Our Nepal 'Home Away From Home' Is In Ruins — Now, We Must Rebuild

Over the past 8 years, Tevel b’Tzedek has been working in Nepal to connect Jews to the challenges of extreme poverty. Now, the community they helped build is in ruins.

Yes, I'm From Austria. And I'm Jewish. Next Question.

When you come from a German-speaking country like Austria, be prepared for questions from American Jews. Here are Anna Goldenberg’s least favorite ones.

Finding Your Way in the New Forward.com

Here’s how to find everything you love in the newly redesigned Forward.

Sheldon Adelson was unseen and unheard from at a Las Vegas Republican gathering. But that doesn't mean it wasn't the 'Sheldon primary.'

Why GOP's 'Sheldon Adelson Primary' Is Disgrace — and Won't Lure Jewish Voters

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that these candidates are making a real attempt to appeal to American Jewish voters. Their presence is all about winning over a single Jewish donor: Sheldon Adelson.

In Stealth Move, Congress Backs Israeli Right's War on Settlement Boycotts

A Congressional push to combat anti-Israel boycotts also seeks to bar protests against the settlements. J.J. Goldberg explores how lawmakers are ignoring U.S. policy in their zeal to embrace the Israeli right.