Laura Ingraham Didn’t Do a Heil Hitler — and Saying She Did Is Part of the Problem

Do reporters, or their readers, actually believe Laura Ingraham gave a Heil Hitler on stage, or that there were racially segregated elevators in a major convention hall in Cleveland, Ohio?


Why Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Might Not Be as Crazy as It Sounds

What Trump ultimately offers is a foreign policy more focused on narrow American national interests than previously pursued by the United States.

Donald Trump’s Messianic Vision for America

On display last night was a presidential candidate who believes that he alone is the answer to everything, writes Jane Eisner. And that’s what was so truly dangerous about Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.


4 Ways President Donald Trump Would Be Israel’s Worst Nightmare

Jews who are supporting Trump because of Israel should do the opposite. A Trump presidency would be an existential threat to the Jewish state, Jay Michaelson writes.


Donald Trump Wants To Make America Hate Again — and at RNC, He’s Succeeding

Hatred is the Republicans’ dominant theme for 2016. And it’s not even directed at America’s real enemies, J.J. Goldberg writes.

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