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Who’s the next Shlomo Carlebach? Or Ofra Haza? Or Debbie Friedman? We’re looking for the best new voices in Jewish music. Do you or someone you know fit that description? Apply here!

Dylann Roof

Jewish Response to Dylann Roof? Dump Delusion of 'Moderate' GOP

Some ask Americans to peer into their souls for answers after the Charleston racist massacre. Jay Michaelson says we should look at those who fan the flames of extremism and gun violence — starting with the Republican Party.

How Dare Michael Oren Psychoanalyze Barack Obama?

Michael Oren speculates that Obama’s conciliatory policy toward the Muslim world is rooted in ‘daddy issues.’ That’s not professional psychoanalysis — it’s cheap gossip, Lisa Goldman writes.

We're Not Screaming — It's Just Yiddish!

Why do Madison Margolin’s friends think she’s fighting with her mom when they’re really just talking? It’s because the two Jewish women ‘think Yiddishly,’ the writer now realizes.

Michael Oren Played Don Quixote — and 18 Other Quirky Things About Him

Don Quixote, ‘Portnoy’s Complaint,’ Theodore Roosevelt, ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ Seventeen Magazine — what do all these things have in common? Michael Oren, of course! Get to know the man behind the controversial new memoir.