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Recent Posts:

Ties Of Violence: What It’s Like To Talk Israel In The Deep South

Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city was the first stop Mark and I made on our tour. For two weeks, we traveled throughout the Southeastern United States in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee, sharing our story as Israelis, immigrants and former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers.

What Campus Life Is Like For Jewish Republicans

A version of this article originally appeared in New Voices.

No, Hillel Is Not Anti-LGBT: The OSU Controversy Explained

This week, Ohio State University Hillel was accused of being anti-LGBT because it was forced to disassociate with a Jewish LGBT campus group, B’nai Keshet, after the group decided to co-sponsor a fundraiser for queer refugees with Jewish Voice for Peace. I was shocked to hear this accusation and wanted to understand where it had come from, and why.

Dennis Prager, Shmuley Boteach and the Diabolical Bargain of Pro-Trump Jews

Jewish Conservative pundits who have long stood for family values and moral rectitude but now stand with Trump have revealed what apparently lurked underneath the whole time, in a manner no less maddening than the Evangelical Trump supporters who can lift their hand from a posture of prayer to shake the hand of a man who uses his to grab the genitals of women without their consent.

Hillel Must Do More For Queer Jews Like Me

A version of this article originally appeared in New Voices.

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