The Right Plan To Save Jews?

EDITORIAL: Israel is developing a $300M-a-year initiative to strengthen identity among young Jews. It has asked for input from the Diaspora. Here are our questions.


Seeking Salvation? Dial 1 for Baruch Goldstein

Looking for salvation? A new Israeli service allows you to order it by phone, in the form of a prayer said at the grave of mass murderer Baruch Goldstein.


A GOP Plan to Save the Jews: Buy White House

Republican presidential wannabes are ready to gather, hats in hand, in Las Vegas to curry favor with a group of conservative Jewish gazillionaires. Call it ‘the Sheldon primary.’


Partnership Minyan and the Egalitarian Threat

Partnership minyanim offer Orthodox women a leading role. Aurora Mendelsohn explores why rabbis are pushing back against these new egalitarian forms of prayer.


A New Relationship Between Israel and the Diaspora

EDITORIAL: Israel’s relationship with the Diaspora is shifting fast. But judging by how American Jews target donations, we haven’t caught up to the new reality.

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