Raphael Golb Is Facing Jail Time — For Parodying a Dead Sea Scrolls Scholar

Raphael Golb is facing jail time for an act of satire. This flies in the face of the constitution


If Jews Kvell Over Our Nobel Laureates, Do We Have to Atone for Our Harvey Weinsteins?

If Dick Thaler and the numerous other Jewish Nobel laureates are family, where does Harvey Weinstein stand?


How Trump’s Birth Control Policy Tramples Jewish Women’s Religious Liberty

The rollback of contraception provisions is a direct attack on women’s religious liberty — and Jewish women’s religious practice in particular.


My Play Was Just Canceled Because I’m The Wrong Kind of Jew

As a Jewish anti-Zionist playwright in a conservative Jewish institutional landscape, I have grown accustomed to feeling unwelcome in Jewish spaces.


On The Jewish Community’s Shameful Silence About Israel’s Arms To Myanmar

America’s most prominent Jewish organizations won’t publicly pressure Israel to stop arming Myanmar, though a genocide is being perpetrated.

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