Why Students Are Turning to BDS

Why are efforts to combat BDS proving so ineffective on campus? Ira Stup thinks the answer might lie in how students are reacting to the occupation.

The Profoundly Jewish Lesson of the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Ruling

The Supreme Court’s Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a clarion call for equality in his decision upholding gay marriage. He’s not one of the three Jewish justices, but Jay Michaelson explains why his ruling offers such a profoundly Jewish lesson.

Why Climate Change Is a Jewish Issue — and the Pope Is Right

The pope has taken a lot of heat for having an opinion about climate change. So has J.J. Goldberg. Here he tells why this is absolutely a Jewish issue that should concern all of us.

Why Did Canada Nix Jewish Heritage Month?

If Stephen Harper’s ruling Conservative Party is so pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, why did Canada’s Parliament shut down a motion to make November Jewish Heritage Month?

What Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Teaches Me About Charleston

Max Landaw was reading Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ when the Charleston shooter struck. What can that book teach us about how not to respond to racists like Dylann Roof?