Why My Biracial Son Doesn't Want To Date Jewish Girls

Since her conversion, Ayanna Nahmias has gone on a lot of bad dates with Orthodox Jews. Now that her biracial son is of age, how can she instill in him the hope of finding a loving Jewish partner?

Is Bernie Sanders Getting Anti-Semitic Treatment?

On their own, they seem like mere slip-ups that amount to nothing. But taken together, the media’s treatments of Bernie Sanders’s Jewish background smell of anti-Semitism, Ari Paul argues.

How Israel's Wars Hurt Diaspora Jews

Do Israel’s military actions spur anti-Jewish attacks around the world? An Israeli study says yes. But the explosive assessment, taboo in our current discourse, is practically buried in the report.

Why Faigy Mayer's Death Should Haunt All Jews

It’s easy to point fingers at ultra-Orthodox groups for the death of Faigy Mayer. Shulem Deen writes that the entire Jewish world must start pushing for freedom within the Hasidic world — or else we all share the blame for tragedies like hers.

Why Does My Hillel Favor Orthodox Over Reform?

Hillels are supposed to be pluralistic environments on college campuses. But Stanford student Emma Neiman says that her university’s Hillel favors Orthodoxy.