All Your Gaza Questions Answered in 1 Interactive Map

Confused about Gaza? You’re not alone.

7 Ways for Bibi and Barack To Move Ahead

President Barack Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aren’t best of pals and the Gaza war hasn’t helped. How can they move forward for the good of the two countries?


Benjamin Netanyahu Confronts Minefields After Gaza War

Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to spin the Gaza war as a success. J.J. Goldberg writes he’ll be lucky to make that story stick — and may soon find himself in danger of losing his job.


Yup, Rand Paul Wanted To Cut Israel Aid

Rand Paul is saying he never ‘really’ proposed cutting aid to Israel. Actually, that is exactly what the Republican presidential nominee said.


Did Right-Wing French Jews Provoke Anti-Semitic Violence?

The Jewish Defense League portrays itself as being on the front lines of defending French Jews. But Robert Zaretsky asks if the right-wing group may have provoked some anti-Semitic incidents .

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