The Kushner Theory of Relativity

Is claiming to be related to famous people just because we have the same last name ethical?

This Week In Anti-Semitism: Troll Attacks And Hitler’s Birthday

The Forward regularly monitors the surge of anti-Semitism across the country and around the world. The mission of this column is not to unduly alarm, but rather to raise awareness of a disturbing trend that, from some vantage points, can prove difficult to spot.

How ‘Moderate’ Ultra-Orthodox Aid And Abet Extremism In Israel

When moderates don’t stop extremists, extremists only grow bolder. Where once there were hundreds espousing an extremist version of Judaism, there is now an entire generation being raised on hate and disrespect for Zionists, police, the army, women, and anyone not like them.

It’s Time For Conservative Jews To Embrace Sexual Fluidity

Homosexuality, Human Dignity and Halakhah” was approved by the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS) on December 6, 2006, representing a watershed moment for the Conservative Movement. Rigorous scholarship, moral clarity and rabbinic courage provided a compassionate religious response to a complex matter, epitomizing the ethical and redemptive power of halakhah. However, despite wide recognition, its finer details are often ignored or misunderstood, posing ongoing challenges for the lives it impacts, especially gay men and bisexuals.

Israel’s Settlement Blocs Block Prospects For Peace

Is more construction in settlement blocs really the solution to the problem that settlement construction creates? Hardly.

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