Why Conversion Lite Won’t Fix The Intermarriage Problem

Some rabbis argue that Jews should minimize criteria for conversion to counteract intermarriage.

Fault Lines Season 1, Episode 7

Israel is at war over the battle for legitimacy. Listen to the lively discussion from Peter Beinart and Daniel Gordis as they unpack these complicated issues.

Will Birthright Kowtow To Israel’s Right-wing Government?

Birthright must ensure that young pro-Israel, anti-occupation American Jews like me know if we are still welcome on their program – and welcome in Israel.

What’s Behind Recent Eruptions Of Anti-Semitism?

Jews know that they prosper most when liberal politics remains strong.

Where Is The Jewish Outcry On Chechnya?

As news of concentration camps for gay men seeps out of Chechnya, this is the time for us to remember that the Nazis too persecuted homosexuals.

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