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Framing Modesty As A Protection For Women Is Incredibly Toxic

This article originally appeared in New Voices.

10 Colorful Ways To Dress, Entertain And Relive The Magic Of Noah’s Rainbow This Week

Every year at this time, Jewish hostesses around the world are exhausted from a month of holiday celebrations and broken routines. Then we read the weekly Torah portion of Parshat Noach, Genesis 6:9-11:32, and the fun and festivities begin again.

Does Israel’s Macho Culture Protect Sexual Predators?

I was a victim of sexual assault in Israel, and also had numerous incidents of being cornered and aggressively “flirted” with in the United States. Travelling in Israel, as a wayward art school drop-out, at the age of twenty-three, I accepted a ride from two young truck drivers early on a Saturday morning. I was trying to get to Tel Aviv, but no buses ran on the Sabbath. I blamed myself later, saying I should have known there was something fishy because no one else was on the road on a Saturday morning in a commercial vehicle.

3 Stalwart Acts Of Faith Saved My Family From The Holocaust

I was born in Leipzig, Germany, on May 31, 1939. I am a third-generation German.

What Little League Can Teach Us About Post-Holiday Jewish Life

Little League for 8-year-olds should be called Error Ball. Each week when I get to watch my son’s team play, I marvel at how much errors drive the results rather than skills or strategy. An overthrow at first base gets the runner to second… or third. A moment of distraction sees the ball roll right past short stop and into left field - another run for the other team. It’s why the league has a five run maximum for each inning. It’s also why the coach rotates the players through the fielding positions - equal opportunity error making.

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