It's Time To Put Women in Charge of the Mikveh

Want to prevent the next Rabbi Barry Freundel voyeurism scandal? Beth Kissileff says the solution is simple: Put women in charge of the mikveh system.


Why Barry Freundel Story Makes Me Physically Ill

The charges against Rabbi Barry Freundel should shock and disgust us, Danya Ruttenberg writes. In some ways, though, it’s just a starker version of a story that takes place all the time.


Sears Helps Woo Your Date With a Swastika Ring

Calling all punks! A swastika ring is just what you need to ‘make you look beautiful at your next dinner date.’ Or at least that’s what Sears would have you believe.


Why Britain’s ‘Palestine’ Vote Should Scare Israel

The overwhelming vote by Britain’s parliament to recognize ‘Palestine’ should scare Israel — but not for the reasons you might think, Liam Hoare argues.


Confronting Campus Scourge of Anti-Israel Venom

Judea Pearl thinks we need to be vigilant about anti-Israel bias in academia. Naming those who support BDS is no ‘blacklist’ — it’s warning of hatred and anti-Semitism.

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