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Stop Worrying About Your Future Grandchildren That Aren't

Wedding bells are ringing for an Asian woman and her Jewish fiance but their parents only want to talk about future grandchildren. How to explain that they may not even have kids?

A Verdict on the Palestinians

EDITORIAL: An American jury held Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority liable for terror attacks on Israelis. Here’s how we hope he will respond.

How Ancient Circumcision Rite Sparked Modern Schism

Like circumcision itself, metzitzah b’peh goes back to Biblical times. But 19th century doctors — and rabbis — thought they reformed the rite for good.

How My High School Predicts Israel's Elections

Before every election, Israel’s greatest politicians flock to Blich, a seemingly ordinary high school in a nondescript suburb. Lior Zaltzman, who attended the school, explains why.

Can Yoga Fix the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Long popular among Israelis, yoga is gaining ground among Palestinians seeking inner peace in a land marred by war. But can it actually ‘empower’ them?

Is It Even Possible to Vote Against Israeli Occupation?

Ballots for the upcoming Israeli election are printed in a West Bank settlement — so do leftists who want to fight the occupation need to stay home on voting day?