We Are All Jeff Jacoby

Whether they agree with conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby or not, bloggers and the Twitter-sphere are uniting to help bring home his missing teenage son, Caleb.

Hillel’s Battle Over the Meaning of ‘Pro-Israel’

The continuing controversy over Hillel’s Israel guidelines is really a battle over how to define what ‘pro-Israel’ means — something Hillel leaves totally unclear.

Hate: Police composite sketch of Brooklyn man charged with attacking seven Hasidic Jewish women, including one who is 78.

Losing in the 'Knockout' Game

The so-called ‘knockout’ game has already struck unsuspecting Jews in New York and elsewhere. Eli Reiter feels himself experiencing a uniquely Jewish kind of fear.

Britain Should Apologize for Balfour Declaration

It’s time for Britain to acknowledge the mess it left behind in Mandatory Palestine — but not for the reason the pro-Palestinian camp thinks.