Why U. of California Should Dump 'Three D' Definition of Anti-Semitism

The University of California is considering defining anti-Semitism as ‘delegitimizing, demonizing, or applying a double standards’ to Israel. Jay Michaelson explains why the definition makes no sense and could harm the fight against real hate speech.

On My Last Day as ADL Director, I'm Worried About Iran

It’s Abe Foxman’s last day as director of the Anti-Defamation League, and his mind is not at rest. The Iran deal continues to trouble him — here’s why.

Should We Transform Tisha B’Av from Fast to Feast?

On Tisha B’Av, traditional Jews fast to commemorate our exile. But nowadays, Daniel Greyber asks, shouldn’t we be feasting — even partying — in celebration of the State of Israel?

I'm Young. I'm Liberal. And Yes, I'm Zionist.

J.E. Reich, who specializes in postcolonial studies, is maybe the last person you’d expect to self-identify as a Zionist. She explains why she’s reclaiming the word anyway — and why you should, too.

Yes, Orthodoxy Changes. No, That's Not 'Rewriting History.'

Is the Orthodox world guilty of censoring its own canonical texts, as a recent book claims? Avi Shafran argues that there’s a difference between changing with the times and rewriting history.