My Problem With the Idea of a ‘Non-Zionist’ Synagogue

Mira Sucharov asks: Would Zionists feel welcome there, too? Or are leftists just creating another kind of silo?


This Is What It’s Like To Be a Woman Running for President in Age of Donald Trump

The first woman to run for president from a major political party has to share the stage with a misogynist. Who threatens to put you in jail if he wins. So this is what it’s like.


This Jewish Teaching Should’ve Made the GOP Denounce Trump Ages Ago

Why did it take so long for the GOP establishment to distance themselves from Donald Trump? Because they missed a simple Jewish teaching about discrimination, Jane Eisner writes.


The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Who Infuriated Hitler

Eighty years ago, a courageous German journalist defied Hitler when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The controversial story of Carl von Ossietzky has lessons for us today.


The Orthodox Case for Hillary Clinton — and Against Donald Trump

Despite Orthodox support for Trump, New Jersey Rabbi Menachem Genack makes a strong Orthodox argument for Hillary Clinton, says Jay Michaelson.

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