Odell Beckham #13 of the New York Giants celebrates with teammates Geoff Schwartz #74, Adam Snyder #68 and J.D. Walton #55 after scoring a touchdown.

What If Football’s Opening Weekend Acknowledged Rosh Hashanah?

Instead of being annoyed that the start date of the 2015 NFL season falls on Erev Rosh Hashanah, what if Jewish football fans pushed to integrate the holiday into the opening game broadcasts?

How Naomi Shemer's 'Jerusalem of Gold' Actually Hurts Israel

We’ve all heard Naomi Shemer’s famous ‘Jerusalem of Gold.’ But, ahead of Jerusalem Day, Ori Weisberg asks us to consider how this song promotes an erasure of the city’s Arab citizenry.

Growing Trend: Pro-Palestinian activists listen at a conference at the University of Pennsylvania.

How American Jews Can Fight the Academic Intifada

On American college campuses, anti-Semitism has become politically correct — even chic. Jeffrey Salkin says we’re only making matters worse by sending Jewishly-ignorant kids to school.

So What If You're a Nice Jewish Boy? That's Not Enough!

You know that brilliant Jewish man with his head in the clouds, who’s sweet as chocolate babka but can’t seem to put his shirt on right side out? Ri Turner knows him too. And she’s sick of him.

It's Not About Leaving France — Our Question Is How To Stay

Only months after becoming targets of terrorism, French Jews are picking up the pieces. Robert Zaretsky says the question now is not when to leave, but how to stay.