This Sukkot, Ditch Your Etrog and Lulav in Favor of Apples and Maple Leaves

Your beautiful, exorbitant, Israeli-imported lulav and etrog are killing the environment, Jordie Gerson writes. And who needs the racket?


This Jewish Woman Is the New Face of the ‘Never Trump’ Republicans

Mindy Finn is running as a vice presidential candidate with Evan McMullin. Can this Jewish-Mormon duo win the Republican vote away from Donald Trump?


Ahead of Yom Kippur, How Can You Repair Relationships With African-American Jews?

Think of this difficult conversation as our Jewish community’s root canal: seldom desired, obviously needed, often painful, but ultimately restorative.


Who Are the Donald Trumps in Our Midst? (Hint: You Meet Them Every Day)

We overlook the Jewish Trumps, because they cut the checks and sit on our boards. And yet they are foul cretins, just like The Donald, Jay Michaelson writes.


I’m a Bisexual Jewish Woman. Is It Wrong That I Want To Pass as Straight?

Brocha Shanes desperately wants to fight the stigma against same-sex couples, but she’s afraid of being ostracized by her Jewish community.

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