No, Columbus Was Not Jewish — And Neither Is Columbus Day

The glorification of a man who encouraged the enslavement and forced conversion of an unsuspecting people is a smear upon the Jewish people.


No, Justin Trudeau Is Not a Holocaust Denier

There is nothing more political, nothing more symbolic, and nothing suggestive of any anti-Jewish animus. Rather, this was a simple drafting omission.


The New York Times Just Explained Why The Forward Matters So Much

It was with excitement but some trepidation last night that I began to read the online version of a [New York Times story] about The Forward.


The 6 Worst Things We Learned About Jared Kushner From This Expose

The former editor of the New York Observer described the lengths Kushner would go to as publisher to promote his personal interests and attack foes.

Jane Looking Forward: Two Jews Make (Bad) News, The Forward Gets Into The Gray Lady

Jane Eisner, the Forward’s editor-in-chief, reflects on the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and Marc Kasowitz’s unethical behavior.

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