Dear Stanford: Don't Quiz Me on BDS Because I'm Jewish

Stanford’s Molly Horwitz was excited about running for student senate — until, she says, her peers used her Jewishness as a pretext to grill her on Israel divestment.

The Problem With Jewish-Only Holocaust Trips

Holocaust remembrance doesn’t — and shouldn’t — belong only to Jews, Jessica Lang writes. Are we cheating our kids by sending them on Jewish-only trips to the camps?

Loyal Enough?: Congressman Steve Israel has been accused of not being devoted enough to Israel.

Are American Jews Too Loyal — to the Democrats?

Tensions between the U.S. and Israel have boiled over before. J.J. Goldberg explains why it’s different when a liberal Democrat is the one in the White House.

America's Not '1984' Yet — So Why Can't I Refuse To Back Gay Marriage?

If Avi Shafran were a bakery owner, he would refuse to make a wedding cake for two grooms. He says the Constitution enshrines his right to do so, even if most Americans think otherwise.

The Sham Logic Behind Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Contest

Iran is holding its second International Holocaust Cartoon Contest — supposedly in the name of free speech. Cartoonist Lior Zaltzman says it’s nothing but a cheap provocation.