Beauty and the Spritz: The movie star has brought new attention to a company and whether it?s colluding in the occupation.

Bursting Bubbles of SodaStream's Haters

EDITORIAL: SodaStream has taken a beating as Scarlett Johansson amps up the star power. Demonizing the company won’t end the occupation — and would hurt Palestinians.

The Bibi-Bennett Feud Isn't Over

Far-right Israeli politician Naftali Bennett has apologized for accusing Benjamin Netanyahu of ‘moral confusion.’ But it’s only a matter of time before friction between them leads to another crisis.

Are Gas Chambers Making a Comeback in U.S.?

As Jews, we associate gas chambers with the Holocaust. But now some death penalty states are considering reviving this gruesome execution method — in America.

Our Royal Scandal: King Edward once abdicated his throne for love. Hopefully it won?t come to that for Yair Netanyahu.

Yair Netanyahu Girlfriend Drama Sparks Echoes of British Royal Romance Scandal

Yair Netanyahu supposed relationship with a Norwegian woman is being treated by Israelis as the most scandalizing love story since Britain’s King Edward and Wallis Simpson.