Why Haven't Jews Responded to Vatican II After 50 Years?

The arrival of Pope Francis in America and the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s landmark declaration, Nostra Aetate, have allowed us, as Jews, to marvel at the revolutionary developments in our relations with the Catholic Church in the past half-century.


Why This Hasid Was Right To Flip the Bird to Kapparot Protester

Jay Michaelson believes kapparot is a superstitious practice that has no place in modern Judaism. But he explains why many who protest the chicken-swinging rite are just as close-minded as the fundamentalists they decry.


What a Catholic Mom Wants the Pope To Learn from Her Rabbi Daughter

Catholic mom Cindy Skrzycki has a message for Pope Francis: She wants him to reform the Church’s policy on female ordination — by taking a lesson from her rabbi daughter.


As Pope Francis Approaches, Look How Far Jewish-Catholic Relations Have Come

The Catholic Church’s teaching about Jews often had tragic consequences for Jewish communities. But that all changed fifty years ago — and, as Pope Francis approaches, David Fox Sandmel reminds us why.


Think France’s Jews and Muslims Are Natural Enemies? Think Again.

If you think Jews and Muslims in France are inevitable enemies, think again. Ethan Katz recalls a time when they were allies, friends and lovers — and explains why we rarely see them that way today.

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