Bibi's Peace-Talk Halt: Bad Tactic — or Bad Faith?

Israel’s decision to suspend the peace talks is really three separate decisions. J.J. Goldberg explains how the move is sensible, questionable and downright inexcusable.

My Advice for Birthright? More Palestinians

Young Jews are shying away from Birthright for fear of drowning in pro-Israel propaganda. Michael Kaplan’s recommendation to the program? More Palestinians.


What Will Help on Guns?

EDITORIAL: Since the Newtown rampage, it’s only gotten easier to buy guns in our country. Michael Bloomberg has part of the answer by putting millions to fight this outrage.


Palestinian Unity and the Beggar of Chelm

An old Jewish tale says only a fool would give money to a beggar, then be upset that he has money. Likewise, Israel cannot have it both ways when it comes to Palestinian unity.


Israel Hires Psychic Uri Geller To Fight Rockets

Faced with ongoing rocket fire, Israel’s military has done the only truly reasonable thing it could do: It hired spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller to save citizens from doom.

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