Jane Looking Forward: Revisiting the Red Tent, Nazi Medical Ethics, Ivanka and More

Welcome back to Jane Looking Forward, this week looking at the Red Tent, Nazi medical ethics and Ivanka Trump.

I Was Blacklisted By Israel’s Chief Rabbinate

The designation is a badge of honor — but it’s also a cause of sadness, as the rabbinate will only cause Diaspora Jews to turn their backs on Israel.


The Rabbinate’s Diaspora Blacklist Doesn’t Defend Judaism — It Undermines It

Over the weekend, reports emerged of a “blacklist of rabbis” maintained by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate.

Why Jews Should Worry About Trump’s Stoking Fears Of Muslims — Especially In Poland

But what made Trump’s veiled warnings about Muslims particularly alarming was the country in which he uttered them: Poland.


Camping Is A Part Of My Jewish DNA

The notion that camping or farming is “not part of our Diaspora DNA” is just factually wrong.

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