Zionists Have Many Jewish Spaces To Call Home. Our Synagogue Needn’t Be One of Them.

It’s not that Tzedek Chicago is a silo, Jay M. Stanton writes. Instead, it’s a safe space — for non-Zionists.


How Jacob Neusner Made Jewish Studies Mainstream

This mythically prolific author revolutionized our understanding of the history of Judaism and our perception of what Judaism can mean to Jews today.

Why I Spent Yom Kippur Serving Up Pork Chops in Brooklyn

A very different kind of High Holiday ‘service.’


We Knew Gender Would Be An Issue In This Election. But Did It Have To Play Out Like This?

Now that Donald Trump has exposed the ugly side of modern America’s gender divide, what will we do to expunge it?


The Super Important November 8 Vote That Nobody’s Talking About

Hint: It has to do with farm animals.

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