Being Daniel Friedman

It’s not easy being a man who shares a name with so many people — especially when they’re weirdly talented, or express controversial political views.

Germany Weighs Flawed Bill on Nazi-Looted Art

A new German bill aims to make it easier for Nazi-looted art to return to its original owners. But it includes a condition that could actually make it harder.

Hell on Earth: Iraqis inspect the site of a blast in Samarra on May 20, 2013.

Lesson of the Talmud in an Iraq School Suicide Bombing

News of a suicide bombing instructor’s deadly explosion that killed his entire class in Samarra, Iraq, inspired J.J. Goldberg to follow a string of connections that leads back to the Talmud.

Would Israel Reject Ancient Rabbis as Jews?

As the Israeli Chief Rabbinate takes heat for its way of determining who counts as a Jew, Nathan Jeffay asks whether even the greatest ancient rabbis would have passed their test.

Why Are We Ignoring Palestinian Nonviolence?

This week’s media coverage showed that, unlike stories of Palestinian violence, stories of Palestinian nonviolent protest rarely get reported. Emily Hauser says this is isn’t just wrong — it’s dangerous.