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The Soviet Pastoral of David Bezmozgis

By Yevgeniya Traps

After the widely-acclaimed “Natasha” and “The Free World,” David Bezmozgis returns with “The Betrayers,” inspired in part by the tale of Natan Sharansky. Yevgeniya Traps weighs in.Read More

When 'Klinghoffer' Played the Heartland

By Hody Nemes

‘The Death of Klinghoffer’ has ignited a divisive firestorm in New York. But a production in St. Louis helped bring communities together, Hody Nemes reports.Read More

The Resurrection of 'Klinghoffer'

By Adam Langer

Is the Met’s ‘Death of Klinghoffer’ a profound meditation? Or a misguided opera that borders on anti-Semitism? Arts editor Adam Langer delves into the controversy.Read More

Lend Me Your (Yiddish) Earlocks

By Philologos

A common Yiddish phrase literally means ‘I have it in the left earlock.’ Philologos investigates the idiom, which does not require knowledge of Jewish hairstyles.Read More

The Best Documentary Filmmaker You've Never Heard Of

By Gabe Friedman

Manny Kirchheimer is one of New York’s least-appreciated filmmakers. Now, thanks to the re-release of the 83-year-old’s ‘Stations of the Elevated,’ that may be changing.Read More

For David Bezmozgis, Fiction Must Go Far Beneath the Surface

By Gal Beckerman

David Bezmozgis portrays the Soviet Jewish experience with restraint and detailed focus. His new novel explores fresh ways to approach the topic he knows so well.Read More

Susan Sontag's Not-So-Secret and Not-Always-So-Jewish History

By Benjamin Ivry

Susan Sontag was a charismatic writer — and a magnet for criticism. A newly translated biography explores the Jewish legacy of the woman born Susan Lee Rosenblatt.Read More

The Minivan Rabbi of Mississippi

By Anne Cohen and Sigal Samuel

Most rabbis wait for Jews to come to them. Rabbi Jeremy Simons goes to them, roving across Dixie to 110 congregations in his battered Dodge minivan.Read More

7 Facts About Jewish Mississippi

By Gabe Friedman

7 Facts About Jewish MississippiRead More

Live-Blogging The Rapture and the Demise of Nicolas Cage

By Jay Michaelson

Why is Jay Michaelson live-blogging the Christian end-of-times movie ‘Left Behind’? He wants to know how a big slice of America thinks — plus he’s worried about Nicolas Cage’s career.Read More

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