Trump’s Terrible Personality Matters Even More Than His Terrible Policies

America isn’t playing its century-old role as the chief manager of the global economy and leader of the world community.

All Jews Must Welcome Interfaith Families — It’s What Rabbi Hillel Would Do

Hillel’s openness to engage with a stranger who showed the slightest interest in Judaism allowed him to teach the Torah to whole new audiences.

The Kotel Crisis Might Be For The Best — It Will Reinvigorate Judaism

Netanyahu’s decision should be viewed not as a humiliating slap in the face, but as an opportunity to redefine our goals as non-Orthodox Jews.


How Ivanka Takes Us Two Steps Back — Even As Gal Gadot Soars Forward

Ivanka Trump and Gal Gadot are proud Jews promoting female empowerment. Too bad Wonder Woman inspires us more than the first daughter.

Israeli Politician: We Need U.S. Jews To Play A Bigger Role In Our Politics

“We need your help to act effectively in the political arena…in order to bring about a change of attitudes, perceptions and official decisions.”

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