This Is Not My Charleston

The murder of nine African-Americans in a black church has hit Charleston like an earthquake. Robert N. Rosen, who knew one of the victims, reflects on what this means for the future.

After Charleston, Let's All Look in Mirror

Barack Obama is right to lead our nation in condemning the racist violence in Charleston. But Jane Eisner says it’s up to each one of us to help make America a less hateful society.

Michael Oren vs. The New York Times

Michael Oren’s new book includes an account of a pointed dispute with New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal. But did it really happen that way?

What the Pope's Climate Change Edict Means For Jews

Pope Francis is using his moral leadership to try and get the world to do something about climate change. Steve Gutow and Lawrence Troster tell us how we can respond as Jews.

Will 'Jewish Quarter' Win Over Egyptians — or Backfire?

An Arab drama about a Muslim man who falls for a Jewish woman in 1950s Cairo looks poised to portray Jews in a positive light. Can it subvert anti-Semitism without alienating Egyptians?