Why the New York Times Is Wrong on Reporting While Jewish

The New York Times took a reporter to the woodshed for asking tough questions about a student activist’s Jewish faith. Nathan Guttman says the Gray Lady is the one who got it wrong.

Huge Protests: An estimated 450,000 people joined protests for social justice in cities across Israel.

To Win Next Time, the Israeli Left Needs To Return to the Tents

For Rami Hod, the lessons of the most recent Israeli elections are clear: Without expanding its political base and building new constituencies, Israel’s progressive camp simply cannot win.

A 'Fight of the Century' Over 'Pinkwashing' and Israel

Two prominent LGBT activists take dramatically opposing sides in the fierce debate over Israel and gay rights. Jay Michaelson unpacks the dispute — and comes down firmly on one side.

Standford Student Molly Hurwitz (top) and UCLA's Rachel Beyda (bottom) were both questioned about their Jewish identity.

Getting Jewish Students Out of Comfort Zone Isn't 'Anti-Semitic'

A recent string of incidents involving Jewish students at California campuses has spurred hysterical claims about a wave of anti-Semitism. Ari Y. Kelman says that’s patently false — and students are more than capable of learning from the events.

Brassy Jewish Woman 2.0: Pamela From 'Louie'

The brassy Jewish woman has long been a standard character on both stage and screen. But Pamela Adlon’s character on ‘Louie’ is turning the stereotype on its head.