Gaza War Diary: Everyone Is Proud of the Resistance

Many people in Gaza right now hate Hamas and its ideology. But every single person there is proud of the Palestinian resistance, Walid Abuzaid writes.


5 Reasons Why American Jews Are Standing With Israel

U.S. Jews are repelled by the killing in Gaza. But they want the war to end on terms that will disarm Hamas, not pave the way to another round of terror, Eric Yoffie writes.


Max Steinberg Was Not Brainwashed

L.A. native Max Steinberg, killed in combat during fighting with Gaza / Courtesy of Steinberg Family

8 Reasons Menachem Creditor Is Wrong To Be 'Done Apologizing' for Israel

Rabbi Menachem Creditor says he’s done apologizing for Israel. Jay Michaelson gives 8 reasons why it’s important to tell the truth about the Gaza war — even if it hurts.

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