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Dear Jared Kushner: What Type of Jew Do You Want To Be?

Dear Mr. Kushner:

Trump’s Gift To America

Today one of the most shocking and disturbing events in American history will unfold, an event I and many others more intelligent and informed than myself thought would not, could not, happen. Reading an article about climate change yesterday evening I thought of a friend of mine — a good hearted spiritual leader committed to truth and justice — who is a climate skeptic. He thinks that human caused climate catastrophe will not, could not, happen. “Surely when he watches Trump’s inauguration he will change his mind,” the thought flickered across my radar. Not because the Trump administration is primed to hasten and worsen the coming destruction wrought by climate change, which it is, but because watching Trump become President should expand our visceral sense of the possibilities of the horrible.

For Jews in Trump’s America, Intersectionality Matters More Than Ever

As Donald Trump ascends to the presidency, the American Jewish community faces a critical question: under a populist president with a penchant for scapegoating and mistrust of non-white communities, who are we?

Exodus: Coming Soon To A Synagogue Near You

With the Jewish high holidays and Hanukah long in the rear view mirror, it can only mean one thing. The season premiere of a series the Jewish people have been binge reading for thousands of years will finally return to your local synagogue: Exodus. Yes, it’s rare for a series to maintain its momentum and integrity after its premier and especially after Season 1 of the Torah, Genesis, seemingly had it all. Genesis had the family disarray of Transparent and the secrecy of The Night Of; the blood, drama, passion and more we all crave were delivered weekly on Saturdays with previews available on Monday and Thursday mornings.

An ‘Alt-Right’ Jew’s Hopes for the Presidency

The election of Donald Trump was a truly historic event. Not since Andrew Jackson have we had a president as closely identified with populism. Those of us who fought to get him elected are tremendously excited to see what this will bring. Here’s some of what I’m hoping Trump will do:

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