Let Israelis and Palestinians Be Enemies

Let’s get realistic, Natasha Gill writes. Humanization between individuals does not resolve conflict between groups.


Donald Trump’s Rise Shows How Much Pro-Israel Politics Has Changed in 5 Years

The traditional pro-Israel orthodoxy Republicans once fought to enforce is no longer sacred, Matthew Finkelstein writes.


All Quiet on the Israel-Gaza Front? All the More Reason To Act Fast

As Hamas rebuilds its war infrastructure, the status quo is again building toward war, Nathan Hersh writes.


What Do Arab Youth Really Want? The Answer May Surprise You (and Donald Trump)

From their thoughts about ISIS to their feelings about the United States, Arab youths’ actual beliefs would shock a lot of Americans, Jane Eisner writes.


Watch How New York Reacts to This Jewish-Muslim Couple Experiment

What happens when a conspicuously Jewish-Muslim couple walks hand-in-hand through the streets of New York City?

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