Hungary Church Pitches In To Build Torah Ark for Fire-Ravaged Synagogue

(JTA) — A Methodist church in Hungary offered to pay for the construction of Torah ark for a Budapest synagogue ravaged by fire. The Zuglo Synagogue in the Hungarian capital’s 14th district sustained heavy damage in a blaze that broke out Monday night, possibly as a result of an electric failure. No one was injured…

7 Absolute Best and Worst Jewish Halloween Costume Ideas

We’ve got the ultimate crib sheet of Jewish themed halloween costumes—from the absolute worst to the very best.

Torah Scrolls Returned to Synagogue After Simchat Torah Robbery

A Brooklyn synagogue had to celebrate Simchat Torah without four of its holy scrolls, following a theft on Tuesday morning. But in a thankful reversal of fortune, the Torahs were returned to the Midwood congregation shortly after midnight on Friday, leaving some to speculate that the robber saw the error of his ways.

Farewell to Hirohito’s Brother — Japan’s Most Jewish Prince

Takahito, Prince Mikasa — the youngest brother of Japanese emperor Hirohito — has died at 100. He leaves behind a surprising Jewish history.

‘Falsettos’ Isn’t As Gay As It Once Was — But It’s Still Just as Jewish

‘Falsettos,’ by William Finn and James Lapine, returns in a beautiful, emotional revival at Lincoln Center that shows what theater and Judaism are all about.

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