Israel May Huff and Puff Over Nuclear Deal — But It Won't Attack Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu may believe the world got a ‘very bad deal’ on Iran, but even he is not rattling the sabers of war. Noga Tarnopolsky explains why Israel won’t strike Iran alone.

Who Sets the Shabbat Table?

Who makes Shabbat happen in your home — and would it happen without women? Take our survey, share your stories and read personal takes from Ruby Namdar and Judith Shulevitz.

The Apprenticeship of Noah Richler

Mordecai Richler’s son, Noah, is running for Parliament in Toronto. We catch up with him to find out if he’s planning to use his brand-name advantage to appeal to Jewish voters.

How Should American Jews React on Iran?

EDITORIAL: As Americans and as Jews, we face a pivotal choice in how we react to the historic nuclear deal with Iran. Jane Eisner urges us to avoid predictable partisan responses — and use our better judgment to assess the agreement on its merits.

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Should Claim Credit for Better-Than-Expected Deal With Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu hammered relentlessly at the world to rein in Iran’s nuclear weapons capability. So J.J. Goldberg says he should take credit for a deal that does a much better job at doing that than anyone could have expected.