My Saddest Day in Israel Came at the Western Wall

Rabbi Neil Cooper went to the Western Wall to pray and understand; instead, he was shoved to the ground by his fellow Jew.


Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, How Can You Shill for Donald Trump at Republican Convention?

I was spending my five free minutes on Facebook when I saw my younger daughter’s posting. “Seriously? This is embarrassing…” She was referring to the July 14 article in the Forward, “Donald Trump Taps Ivanka’s Rabbi Haskel Lookstein for GOP Convention.”


After Nice, We Should Fight Islamic State Terror With Ruthless Progressivism

It is practically impossible to defend against this endless, global war of attrition, so we must attack it with cold, hard reason.


Can You Spew Sexism and Homophobia and Still Be Rabbi for ‘Most Moral Army in the World’?

The Israeli army’s choice of new spiritual leader previously implied that soldiers may rape non-Jewish women during wartime.


The Lasting Harm of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Notorious Attack on Donald Trump

I’m glad that Ruth Bader Ginsburg apologized. I fear that won’t erase the lasting harm of her inappropriate comments about Donald Trump.

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