Bibi Advisor Accuses Pope Francis of 'Nailing Entire Jewish People to the Cross'

Dror Eydar, an advisor on ‘Christian affairs’ to Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, likened the Vatican’s recognition of Palestine to ‘nailing the entire Jewish people to the cross.’

David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s Segregationist Founder

Revelations from Israel’s archives reveal David Ben-Gurion supported segregating Ashkenazi and Mizrachi children. Seth J. Frantman explores the bitter legacy of such controversial views.

Why the New York Times Is Wrong on Reporting While Jewish

The New York Times took a reporter to the woodshed for asking tough questions about a student activist’s Jewish faith. Nathan Guttman says the Gray Lady is the one who got it wrong.

Huge Protests: An estimated 450,000 people joined protests for social justice in cities across Israel.

To Win Next Time, the Israeli Left Needs To Return to the Tents

For Rami Hod, the lessons of the most recent Israeli elections are clear: Without expanding its political base and building new constituencies, Israel’s progressive camp simply cannot win.

A 'Fight of the Century' Over 'Pinkwashing' and Israel

Two prominent LGBT activists take dramatically opposing sides in the fierce debate over Israel and gay rights. Jay Michaelson unpacks the dispute — and comes down firmly on one side.