How Benjamin Netanyahu’s Dangerously Twisted Words Hide the Truth

Last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued two public statements. When the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution criticizing settlements, Netanyahu attacked it for not condemning Syria. When Secretary of State John Kerry defended the Obama administration’s decision to let the resolution pass, Netanyahu attacked him for not sufficiently condemning the Palestinians.


Congrats on Burying the Two-State Solution, President Trump. Now What?

You thought we were chumps to believe that separation and sacrifice would ensure Israel’s future. So what’s your plan?


How and Why Tribes Are Taking Over

The triumph of Brexit and Trump is the lazy eye of a perfect storm: Populist fears seep through the cracks in the social contract. 2016 marked the return of the tribe, 2017 will show the force of the tribe in action.

50 Things To Fear From the Trump Administration

The coming Trump administration presents so many potential risks, it’s hard to know which to feel anxious about. When I feel overwhelmed, I find that it helps to make lists. Here, then, in a rough order of danger, but also grouped by category, are 50 things for American Jews to be worried about as the new administration takes shape.

‘Jewish Youth, Learn To Shoot’?

I’ve heard about more anti-Jewish attacks in the U.S. since Trump’s election under two months ago than I heard about my entire life prior to the election. It’s not just the magnifying effect of Facebook. Just this week, a synagogue in Santa Monica was vandalized with excrement, and white supremacists are devising a march with rifles in hand on a Jewish community in Montana.

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