Bibi Bops Buji or Bye-Bye Bibi?

From David Letterman’s Monday night monologue, a news update explaining where things stand in the Israeli election. It works best if you read it out loud.

Lame Effort To Counter Generals' Attack on Bibi

A new ad aims to counter the outpouring of opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu by retired military brass. J.J. Goldberg says it winds up highlighting just how serious the anti-Bibi effort is.

Why Tzipi Livni Dropped Out of Race for Prime Minister

Every election cycle needs an eleventh hour surprise, and this year’s belongs to Tzipi Livni, who is forgoing the opportunity to serve as Israel’s prime minister.

Ayman Oudeh Has Already Won Israel's Election

Muslim Knesset hopeful Ayman Oudeh, whose family has captivated Jewish leftists and the Israeli media, is coming out the winner in this election, Lisa Goldman writes.

Don't Believe the Hype — Bibi Is Still in Driver's Seat

A wave of euphoria is spreading in Israeli liberal circles as polls show Benjamin Netanyahu trailing. But Steven Klein says solid support for the right wing bloc means Bibi still has a big edge.