President Trump: Leaker-In-Chief

Donald Trump does not seem to grasp how the intelligence community works and why it faces disaster when a president treats it with casual contempt.

These Lessons From The Six-Day War Defy Conventional Wisdom

Israel’s win in 1967 teaches us to be more modest about the capability to forecast the future, whether it is war, Brexit or Donald Trump’s election.

All The President’s Men: The Sequel

Blabbing state secrets to Russia? Pressuring FBI director James Comey? We’ve left political drama and entered the realm of slapstick science fiction.

Memo To Jewish Trump Voters: Had Enough After Israel Intelligence Betrayal?

If Trump shared secret intel with Russia, he has betrayed Israel — and possibly endangered the lives of brave Israeli spies.

Why Trump’s Loose Lips May Be ‘Extraordinarily Dangerous’ — To Israel And Us

“It is no simple matter to pass along [intelligence] obtained from an ally without first receiving permission,” warns Daniel Kurtzer.

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