What Jimmy and Tim Taught Me About Catholics and Jews Getting Along

When Samuel Freedman recalls his childhood, it seems perfectly normal that two of his buddies were Catholic. He explains how Vatican II made that possible — and laid the foundation for the warm welcome Jews are giving Pope Francis.


Why Does Everybody Sound So Anti-Semitic All of a Sudden?

We sense anti-Semitism when Ann Coulter F-bombs Jews or the New York Times lists Jewish lawmakers. But J.J. Goldberg warns against playing victim when your own leaders picked the fight.


Who's Afraid of Jeremy Corbyn? No, Not All British Jews.

British Jews are a diverse bunch with a wide range of political views. So why, Joseph Finlay asks, do people keep assuming they’re all scared of Jeremy Corbyn?


The More Polite Brand of Greek Anti-Semitism

It’s bad enough that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party placed third in Greece’s recent elections. Even worse, Jonathan Zimmerman says, is how a more polite kind of anti-Semitism has taken hold in the mainstream.


Why Haven't Jews Responded to Vatican II After 50 Years?

The arrival of Pope Francis in America and the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s landmark declaration, Nostra Aetate, have allowed us, as Jews, to marvel at the revolutionary developments in our relations with the Catholic Church in the past half-century.

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