it’s still dangerous and anti-democratic.

Equality: Tunisian Ennahda?s executive board member Amer Larayedh (right) laughs with leftist MP Selma Baccar (left) during a session at the National Constituent Assembly on January 8 in Tunis.

Tunisia Makes Progress on Minority Rights — And the World Ignores It

With three years since the revolution in Tunisia and progress on a constitution that protects Jews and minorities, Robert Zaretsky can’t understand why this good news is being ignored.

A Portrait of Ariel Sharon

Cartoonist Eli Valley offers his own unique graphic take on the recently deceased former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.

Menachem Stark — Just Another Hasid?

Menachem Stark’s tragic murder somehow inspired an astonishing attack on the entire Hasidic world. Mordechai Lightstone writes that’s very un-New York — and just plain wrong.