Why This Man Supports Iran Deal — Despite Bibi's Bluster

Despite Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition, many in Israel’s security establishment support the Iran nuclear deal, d J.J. Goldberg speaks to a former Shin Bet director who says the prime minister’s biggest mistake was keeping America at arm’s length as the agreement took shape.

I Don't Want Birthright Telling Me What To Think About Iran

Why is a Birthright alumni group asking members to lobby against the Iran deal? Madison Margolin says that the group is disrespecting its members by openly siding with Republicans against President Obama.

Israel May Huff and Puff Over Nuclear Deal — But It Won't Attack Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu may believe the world got a ‘very bad deal’ on Iran, but even he is not rattling the sabers of war. Noga Tarnopolsky explains why Israel won’t strike Iran alone.

Who Sets the Shabbat Table?

Who makes Shabbat happen in your home — and would it happen without women? Take our survey, share your stories and read personal takes from Ruby Namdar and Judith Shulevitz.

The Apprenticeship of Noah Richler

Mordecai Richler’s son, Noah, is running for Parliament in Toronto. We catch up with him to find out if he’s planning to use his brand-name advantage to appeal to Jewish voters.