Menachem Stark — Just Another Hasid?

Menachem Stark’s tragic murder somehow inspired an astonishing attack on the entire Hasidic world. Mordechai Lightstone writes that’s very un-New York — and just plain wrong.

Sharon's Legacies — in Life and Death

Ariel Sharon’s legacy is one of a complicated leader — and a man who was kept alive long after his time. As we honor his memory, Jane Eisner urges us to recognize that there are other ways to die.

Fighting Jewish Slumlords Isn't Anti-Semitic

A Brooklyn tenant organizer asks: How can we rally against nameless Jewish real estate tycoons without being labeled anti-Semitic?

Ariel Sharon addresses his troops as Unit 101 prepares to enter Khan Yunis in Gaza, August 30, 1955.

How We Recollect Sharon: Good, Bad, Ugly, Human

Amid the outpouring of tributes to Ariel Sharon, a few offer unexpected insights — some into the life and character of Sharon, others into the character of the writers, says J.J. Goldberg.

Fiction and Farce: Democracy at the MLA

At the Modern Language Association Assembly delegates voted to chastise israel but not boycott its academics. Sadly, the farcical atmosphere made it impossible to take the debating process seriously.