What My Serendipitous Trip to Athens and Petra Taught Me About Brexit

J.J. Goldberg got an up-close look at the contrasting fates of two ancient societies that struggled, in opposite ways, with the same dilemma facing Britain.


One Abortion Battle Won — Supreme Court Ruling Invites More Battles

Weeks after the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, anti-abortion activists began to strategize about how they could challenge the decision.


Donald Trump’s Non-Apology for Online Anti-Semitism Isn’t Good Enough

The Donald has denounced anti-Semitism in theory, but not the specific kind coming from within his own camp, Bethany Mandel argues.


If A-Wa Wants Real Mizrahi Revival, It’s Time To Get Political

Just singing in Arabic isn’t enough.


Documentary About ‘The Settlers’ Shows Them as Israeli Left Wants To See Them

Shimon Dotan portrays settlers as a small group of fanatics, at once divorced from Israeli society and dragging everyone into deepening conflict, Yitz Landes writes.

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