Germany's Not Just Faking Holocaust Contrition

Recent reports of drunken revelers urinating on Berlin’s Holocaust memorial have prompted the accusation that Germany is only faking contrition over its past. The nation’s education system proves otherwise.

Where the Money Leads

EDITORIAL: Women are making huge strides in the Jewish world. But let’s not forget they still lag in the federations and other big groups, where power, money and impact actually reside.

Sarah Silverman Hailed As Prophetess in Israel

Sarah Silverman was referred to as a ‘prophetess’ in an Israeli paper. Her sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman, said the comedian is not Biblical yet, ‘but she continues that path.’

We Are All Jeff Jacoby

Whether they agree with conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby or not, bloggers and the Twitter-sphere are uniting to help bring home his missing teenage son, Caleb.

Hillel’s Battle Over the Meaning of ‘Pro-Israel’

The continuing controversy over Hillel’s Israel guidelines is really a battle over how to define what ‘pro-Israel’ means — something Hillel leaves totally unclear.