Ending Business Activity in Settlements Isn't 'Collective Punishment'

Does Human Rights Watch’s call for businesses to pull out of settlements mean hurting ordinary Israeli and Palestinian citizens? Sarah Saadoun says that idea doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.


Why Bernie Sanders Needs a Come-to-Jesus Moment

Even after Iowa, Bernie Sanders faces a tough slog. J.J. Goldberg says the straight-talking Jewish senator needs to rethink how his economic justice message will be heard from now on — and start an urgent conversation on racial reconciliation.


Does Anyone Really Benefit from 'Balkanizing' the Kotel?

The Western Wall will now host more traditional Jews in one area and more progressive Jews in another. Avi Shafran asks: Is it worth the price?


How Marco Rubio's Words Resonate With My Jewish Family

Marco Rubio, who finished a strong third in the Iowa caucus, represents a new kind of American story — one that appeals to Karol Markowicz’s immigrant roots.


How We’re Failing Jews with Disabilities

Kicking off Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, Ari Ne’eman points out the glaring omissions in our policies that hinder the full inclusion of Jews with disabilities.

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