What We Learn From the Salary Survey

EDITORIAL: Why does the Forward devote so much space to our annual Salary Survey of Jewish charity chiefs? It raises troubling questions about our community and how it’s run.

One More Thing About the Salary Survey

How does the Forward’s annual Salary Survey get made? Questions from some of the CEOs whose salaries we included have prompted us to clarify the process.

Family Is at the Center of Everything

Jane Eisner counters Yehuda Kurzer with a simple argument: Without a strong foundation of marriage and children, all might be lost.


Abraham's Lesson: Quality Over Quantity in Push for Jewish Continuity

Yehuda Kurtzer has heard the arguments about urging Jews to have more Jewish children. He uses Abraham to illustrate his own argument for quality over quantity.


Why Jews Should Ride With Muslims in Sydney

After the hostage drama in Sydney, Jews should lend support to Muslims, Leah Bieler writes. We know what it’s like to be blamed for sins we did not commit.

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