Why Ivanka Trump Is Sure To Be a Jewish ‘Stranger’ in Liberal Washington

Jewish D.C. has been abuzz in the past weeks since the election about a possible new family in their midst: the Trump/Kushner family. How will residents of their chosen community accept the couple and their three children? Reports have been mixed. Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, married to Jared Kushner, is the ultimate ger in Washington: both a stranger in a strange land and a convert.


What Ambassador David Friedman Means for American Jews

Given the political uproar surrounding Donald Trump’s choice for ambassador to Israel, you could be forgiven for overlooking the event’s larger significance as a disruptive moment in American Jewish history.

Herzl Against His Christmas Tree

With his iconic black beard, stately tuxedo, imposing physique and stern visage, there was no mistaking him for anyone else, and I was delighted when he motioned me to come over and join him for a coffee and sachertorte.

Peter Beinart Joins the Forward as Senior Columnist

NEW YORK – Peter Beinart, whose keen intellect and sharp opinions have made him an influential voice in political journalism, is joining the Forward as senior columnist and ccontributing editor, Forward editor-in-chief Jane Eisner announced today.


We’re the Source For Jewish News You Can Trust

Are “fake news” hoaxes worrying you as much as they are me?

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