UPDATE: Bibi Fires Lapid, Livni — Elections Coming

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday fired the heads of the two center-left parties in his coalition, finance minister Yair Lapid and justice minister Tzipi Livni. He’s expected to address the media at 10:10 p.m. Israel time (3:10 Eastern) to discuss the political situation.


In Berlin, Jews and Muslims Fight for Each Other

Just as Jewish-Muslim tensions reached fever pitch during this summer’s Gaza war, the newly-formed Salaam-Schalom Initiative got the two groups to join hands —  literally.


A Failure To See Why Jerusalem Matters to the Other

We’ll never resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without overcoming our mutual ignorance, writes Marc Schneier. Especially when it comes to the significance of Jerusalem to Muslims and Jews.


Why I'm Boycotting the 'Exodus' Movie — It's Racist

Sigal Samuel loves a good Bible movie, but not the upcoming ‘Exodus’ flick. The casting is racist — and the director’s justifications only make it worse.


The Insecurity That Lies Beneath Israel's 'Jewish Nation' Bill

Israel isn’t alone in having a religious or ethnic basis. J.J. Goldberg explains that cold hard political calculations may be behind the new exclusionary ‘Jewish nation’ bill.

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