How FIFA Soccer Scandal Could Help Israel

The corruption allegations against the world soccer body FIFA are damning, but frankly, they couldn’t have come at a better time for Israel. With the world distracted, the Palestinians’ long-shot bid to get Israel suspended looks even less likely.

When Israelis Demand Jewish Drivers for Their Taxis

What do you do when customers want a taxi, but only if the driver is Jewish? Two Israeli companies recently faced such racist demands — and only one responded admirably.


Insulting Shlomo Riskin Insults Israelis — and American Jews

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin is under attack from the Chief Rabbinate. That’s an insult not just to Israelis, but to American Jews, Avi Weiss and Shmuel Herzfeld argue.


Why Paid Leave Makes Economic Sense

Paid family leave can introduce disruption and uncertainty to the workplace. Even though Jane Eisner has experienced those downsides firsthand, she still thinks government must step in to insure work-life balance.


Let's Mark Anniversary of 3 Kidnappings With Unity Day

The parents of 3 kidnapped Israeli boys we needed to find a way to harness that spirit of unity and keep it alive because this would serve as the ultimate legacy for our sons.

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