How Many Gay Haredim Are Married to Women?

Gay Haredim who choose to marry women pay a ‘major mental price,’ a new report says. What goes unsaid is the suffering these men’s decision inflicts on their wives.


Intermarriage Is Us

The Torah proves that intermarriage was common among ancient Israelites. So why is modern Judaism so dead set against it?


The Talmudic Case for Conversion

In Roman times, Judaism was much more welcoming of conversion, and it’s time to use an overlooked Talmudic tradition to return to that approach, writes Zvi Zohar.


Big (Jewish) Money Can't Buy Our Votes — So Far

EDITORIAL: Sheldon Adelson and other Jewish mega-donors spend millions on political races. A new book explains they have failed miserably to win over hearts and minds — so far.


Why Shavuot Is Zeppo Marx of Festivals

Of all the major Jewish holidays, the least familiar to the synagogue-avoiding Jewish public is the festival of Shavuot. J.J. Goldberg explains how it got lost in the shuffle.

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