Men Who Make Women Switch Seats Don't Understand Torah

Ultra-Orthodox men cite ‘the Torah’ as the reason for refusing to sit beside women on airplanes. That not only gives non-Jews a bad impression of Judaism — it’s also flat-out wrong, Roberta Kwall argues.


After Scalia’s Death, Don’t Let GOP Senators Break Their Sacred Oath

Eyeing the Supreme Court vacancy, Republican senators say they will refuse to hold confirmation hearings for President Obama’s nominee. Why aren’t any of us calling them out on it?


Why Bernie Sanders Would've Been the Perfect One To Beat Trump — But Won't Get Chance

Bernie could’ve built enthusiasm to fight Trump’s rants. But after Super Tuesday, his dream is all but dead — and we face a likely fall matchup between the two most-disliked candidates on either side.


How Republican Jews Utterly Failed To Prevent Rise of 'Toxic' Donald Trump

These are dark days for Republicans, Noam Neusner writes. What can party stalwarts take away from this politically life-changing moment, and how will they rebuild?


‘Sacrilege’? It's a Pretty Low Bar in Israel These Days

Israel’s escalating culture wars turned surreal in late February, when a vitriolic battle of words erupted between right and left over this question: What is the biblical birthplace of the Jewish people? One side picked Jerusalem. The other side picked Egypt. Both sides were wrong. But days later the battle is still raging, from the Knesset to the op-ed pages to Twitter.

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