A Sephardic Sage Would Never Make a Woman Switch Seats

The Sephardic Hakham is no less devoted to Torah than the Haredi rabbi, but he would act very differently on an El Al flight, Marc Angel explains.


Why I Went Public With My Story of Having a Baby as a Transgender Man

I recently heard a podcast in which two Jewish women misgendered me repeatedly and made fun of my story. This was not the first time I thought, ‘Why did I choose this?’


Donald Trump Is Practically Begging for Hitler Comparison With This Salute

Donald Trump either doesn’t care about the Holocaust or doesn’t know much about it. Neither is acceptable in a future President of the United States, Bethany Mandel writes.


Donald Trump's Manhood Is No Side Issue — It's His Entire Campaign

Donald Trump made history by touting his genitalia at last night’s Republican presidential debate. J.J. Goldberg says the mogul’s locker room antics are no sideshow — his ‘I’m bigger and badder than you’ schtick may be just what GOP voters want to hear.


Inside the Twisted Anti-Semitic Mind of Oberlin Professor Joy Karega

When alumna Isabel Sherrel reached out to Oberlin professor Joy Karega to engage in a dialogue about anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, it didn’t end well, Matthew Gindin writes.

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