In a First, a Brooklyn Yeshiva Agrees to $2.1 Million Child Sex Abuse Settlement

An Orthodox Brooklyn yeshiva has agreed to pay two of its former students $2.1 million for alleged sexual molestation they suffered at age six from a senior rabbi on the school’s faculty—the first known case of such a settlement by a Jewish day school.


The Jewish Education of Jessye Stein — on a South Dakota Indian Reservation

One day, Jessye Stein, a computer teacher on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, was trying to persuade a student to return to his Lakota language class when the young man suddenly posed an unexpected question. “He asked me where I come from, where my people come from and what my ancestral language is,” she recalled. Stein, 24, told the student she was Jewish and that her ancestors spoke Yiddish. But that just prompted the next, obvious question: “He asked me if I could speak Yiddish,” she recounted. And when she said no, he accused her of being a hypocrite.


Jewish and Arab Israeli Women March to ‘Wage Peace’

“We know this cannot be another well-meaning leftist initiative,” said Donna Kirshbaum. “Either this is all of us, or it is not going to happen.”

2 Chefs to Create Sensational Fusion Feast

Chef Todd Ginsberg of The General Muir, Atlanta’s terrific Jewish resto, will pair will Parsi Chef Meherwan Irani of Decatur, Georgia, fave Chai Pani.

WATCH: Trump Backers Hurl Actual Nazi Slur at ‘Lying Press’

Donald Trump’s fans seem to have gone one step further in their war on the so-called “rigged media,” branding the country’s reporters with a term the Third Reich once used against dissident writers — lügenpresse, or “lying press.”

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