Did Netanyahu help torpedo the Iran deal — two years ago?

In 2015, Netanyahu made a bold play that seemed to fail. But by 2017, it’s clear that it’s paying off.


There Are No Adults In The White House. Worse, There Are No Mensches

Despite the coterie of Jews surrounding Trump, there is no one with enough integrity or honor to stand up and do the right thing.


We Have No Right To Decide Israelis’ Fate

Let the Israelis make the decision as to what is best for their defense. They’re the ones who have to pay the price.


The Nazis Were Far Worse Than Communists — Just Ask My Mother

My mother’s survival as a 15 year old member of the Zionist underground in 1944 Hungary depended on the Soviet Red Army’s victory over the Nazis.

Raphael Golb Is Facing Jail Time — For Parodying a Dead Sea Scrolls Scholar

Raphael Golb is facing jail time for an act of satire. This flies in the face of the constitution

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