Naftali Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu announce their coalition agreement, May 6, 2015.

Bibi's Nightmare: Unruly Coalition Might Fall — or Worse, Survive

Benjamin Netanyahu’s dilemma is pretty clear, J.J. Goldberg writes. If his shaky coalition falls, he’s back to Square One. If it survives, it could make Israel an international pariah.

In Wartime, Who Comes First — Soldiers or Civilians?

New testimony from Israeli soldiers who fought in last summer’s Gaza war reveals a glaring problem, writes Elisheva Goldberg: There is no clear ethical code of conduct.

Lindsey Graham Isn't Racist — Some of His Favorite Words Start With 'Al'!

Senator Lindsey Graham told an AIPAC dinner that ‘everything that starts with ‘Al’ in the Middle East is bad news.’ That sounded a bit racist — but does he realize that many of his favorite words start with the Arabic word for ‘the’?

As Coalition Deadline Nears, Bibi's Choices Are All Bad

As he struggles to negotiate with embittered former allies, Benjamin Netanyahu is learning Jimmy Durante’s old lesson: Be careful who you kick on your way up, because they’ll kick you back on your way down.

A Kidney Donor Who Wants No Help

An anonymous kidney donor argues against monetary compensation for organ donation. He feels adding cash to the equation trivializes an incredibly moving experience.