How College Can Put the Jewish in Children of Intermarriage

Despite decades of worry that American ‘children of intermarriage’ would be lost to the community, a large-scale study found that the story is more complicated, and more hopeful.


How To Fix Conservative Judaism’s Brand Problem

Conservative Judaism has long been seen as dispassionate, unimaginative and non-inclusive. Joshua Rabin suggests three ways to change all that.


On Women Rabbis, We All Talk Past Each Other. Here’s Why.

Liberals find it difficult to fathom why Orthodox Jews won’t allow women rabbis. Could it be because conservatives inhabit a much richer moral world?

Do Endless Denominational Turf Wars Even Matter Anymore?

More than anything, Rabbinical Council of America’s and Agudath Israel’s actions underscore the misfit between our denominational boundaries and our actual identities as Jews, Jay Michaelson writes.


What's Killing America's Middle-Aged White Working Class?

Ever since New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman published his best-selling 2005 treatise on globalization, “The World Is Flat,” I’ve been troubled by a nagging question: If globalization and technology have opened limitless opportunities for anyone with the skills and resources to reinvent themselves, what happens to folks who aren’t clever or connected?

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