Pew Poll Reveals How Americans View Israel

A recently published survey shows just how much American views of Israel are driven by U.S. partisan politics. It’s a lot more than you might think.

Busting the New Year's Jewish Myths

EDITORIAL: As we look to the less obvious but pressing Jewish issues in 2014, let’s first discard some old assumptions.

Bring on a New Operating System for Judaism

If Judaism is an operating system for life, it’s going to need some small bug fixes and security patches in 2014. So here’s to a year of rolling up our sleeves and writing great code.

Changing Church: ?The Catholic Church seems to be doubling down on its most conservative teachings. You know something?s changing when Rush Limbaugh calls the pope a Communist,? writes Jay Michaelson.

Have We Reached the End of Traditional Religion?

Maybe the Christian right is right, after all. For almost 40 years now, they’ve been warning us that traditional religion is being eroded — and maybe we’ve reached a tipping point.

How Good Is Israel’s New Abortion Policy?

Starting in 2014, Israel will pay for all abortions for women between the ages of 20 and 33. But there’s a catch.