How These Rap Artists Pissed Off Official Israel — With a Mahmoud Darwish Poem

Poetry has become a lightning rod in Israeli politics — especially the kind written by Darwish. Mira Sucharov explains why.


This Rosh Hashanah, My Hindu Father Gets a Yahrzeit Plaque

Lisa Singh’s dad wasn’t a Kohen, Levi or Yisrael, but he was the man who helped make her the person of Jewish heritage she is today.

Was Benjamin Netanyahu’s Meeting With Donald Trump Another Case of Electoral Meddling?

The day before the American presidential debate, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in New York, working his famous charm on the two major candidates.


6 Things I Expect From the First Presidential Debate — and One I Don’t

Jane Eisner outlines the issues that concern her the most as an American Jewish woman, and explains why they should concern all of us as well.


The Mean Song My Hebrew School Students Sing About Donald Trump

I shush them and tell them that we should not be mean — not even about Mr. Trump. And yet…

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