Stop Being So Arrogant, White Jews. Black Lives Matter Is Not About You.

It’s ‘A Vision for Black Lives,’ not ‘A Vision for the Destruction of the Jewish State.’


Black Lives Matter to U.K. Jews — Unless Israel Gets in the Way

British Jews of color are welcome in the mainstream community only if they support Israel, Joseph Finlay writes.


How Studying Talmud Helped Me Understand Racism in America

While America struggled with questions of systemic racism, I listened as the Talmud described categories of damage caused by oxen.


Human Biodiversity: the Pseudoscientific Racism of the Alt-Right

“Human biodiversity,” supported by alt-right superstars like Milo Yiannopoulos, is just eugenics updated for the Internet Age.


An Evangelical Pastor Takes Trump to Task

Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton represent the Jesus I follow and worship.

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