Why Israel’s Rules To Muzzle Professors Will Only Make Things Worse

Rather than seeking to suppress objectionable speech, those who care about Israel should promote more good speech, both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Israeli Right Is Terrified of Peace — And Their Jerusalem Bill Proves It

Naftali Bennett, and perhaps Benjamin Netanyahu, appear to be petrified at the prospect that Israelis actually want what they say they do — peace.


Is Gal Gadot White? Here’s What People On The Street Think

Inspired by the debate surrounding the whiteness of Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, we took to the streets to see what the average New Yorker has to say


I’m The First Transgender Army Officer In Israeli History. This Is My Story.

“I would encourage other governments, and militaries, still struggling with the issue of transgenderism to look to Israel for guidance.”


Did Bibi Badly Miscalculate Liberal Rage Over Western Wall?

The outrage among American Jews is only getting worse over the Western Wall prayer deal.

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