How Jack Wolfson Became Face of Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Dr. Jack Wolfson has become the unapologetic face of the anti-vaccine movement after he said he wouldn’t ‘sacrifice’ his child to protect others.


Should I Fly Home To Vote in Israeli Elections?

As Lior Zaltzman considers flying to her native Israel to vote in the upcoming elections, she asks: Will it make any difference if expats go back and cast ballots?


Guide to Israeli Elections as Read by a MacBook

Adam Langer’s MacBook Pro is great at taking dictation. But when he tried dictating names of Israeli politicians, the computer was suddenly stumped. Check out the hilarious results.

How Ultra-Orthodoxy Is Most Feminist Faith

Ultra-Orthodoxy is often criticized for its treatment of women. But Avi Shafran says it offers women more opportunities to work than men, who must study the Torah.


A Hasidic Rabbi With a Latin Heart

Five years ago, Rabbi Mendy Weitman could have moved anywhere in the world to pursue his dream of building a Jewish community as a Chabad Lubavitch emissary. But instead he chose to stay in New York, where he spotted a greater group in need of a community: Jewish immigrants from Latin America.

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