Menachem Stark Was Good Man Who Didn't Deserve To Die — Or Be Smeared

Menachem Stark was a good father and a generous man, his brother-in-law writes. The Hasidic developer didn’t deserve to be brutally murdered — or smeared when he cannot respond.

Man?s Inhumanity: With the 100th anniversary of World War I?s trench warfare, we mark the beginning of humanity?s descent into brutality, on a global scale.

Brutal Modernity Turns 100 With Anniversary of First World War

2014 marks a brutal milestone. A century ago World War I heralded the beginning of the era of mechanized mass violence and murder on a global scale.

In Menachem Stark Slay, Where's the Humanity?

Menachem Stark was kidnapped and brutally murdered. The Hasidic real estate man may have had enemies — but Jewish humor and stereotypes have no place in the tragedy.

New Chapter: Jennifer Gorovitz writes that personal reasons are mostly behind her decision to step down as CEO of the San Francisco Jewish federation. She is confident new innovators, and women, will pick up the torch.

Why I Am Leaving San Francisco Jewish Federation

Jennifer Gorovitz is leaving the San Francisco Jewish federation to start a new chapter in her life. She says Jewish innovators — and other women — will pick up the torch.

Bone of Contention: The settlement of Ariel juts into the West Bank, cutting it in two.

For a Two-State Solution? Boycott Ariel

The settlement of Ariel in the West Bank has become a litmus test, writes Leonard Fein. If you believe in a two-state solution, you must boycott it.