I Want a High Holiday Sermon On the Biggest Prison Strike in U.S. History

A massive organized movement is making history across the country — and you probably haven’t heard about it.


The Skittles Uproar Is a Silly Diversion From What Donald Trump Jr. Seriously Believes

And what he seriously believes deserves way more of our rage, J.J. Goldberg writes.


5 Reasons You Should Stop Kvetching and Go To Synagogue On Rosh Hashanah

Ignore what Jay Michaelson said when he told you to skip shul this year, Jordie Gerson writes.


How Obama’s Aid Package to Netanyahu Functions as a Rorschach Test for Jews

As the American and Israeli leaders prepare to meet today, reactions to a new arms deal tell us a lot about how people view the Obama administration and its Israeli counterpart, Jane Eisner writes.


As a Republican Jew, Am I Committing Political Suicide by Opposing Donald Trump?

Karol Markowicz responds to the accusation leveled against her, and voters like her, by Caroline Glick.

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