The Last Time Children Were This Vulnerable Was World War II

As Sukkot approaches, Caryl Stern thinks of the forced exodus on innocent Syrian children and its similarities to the Exodus forced on her grandparents, who were also mere children, in 1939.


Why Can't My Hubby Pitch In During the Holidays?

The good news: my husband agreed to raise our family Jewish. The bad news: to him this means that I do all the work and he doesn’t protest.


How Israel Can — and Should — Help Refugees

Instead of building a wall to keep out refugees, why doesn’t Israel take practical steps — like turning the border with Jordan and Syria into a well-patrolled land corridor — to help them?


Hey, What Ever Happened to the 'Existential Threat' of Iran?

Israel’s retired military chief distanced himself from Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy on Iran in an important Washington speech. J.J. Goldberg lets his words speak for themselves.


'Difficult People' Proves It's Still the Golden Age of Jews Mocking Jews

Elissa Strauss feared the end of Jews mocking Jews in comedy. But in ‘Difficult People,’ Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner prove that it’s still the Golden age for Jews poking fun at each-other.

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