Why in the World Are Progressives Opposing a Referendum On Israeli Occupation?

Leftists should be thrilled about this idea. Shouldn’t they?


Here’s How Jews Can Get Out the Vote — and Why We Must

Want fuller participation in American democracy? Then advocate for the structural changes that we know will make a difference, Jane Eisner writes.


Yeshiva U.’s Likely New President Will Keep School on Track — Toward Financial Ruin

Rabbi Ari Berman would ensure that Y.U. continues on its current trajectory. Problem is, if it does so, it faces near-certain collapse, writes Bethany Mandel.


When Your Husband Gets Called a ‘Filthy Kike’ On Twitter

I never imagined that the father of my children would be a target of anti-Semitic hate speech in 2016.


Why You Shouldn’t Go To Synagogue On Rosh Hashanah This Year

There’s no bigger business than the High Holidays at your local synagogue. Jay Michaelson has some unconventional advice: Don’t go.

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