Yes, Our Anti-Israel Protest Disrupted LGBT Conference — That's the Point!

Banning an organization from a queer conference or protesting its reception may have been disruptive, Scout Bratt writes. But why are we so afraid of disruption?


Why My Jewish Vote Feels Irrelevant During Primary Season

Jane Eisner envies voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, whose voices actually count during primary season. How can we change the system so that Jews’ and other minorities’ voices count, too?


Bernie Sanders Rises — and the Ghost of Saul Alinsky Will Surely Follow

Unless America has metamorphosed completely, it is an intolerance that is bound to emerge and grow steadily stronger if a Brooklyn-born, Jewish son of a Holocaust survivor from Poland seems poised to become America’s strongest leader, even if his name sounds lily-white American like Sanders.


How Britain Remembers the Holocaust, More Than 70 Years On

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the UK’s former Deputy Ambassador to Warsaw recalls an experience at Auschwitz — and Britain’s responsibility to fight anti-Semitism.

100 Years Later, Has Louis Brandeis's Supreme Court Nomination Changed Anything?

Louis Brandeis’s elevation to the Supreme Court was a watershed moment for American Jews — but, paradoxically, it seemed to do nothing to lessen this country’s anti-Semitism, Jonathan Sarna writes.

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