The Iran Letter I’d Write If I Were Still a Federation CEO

As a former Jewish federation CEO, Ami Nahshon is disappointed by the Miami and Boston federations’ letter urging local Jews to oppose the Iran deal. Here’s the letter he would have written instead.

An Eloquent Message About Race That Jews Need to Read

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new book is a letter to his teenage son about race and identity in America. Andy Bachman explains why Jews should read ‘Between the World and Me’ — and how it could change the black-Jewish dialogue for good.

The Pathology Plaguing American Jews

Gal Beckerman spent four years as opinion editor of the Forward. Above all, he got to know firsthand the gut-churning, fraught, panicked and uncomfortable state of being an American Jew today. Here is his diagnosis.

Europe Has Had Enough of Benjamin Netanyahu

Did Benjamin Netanyahu’s politics on Palestinians cost him Europe’s support on Iran? Liam Hoare says the Israeli premier’s confrontation with the British Foreign Secretary has made that much clear.

Why This Man Supports Iran Deal — Despite Bibi's Bluster

Despite Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition, many in Israel’s security establishment support the Iran nuclear deal, d J.J. Goldberg speaks to a former Shin Bet director who says the prime minister’s biggest mistake was keeping America at arm’s length as the agreement took shape.