Will Reuven Rivlin Call 'Em Reform 'Rabbis'?

Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s front-runner in this week’s presidential election, has signaled recently that should he be elected, his goal will be to embrace non-Orthodox Jewish communities.

J Street Loses Its Focus With Peace Process Dead

J Street has lost its purpose now that the peace process is dead. Instead of fighting Israel’s occupation, it battles the only tactic that could end the injustice, writes Larry Derfner.


It's Time To Destigmatize Mamzers. Here's How.

Mamzers — Jews born from forbidden relationships — suffer lifelong isolation and humiliation. Rivkah Lubitch argues it’s high time we strip away the stigma.


44% of Jewish Israelis Say They Don't Need U.S. Cash

Almost one in two Jewish Israelis believe their country could withstand a substantial decrease in U.S. support. What’s behind these surprising numbers?


Israel Earns Red Card at Soccer's World Cup — Again

Every World Cup the same question emerges: Why isn’t Israel playing? The answer, argue Adi Gold and Yoav Sivan, has as more to do with Israeli culture than anything else.

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