There’s Nothing Funny About The Chico Marx Presidency

Time after time, Trump denies the truth those paying attention have seen is unquestionably true. He did that most recently with his reaction to the chemical attack in Syria.

Are Mike Pence’s ‘Marriage Rules’ Anti-Women — Or Pro-Faith?

— I am a huge fan of monogamy. My wife and I have been married for — well, let’s just say we met in high school (we didn’t get together until after college, but I was trying to avoid saying “a long time”). I took it personally when Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman announced…

Is AIPAC A Victim Of Its Own Success?

What is the future of the organization given the pro-Israel environment on the Hill and in The White House?

Fault Lines Season 1, Episode 6

Peter Beinart and Daniel Gordis delve into the complex issues American Jews face on college campuses today.

Trigger Warning: A High School Censors A Speech About Censorship

Wallkill Senior High School in upstate New York disinvited the author of “Killed Cartoons: Casualties From The War On Free Expression” from speaking to students.

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