What Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Teaches Me About Charleston

Max Landaw was reading Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ when the Charleston shooter struck. What can that book teach us about how not to respond to racists like Dylann Roof?

How Michael Oren Got Blasted by Inside-the-Beltway Noise Machine

Michael Oren offers a fascinating insider’s look at Israel’s tempestuous relationship with the U.S. David Hazony says it’s no surprise the ex-ambassador’s book is being pilloried by the Beltway’s chattering class — but history will come down on his side.

A Book, a Joke, a Graduation Gift: One Week in Israeli Xenophobia

Think Michael Oren’s book or Judy Nir Moses’s joke were offensive? A third event involving an Israeli mayor’s graduation gift shows these are not isolated incidents, Lior Zaltzman writes.

Michael Oren, You Hardly Know Us at All

EDITORIAL: Michael Oren can’t understand why American Jews support President Obama despite his differences with Israel’s government. That just shows how little the ex-ambassador understands us, Jane Eisner writes.

No, New York Times, Massacres Aren't Funny

The internet is justly furious over pictures of New York Times employees making light of massacres. Anne Cohen explains why Jews should be especially sensitive to such displays.