Banksy Goes to Gaza

The elusive English street artist Banksy has produced four new works in the Gaza Strip. Naomi Zeveloff reports on his effort to take wry aim at the human toll of last summer’s war.

A Verdict on the Palestinians

EDITORIAL: An American jury held Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority liable for terror attacks on Israelis. Here’s how we hope he will respond.

Cheating Hasids Out of a Future

A lawsuit in Canada offers a blueprint to reforming the substandard education provided in Hasidic communities. It holds the government accountable for allowing the outrage.

How Ancient Circumcision Rite Sparked Modern Schism

Like circumcision itself, metzitzah b’peh goes back to Biblical times. But 19th century doctors — and rabbis — thought they reformed the rite for good.

How My High School Predicts Israel's Elections

Before every election, Israel’s greatest politicians flock to Blich, a seemingly ordinary high school in a nondescript suburb. Lior Zaltzman, who attended the school, explains why.