Documentary About ‘The Settlers’ Shows Them as Israeli Left Wants To See Them

Shimon Dotan portrays settlers as a small group of fanatics, at once divorced from Israeli society and dragging everyone into deepening conflict, Yitz Landes writes.


After Brexit, Europe’s Right Wing Will Try To Woo Jews. Resist!

Jews are definitely going to play a role in which direction Europe goes. So let’s make sure we’re not anybody else’s tool, Ari Paul writes.


The Forward Drags Journalism Backwards with Baseless Moratorium on Donald J. Trump

As a son of Hungarian-Jewish immigrants who respects the history of the Forward, I was disheartened and thoroughly disappointed with the Forward’s Trumpatorium.


Why Trump Supporters Are Infatuated With an Anime Character

While there is a sad plethora of anime-inspired White Nationalist memes, it makes a lot of sense that Trump supporters would have a special affinity for this particular character.

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