Trouble Ahead for Bibi. Plus: Why Herzog Lost

Netanyahu’s last-minute outcry to save Israel from Arab votes arguably won him the election. But it opened a deep rift in society that will take ages to heal, J.J. Goldberg writes.

Election Spotlights Israel's Broken Electoral System

With the preliminary results of Israel’s election now in, Sergio Della Pergola wants to take a look at what seems like a broken, unrepresentative electoral system.

3 Reasons Bibi Won — and What It Means

Most of what happened in Israel’s election was predictable. But David Hazony says there were a few last-minute surprises that will resonate far beyond the coming weeks.

Live-Blogging Israel's Election Results

J.J. Goldberg and Nathan Guttman analyze Israel’s exit polls as they come in, bouncing ideas off one another to figure out what’s next for the government.

In Jaffa, Israeli Arabs Get Out the Vote

How are Israeli Arabs feeling as election day draws to a close? In Jaffa, where some launched a last-ditch get-out-the-vote effort, Joint List supporters are nervous.