Don't Fence Me In

Okay, so first of all I have to acknowledge to myself that the schedule was a little extreme. To keep alert and open to a range of different people talking with me, to wander all over Manhattan to meet them, and then to expect myself to be sufficiently awake to write any thoughts other than “please let me sleep” – how young did I think I am?

And the Latkes Were Made By...

The results are in for our final ‘Who Sets the Table?’ survey. Elissa Strauss and Josh Levs write about how the #DadLatkeChallenge went down in their houses.

Why Your JNF Donation Might Be Used for Settlements

Ask any American Jew what the Jewish National Fund does, and they will most likely answer, ‘It plants trees in Israel.’ But the reality is much more complicated.


3 Ways Sheldon Adelson Could Handle Donald Trump

For months, Republican Party insiders have speculated who Sheldon Adelson, the pro-Israel billionaire, will back in the GOP presidential primary.


VIDEO: Extremists Incite Witch Hunt Against Israeli Human Rights Advocates

Is being active in an Israeli human rights NGO enough to make you a target of violence? A scary new ad by right-wing group Im Tirzu suggests the answer is yes.

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