What Does Rancher Cliven Bundy Have in Common With Jewish Settlers of Yitzhar?

Extremists like rancher Cliven Bundy and the Jewish settlers of Yitzhar are masquerading as patriotic heroes. J.J. Goldberg connects the dots from Nevada’s scrubland to the West Bank.


Is Israel Playing Into Hands of Hamas?

Israel is taking a principled stance not to take part in peace talks that aren’t happening. And on the grounds that rival Palestinian factions have signed a reconciliation pact, which they have done before only to fail to implement it.

Hey Mr. Mayor, Remember Your Promise

EDITORIAL: Bill de Blasio once slammed New York City for mishandling Freedom of Information Law requests. So why is the Forward getting stonewalled about circumcision regulations?


Bibi's Peace-Talk Halt: Bad Tactic — or Bad Faith?

Israel’s decision to suspend the peace talks is really three separate decisions. J.J. Goldberg explains how the move is sensible, questionable and downright inexcusable.

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