One People: Christian Palestinians protest a portion of the Israeli security wall in the occupied West Bank. A new Israeli law seeks to enhance the status of Christians, with the goal of dividing them from Muslims.

Israel Takes Cue From Apartheid 'Divide-and-Rule' Playbook

Israel seeks to give Christian Arabs a higher status than Muslims. Given sensitivity about ‘apartheid,’ the policy is shockingly similar to white South Africa’s divide-and-rule tactics.


Hobby Lobby Discriminates in the Name of Religion With Help from Orthodox Outliers

The Hobby Lobby court case pits ‘religious liberty’ against reproductive rights. The handful of Orthodox groups that buy this formulation are eroding our civil rights.


Revenge May Drive Haredi Settlement Boycott

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis are considering a boycott of West Bank settlements, just like Palestinian activists and Western liberals. But their rationale couldn’t be more different.

Shaul Tchernichovsky (1875-1943)

New on 50-Shekel Bill: Bard of Zionist Humanism

Socialist Poet Shaul Tchernichovsky Featured on 50-Shekel Note


The Haredi Community Isn’t ‘Ultra.’ Really?

Debra Nussbaum Cohen says the ball is in Avi Shafran’s court. He should suggest a viable, accurate alternative to the term ‘ultra-Orthodox’ — or stop kvetching about it.