Awkwardness Is Reuven Rivlin’s Gift to the Left

In Reuven Rivlin, Israel has found a president whose vision clashes with its own two-state mantra — and that’s good news for the left, writes Sigal Samuel.


Why Israeli Left Should Cheer Reuven Rivlin

Israel’s newly elected president Reuven Rivlin opposes a Palestinian state. But the left should embrace him anyway, writes Anna Momigliano.


Alexander Imich, Czar's Last Bar Mitzvah Boy

The late Alexander Imich was the world’s oldest man. He was also the last Jew to be bar mitzvah-ed in the Czarist Empire — and that’s just one of his little-known secrets.

Include Me Out of This Jewish Community

The Jewish establishment has made great strides in accepting LGBT people. But Jay Michaelson thinks we should take a second look at who still gets left out.


Israel's Bitter Splits Boil Over in Open

Israel gave the world an unusually raw look at its internal divisions this week as a high-profile security conference turned into a pitched battle over the most basic of issues.

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