An African Asylum Seeker's Hellish Journey to Israel

One Eritrean man offers a harrowing account of being chased from his troubled homeland — and the new challenges he faced in the Jewish state when he tried to win asylum.

Mahmoud Abbas

Scarlett Johansson Stars in 'SodaStream'

As the controversy mounts over Scarlett Johansson’s decision to represent SodaStream, cartoonist Eli Valley weighs in with his own take.

Who's Dumber, Bill De Blasio or AIPAC?

Bill De Blasio and AIPAC managed to take a routine political event and turn it into a mini-crisis and a major embarrassment. Eric Yoffie asks how they could both blunder so badly.

Private Affair: Women are able to pray on their own and in their own time.

The Benefits of a Woman's Place

The liberal push to give women more of a role in Jewish ceremony ignores something very important, writes Avi Shafran — the benefits of being able to stay in the background.