Matisyahu Concert Cancelers Did Us a Favor

A Spanish music festival’s decision to nix a Matisyahu concert may not seem like cause for Jewish celebration. But, Jared Samilow asks, what if it’s an example of BDS overplaying its hand?


Will Fate of Iraqi Jews Soon Befall Other Minorities?

Emma Sky has witnessed the destruction of Iraqi communities firsthand. With ISIS sweeping through the country, she asks what the government will do to keep other minorities from joining its Jews in permanent exile.


Does Gothamist Have a Hasidic Problem?

Gothamist’s coverage and readership is mostly centered around New York City and Brooklyn, home to many Hasidic Jews. So why is the publication seemingly ignorant of — even hostile to — this population?


How Demonizing Iran Deal Supporters Brings Out Worst in Israel

America’s ambassador to Israel is getting death threats over the Iran deal. J.J. Goldberg asks if Israel’s right wing leaders will ever learn the dangerous consequences of demonizing those who disagree with them.


The Death of Leo Frank

A century ago today, Forward editor Ab Cahan wrote eloquently about the lynching of Leo Frank. He denounced the anti-Semitism that ‘didn’t rest until it made an end to his young life.’

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