Is Donald Trump’s Presidency Stillborn?

“Kremlingate,” former NSA official John Schindler wrote recently, “promises to be much seedier and more troubling than anything proffered by President Nixon.”

It’s Time For Republican Senators To Stand Up To Trump

Our new president is watching congressional votes by fellow Republicans very carefully and deciding whether the legislative branch actually is a check and balance on his authority.

What Will It Take For Donald Trump To Condemn Anti-Semitism?

If Trump finally does condemn anti-Semitism, that will prove a positive development, even if it is too little and certainly too late.

Will The Real David Friedman Please Stand Up?

If David Friedman wins Senate confirmation, he has a gigantic task ahead of him, and that is to decide which David Friedman he will be — the flamethrower or the diplomat.

Fox News’ Todd Starnes Redefines ‘The Deplorables’

The sting of being shouted down as subhuman is not unique to a particular religion or political party. Certainly as a Jew born in the 20th century the notion of being dehumanized and threatened based on a rigid self-serving philosophy is something that resonates with me deeply.

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