Be Fruitful and Multiply — Please?

A declining number of non-Orthodox American Jews are getting married and having children. Jane Eisner explains why this is such a problem.


The Laws That Killed Eric Garner

The ancient Jews knew that God demands adherence to law. Jay Michaelson explains how America has moved so far away from that precept when it comes to police and black men.


Why I'm (Reluctantly) Voting Against BDS at Berkeley

Raphael Magarik opposes the occupation. But he’s voting against UC Berkeley’s BDS resolution this week because he thinks boycotting Israel will only make things worse.


AP vs. Matti Friedman — Fight Gets Ugly

The Associated Press and its former employee Matti Friedman are trading fire after the journalist published his second essay accusing the media giant of biased Israel coverage.


Not Afraid To Be a Girlie Girl

Unlike other Jewish comics, Amy Schumer’s point of view is unapologetically feminine. She represents a new stage in the evolution of the funny JAP, writes Elissa Strauss.

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