Hasidic Trailblazer: Racheli Ibenboim chats with writer Tuvia Tenenbom.

A Woman Is More Than a Wedding Night

Racheli Ibenboim’s life story has plenty to teach all of us. So why did a Forward writer insist on badgering her about what she did on her wedding night, Mordechai Lightstone asks.

Denmark's Kosher Ban Hypocrisy

Denmark professes to be standing up for animal rights by banning kosher slaughter. So why does it allow hunting and inhumane fur production?

?Arguably treasonous?? Former Israeli intelligence chiefs Meir Dagan of Mossad (left) and Yuval Diskin of Shin Bet

Israeli Right Turning on Security Chiefs: 'Treason'

Israel’s security professionals are taking a common-sense approach to peace talks. That increasingly puts them on a collision course with right-wing ideologues.

Fitting In: An Ethiopian-Israeli soldier prays at Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Locking Israel’s Ethiopian Problem Away Behind Bars

40% of Ethiopian Israeli soldiers have seen the inside of a military prison. Seth Franzman says the shocking statistic reflects a failure to integrate African immigrants.

Israel Crowdsources 'Jewish Future' Plan Online

Israel’s three-day ‘Online Brainstorming Marathon to Plan the Future of the Jewish People’ may be the country’s most impressive use of crowdsourcing to date.