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The Westboro Challenge

When fringe groups seek to challenge our faith, how should we respond? Should we engage — or walk away?

The Manhattan Eruv Needs Your Help

The Manhattan Eruv is one of the world’s largest, and most impressive Eruvin. It reaches from the UWS to the UES, from Harlem to Battery Park. It is run quietly, with incredible efficiency and humility; supervised by the Mechon L’Hoyroa in Monsey and run by Rabbis Adam Mintz, Yosie Levine, and Gavriel Bellino.

Meet The Man Perking Up Indie Coffee Stores Worldwide

Editor’s Note: In this series — Why Is This Interview Different From All Other Interviews — we will introduce you to pioneering Jewish leaders across a variety of industries.

What Are The ‘Women Of The Wall’ Haters So Afraid Of?

Women are used to being silenced. Women are used to having their ideas belittled and their success made to seem unimportant. Today I went to the Kotel to join Women of the Wall — whose only goal was to make our voices heard—in prayer, at the holiest site in modern Judaism. I joined a service of several dozen women, many of whom wore tallit and tefillin, and we davened the Rosh Chodesh service for no purpose other than to assert that women, too, have a right to practice Judaism.

No Tevye In Whitewashed Anatevka

The wooden houses with their straw roofs, their low beams, and crooked steps, solid wooden churches of dark wood with curved domes and cupolas, creaky old chicken coops and mud paths seemed both distant and familiar. At any moment one expects Tevye to appear from behind a corner nudging his horse, teasing his wife, or complaining to his God. The Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Lviv, Ukraine offers a truly enchanting vision of living history.

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