My Play Was Just Canceled Because I’m The Wrong Kind of Jew

As a Jewish anti-Zionist playwright in a conservative Jewish institutional landscape, I have grown accustomed to feeling unwelcome in Jewish spaces.


On The Jewish Community’s Shameful Silence About Israel’s Arms To Myanmar

America’s most prominent Jewish organizations won’t publicly pressure Israel to stop arming Myanmar, though a genocide is being perpetrated.


Why Jews Especially Should Respect Trump’s Birth Control Rollback

If women choose to go on birth control, nobody — not President Trump or their employer — can force them not to.


What Just Happened to Jemele Hill Happened to Me — Over Israel

The real problem isn’t provocation or disagreement, but a willingness to summon sites of authority to govern opinion


Stephen Walt Is Walking Back his Israel Lobby Theory Beyond Recognition

Stephen Walt has modified his theory to the extent that it now has no explanatory power

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