Would Israel Reject Ancient Rabbis as Jews?

As the Israeli Chief Rabbinate takes heat for its way of determining who counts as a Jew, Nathan Jeffay asks whether even the greatest ancient rabbis would have passed their test.

Why Are We Ignoring Palestinian Nonviolence?

This week’s media coverage showed that, unlike stories of Palestinian violence, stories of Palestinian nonviolent protest rarely get reported. Emily Hauser says this is isn’t just wrong — it’s dangerous.

Time?s Up: By the time he retires, at age 75, Foxman will have been employed by the ADL for 50 years, as national director since 1987.

A Man of His Time

EDITORIAL: During his long tenure at the ADL, Abraham Foxman made himself indispensable to American Jews. Now may be the right moment for a new type of leader.

WhatsApp Is Way of Life for Israelis

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis denounce the messaging service WhatsApp as a threat to Jewish life. Don’t tell that to Israelis, where the app is almost indispensible for families.

Here?s the Deal: John Kerry told Jewish leaders the same thing he?s told Muslims: Both sides have to ?bet on peace.?

Let's Bet on Peace in Middle East — for Sake of Israel

John Kerry told Rabbi Sharon Brous that at some point all sides in the Middle East conflict have to “bet on peace.” She agrees — and so do a majority of American Jews.