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Many Palestinians Want Peace — So Why Do We Close Our Doors To Them?

“There is no one to talk to.” This has been the Israeli mantra for the past 15 years — we want peace, but there is simply no one on the other side to talk to. Once again, Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) is with us; once again the music is sad and the crocodile tears will pour from the eyes of our politicians, who only this past week or two, found it necessary to abuse bereaved parents who were invited to the Knesset to hear answers from the Government. Some of these parents who till today do not know for sure the fate of their beloved sons and will not have a grave to stand next to while listening to a cynical speech about our dead heroes at the official ceremony.

Ritual Slaughter Bans Don’t Help Animals — They Target Jews and Muslims

Many worry that a new proposal to ban ritual slaughter in the Belgian region of Flanders is yet another attempt to mask anti-Semitism and Islamophobia with a disingenuous argument for animal welfare — and they’re right to be concerned. The draft law requires pre-slaughter electrical stunning of sheep and poultry. This proposed bans violate kosher and halal laws, which don’t allow the killing of injured animals for food. As Eliyahu Federman points out, this proposed ban is one of many historical attempts, some successful, to limit religious freedoms for Jews and Muslims. Right on the heels of this news, Marine Le Pen, far-right candidate in the upcoming French presidential elections, also announced she would prohibit unstunned ritual slaughter if voted into office.

WATCH: Kramer on Seinfeld Tries Making Jewish Food; Hilarity Ensues

Kramer tries making Jewish food for a Jewish singles event; watch what happens next.


Understanding America’s Tenacious Russian Jews

The professor loitered on park benches in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and accosted people she overheard speaking Russian. She took out ads in Russian-language newspapers. She traveled to seven cities to hang out hung out in Jewish community centers, charity kitchens, and synagogues.

The Jewish Lessons We Can Learn From This Young DAPL Protestor

On Sunday evening, May 21, The Shalom Center will honor Sophia Wilansky, an extraordinarily heroic young activist who was acting on the best of Jewish tradition and values as a Water Protector at Standing Rock when she was cruelly wounded — her left arm shattered — by the militarized police.

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