What Abbas Was Really Saying at the U.N.

Were Abbas and Netanyahu slinging mud or constructing cunning political strategies through their respective United Nations speeches this week? J.J. Goldberg breaks it down.


Solve the Refugee Crisis at Its Source — in Syria

EDITORIAL: It’s hard not to draw a direct line between America’s failure to strike Syria two years ago and the scenes of Syrians washing up on Europe’s shores today. Is it too late to overcome our isolationism?


Where's the Orthodox Counterpoint to All Those OTD Books?

A recent Pew Research Center report reveals that more Jews are joining Orthodoxy than are leaving it. So how come we’re not seeing a counterpoint to all the ‘off the derech’ books flooding the marketplace?


From Black Hats to Egalitarian Prayer — and Back?

When Orthodox-raised Eli Reiter got dragged to an egalitarian prayer service, he felt shaken. He wasn’t supposed to like it. And yet, there he was, moved.

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