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The Secret Jewish History of Dr. Zhivago

By Benjamin Ivry

‘The Zhivago Affair’ recounts a complex and nuanced tale of author Boris Pasternak. The Soviets considered his epic novel a betrayal — but plenty of Jews felt the same way.Read More

'You Can't Take It With You' Returns to Broadway With Jewish Look at Gentiles

By Jesse Oxfeld

Is ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ a classic Broadway comedy, a dated trifle or a valuable Jewish window on the Gentile world? According to theater critic Jesse Oxfeld, it’s all three.Read More

8 Facts About Jewish Indiana

By Gabe Friedman

8 Facts About Jewish IndianaRead More

What Has Become of the Historic Synagogues of Indiana?

By Wendy Soltz

Here is the history behind four of Indiana’s historic synagogues.Read More

A Rude Awakening in Indiana's Marshmallow Country

By Wendy Soltz

A synagogue in an Indiana town that once produced mountains of kosher marshmallows is marking its 125th anniversary. Even though the shul is long shut, that’s reason enough to celebrate.Read More

Neil Diamond Goes Back Home to Brooklyn

By Hody Nemes

Who says you can’t go home again? Singer Neil Diamond returned to Brooklyn for a surprise performance at the high school he attended six decades ago.Read More

Maybe Eichmann Wasn't So Banal

By Julia M. Klein

Bettina Stangneth says that Adolf Eichmann was more committed to mass murder than Hannah Arendt believed. Now, Julia M. Klein asks: Which philosopher is right?Read More

In Search of the Bibi Haters in Israel

By Tuvia Tenenbom

Opinion polls say that Benjamin Netanyahu is faring poorly. But on the ground in Israel, Tuvia Tenenbom finds a very different story.Read More

How Sigmund Freud Almost Fell Victim to Repression and Denial

By David Bargal and Aner Govrin

Why did Sigmund Freud wait until the last moment before fleeing the Nazis? Did the man who uncovered repression and denial fall victim to the same processes?Read More

The Banality of Himmler

By Sheerly Avni

Vanessa Lapa’s documentary recreates the everyday life of Heinrich Himmler, the man most directly responsible for the extermination of over 6 million people.Read More

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