Don't Whitewash Charleston's Jewish History of Racism

Charleston has won praise as a comparatively liberal city in the Deep South. But Adam D. Mendelsohn writes we should not whitewash its celebration of slavery and segregation — or the Jewish community’s deep entanglement with those evils.

Deep in Kurdish Heartland, Finding an Enduring Bond With Israel

Seth J. Frantzman was apprehensive about jetting into Kurdish Iraq, surrounded by ISIS and other hostile forces. He found surprisingly strong backing for Israel — and a lasting bond to the Jewish people.

Could Israeli Startup Have Prevented Charleston Massacre?

An Israeli high-tech firm founded by an observant Jew uses facial recognition to help American churches screen threats without turning a single Christian away. Could it have stopped the Charleston shooting?

Your Father's a Peach Compared to These 5 Godawful Biblical Dads

Is Father’s Day a bit complicated for you? You’ll feel way better about your own father once you get a load of the Bible’s dastardly dads — promise.

This Is Not My Charleston

The murder of nine African-Americans in a black church has hit Charleston like an earthquake. Robert N. Rosen, who knew one of the victims, reflects on what this means for the future.