Jews of Color Get Personal and Political at First-Ever National Gathering

What happens when Jews of color, including Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, get together for a historic three-day gathering? Sigal Samuel found out.


Will New Jewish Effort Force New York To Change Sex Abuse Laws at Last?

New York has one of the cruelest laws in the nation when it comes to the statute of limitations for reporting sexual abuse, Jane Eisner writes. Can Jewish activists help bring about reform?


New Comedy ‘Activist’ Tackles Israel Divestment on Campus — But Is It Funny?

From former Open Hillel leaders comes a web series about students working to get their college to divest from the Israeli occupation.


Sanders Calls It ‘Palestine,’ Trump Won’t Call It ‘West Bank’ — and Why These Words Matter

When Bernie Sanders says ‘Palestine,’ you know where he’s coming from. Not so when Donald Trump says it. These distinctions are more than technicalities, Jane Eisner writes. The words matter.


You Hate the Jewish Establishment — But Do You Know What It Is?

The establishment is not only embracing more diversity, David Bernstein writes. It is diverse.

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