Jane Looking Forward: From Gaza To Shoes And Shakespeare

Forward Editor in Chief Jane Eisner discusses Gaza, Ivanka Trump’s business practices and more in this week’s Jane Looking Forward.

‘Liberal’ Jews Are Just As Judgmental As The Orthodox Behind The Kotel Decision

The real issue at hand is that the policing of Jewish observance by Jews against other Jews is disastrous regardless of who’s doing it.


When Is It Okay To Call Someone A Nazi?

From political debates to online memes, Nazi comparisons are everywhere. But when, if ever, is that kind of rhetoric appropriate?

What Would Jane Austen Tell Us About Marriage Today?

Austen’s priorities were clear: Marriage should be about love, compatibility, integrity, and mutual respect.

George W. Bush Speechwriter Slams ‘Toxic’ Trump In Washington Post Op-Ed

“… the most shocking thing is that no one on the Trump side was shocked. The most offensive thing is that no one took offense.”

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