Will The Real David Friedman Please Stand Up?

If David Friedman wins Senate confirmation, he has a gigantic task ahead of him, and that is to decide which David Friedman he will be — the flamethrower or the diplomat.

Fox News’ Todd Starnes Redefines ‘The Deplorables’

The sting of being shouted down as subhuman is not unique to a particular religion or political party. Certainly as a Jew born in the 20th century the notion of being dehumanized and threatened based on a rigid self-serving philosophy is something that resonates with me deeply.

Unreality Show: Netanyahu And Trump Struggle With The Truth

In the Trump-Netanyahu press conference, evasions were commonplace, lies passed for honesty, promises were erased, protocol was forgotten, and history is rewritten.

Unholy Land: Young Democrats Are Spurning Israel for Good Reason

Trump and Netanyahu will drive Democratic voters, particularly millennials, away from the defend-Israel-at-all-costs posture that has dominated political discourse for decades.

‘Kapo’ is the Jewish N-Word

The “K-word” has become nearly ubiquitous in the Netanyahu-and-Trump-era screed of American and Israeli Jews.

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