Keith Ellison Vows To Give Democrats Their Groove Back — Will Louis Farrakhan Haunt Him?

Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota is a politician in a hurry. A decade ago be became the first Muslim ever elected to Congress. Now he’s running for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. That would make him the first Muslim to win a position in America’s national political leadership.


4 Reasons We Should Stop Calling People ‘Intermarried’

For starters, it’s creepy, Susan Katz Miller writes.


On Giving Tuesday, Take a Stand For a Gutsy Jewish Publication

Please donate now. Our independent journalism is often provocative — as good journalism should be. And for 120 years, our readers have never been shy about telling us what they think.


Should We Call Them ‘Alt-Right’ — or ‘White Nationalists,’ ‘Neo-Nazis,’ Something Else Entirely?

Now that we have to deal with them, what do we call them? Is using ‘alt-right’ appropriate, or does it normalize the group’s bigotry?


Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education? That’s a Tragedy for All American Jews.

DeVos isn’t just the fox in charge of the henhouse — she’s the shochet, the slaughterer, writes Jay Michaelson.

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