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The Jewish Lessons We Can Learn From This Young DAPL Protestor

On Sunday evening, May 21, The Shalom Center will honor Sophia Wilansky, an extraordinarily heroic young activist who was acting on the best of Jewish tradition and values as a Water Protector at Standing Rock when she was cruelly wounded — her left arm shattered — by the militarized police.

WATCH: How To Make The Best Damn Challah You’ve Ever Tasted

It’s only Wednesday, which means you have two days to make this fluffy and delicious challah for Shabbat. Is it the best you’ve ever tasted? Have another recipe you prefer? Let us know!

WATCH: Six Brave People Try Ashkenazi Food For The First Time

Director Meir Kalmanson invited six brave non-Jewish folks to try a few traditional Ashkenazi foods for the first time. Watch the hilarious results for yourself below.


WATCH: What Could Have Stopped The Holocaust?

Over 6 million European Jews were slaughtered during the Holocaust. What could have stopped the genocide? Decades later, a survivor returns to Auschwitz with an answer.


How I Lost My Judaism In Five Somber Nights — And Found It Again My Own Way

Twice in my life did the profound symbiosis of community and Judaism yank me by the beard and bear its inescapable weight. The first came during my father’s shiva. After four months of communal support during his time in the hospital, the Jews of Englewood, New Jersey, my Jews, multiplied their Samsonian efforts, filling our shiva house in a deluge of food, Torah thought, love and money. Even as a sophomoric fourteen year old, I understood that those seven days saved my family. I recognized with humbled clarity that without the support of our community, my family would have had to leave our community. And that without Judaism, these people of varied Jewish persuasions — Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Chassidic and others, would not have employed a thousands year old tradition to help a family just like mine get through the darkest time in our lives.

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