What I Learned From Alan Mintz

Thatnks to scholar Alan Mintz, the first American Jewish organization to call for a two-state peace between Israel and Palestine was conceived.

When Melania Trump And Sara Netanyahu Bond Over Hating The Media — Be Very Worried

The Trump administration should reconsider its warm embrace of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which are among the world’s most repressive nations.

Linda Sarsour Is ‘An Arsonist In Our Midst’

Linda Sarsour is a shrewd tactician who manipulates the media to gain attention and sympathy for her cause. I’ve witnessed it myself.

Israel Trip Gives Trump A Boost With His Jewish Supporters

After Trump’s speech on radical Islam in Saudi Arabia, many conservatives are again feeling cautiously optimistic about the administration.

How To Break Israel’s Bond With Young American Jews In One Easy Lesson

Denying access to Torahs for egalitarian worship undermines Jewish educational efforts to build up young American Jews’ identification with Israel.

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