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Maybe Once Was F--cking Enough

By Adam Langer

Adam Mansbach’s viral hit ‘Go The F–k To Sleep’ has spawned its inevitable sequel. Our Adam Langer assesses the vulgar offering in rhyming verse — and F-words of his own.Read More

Chabad Lawyer Mediates Between Inuit Tribes in Alaska — and Keeps Kosher

By Geoff Kirsch

In the remote villages of rural Alaska, Judge David Avraham Voluck navigates the world of Alaskan tribal law while trying to keep kosher in a land of whale, seal, shellfish and caribou.Read More

8 Facts About Jewish Alaska

By Gabe Friedman

8 Facts About Jewish AlaskaRead More

Nazi Hunter Meets Nazi Architect

By Joshua Furst

A new installation by Israeli artist Dani Gal deals with the surprising friendship between Simon Wiesenthal and Albert Speer —  two men whose lives seem to be at odds.Read More

Free To Be You and Me and Jonathan Lethem

By Joshua Furst

Who knew that a musical about the friendship between a Jewish kid and the son of a soul singer in Brooklyn could deal with race, class and culture in a meaningful way?Read More

The Epic Battle Between Chicken and Chickenshit

By Philologos

Being called ‘chicken’ is one thing but ‘chickenshit’ is quite another. Philologos explains why Benjamin Netanyahu got so upset when the diplomatic stuff hit the fan.Read More

Philip Roth Types Are Outdated? Tell Us Something We Don't Know!

By Anya Ulinich

A self-absorbed jerk of a writer befriends another Philip Roth type. That’s the premise of ‘Listen Up Philip’ — and Anya Ulinich says it’s why the flick’s such a bore.Read More

Was Leo Tolstoy Really an Anti-Semite?

By Benjamin Ivry

Duelling new English-language versions of ‘Anna Karenina’ raise questions about Leo Tolstoy’s complex and contradictory attitudes toward Jews. Benjamin Ivry explains.Read More

Ayad Akhtar's 'Disgraced' Raises Profound Issues About Dual Loyalty

By Jesse Oxfeld

Ayad Akhtar’s ‘Disgraced’ is a taut, 85-minute play about culture clash in the post-9/11 world. Jesse Oxfeld weighs in on the tense and sometimes shocking drama.Read More

Aside From That, Mrs. Klinghoffer, How Did You Like the Opera?

By Adam Langer

‘The Death of Klinghoffer’ has been called just about everything, from masterpiece to blood libel. There is one thing it hasn’t been called: unabashedly Christian.Read More

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