Finding Hope in Images of Sarajevo

It’s hard to find hopeful signs of Muslim-Jewish coexistence these days. But Jane Eisner discovered one from an iconic symbol of conflict: Sarajevo.


Why Benjamin Netanyahu's Dream of Building Arab Alliances Doomed to Fail

Benjamin Netanyahu has been speaking lately about working with Arab states. Yossi Alpher writes Israel has tried the tactic before — and failed.


Is Israel Abandoning Push for Two States?

The West is pushing Israel back to peace talks after the Gaza war. But J.J. Goldberg reports that Israel has made a ‘dramatic’ reversal — and won’t consider agreeing to a Palestinian state.


Open Up Hillel to All

Judaism finds its richest expression in debate. So why does Hillel block diverse student opinions about pursuing peace between Israel and the Palestinians?


Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Wrong To Cite ‘American Values’ in Jerusalem Feud

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests ‘American values’ back settlements in East Jerusalem. That assumes the divided city belongs just to Israel — which the world denies, J.J. Goldberg writes.

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