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Sheryl Sandberg On The Powerful Way To Help Someone Grieving

Sheryl Sandberg opened up about losing her husband, and the best ways to help those who are grieving, during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday.

Amy Schumer Buys $2,000 Mattress For Employee Who Let Her Use Bathroom

Um, if Amy Schumer ever needs to use the bathroom and you have the power to give her the door key, do it. You might get a sweet mattress out of the deal.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Once Appeared On ‘Gossip Girl’

There have been a lot of random celebrity cameos on the glossy, teen soap “Gossip Girl.” Lady Gaga, Mike Bloomberg (?!) and Cyndi Lauper among them. But a sharp-eyed Twitter user caught a glimpse of two high-profile and, erm, currently very topical New Yorkers in one particular scene.

Inside The White House Correspondents’ Dinner With Obama’s Former Joke Writer

Barack Obama’s former speechwriter is opening up about what it was like writing jokes for the president — and his thoughts on Donald Trump skipping The White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

‘Mean Girls’ Gets A Fetch Musical Adaptation

You can’t sit with “Mean Girls the Musical,” but you can buy tickets to the Washington, D.C. world premiere of the upcoming Broadway musical, starting this Friday. Rumblings about the musical have been about as loud as the stomach of a person doing a 72-hour cranberry juice cleanse, but unlike the “South Beach Fat Flush,” this is for real — the 2004 comedy classic is slated for an October 31st launch at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C., with a Broadway premiere following the two month out-of-town tryout (though no date has been set).

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