Shame and the Congo

The numbers are in. Our shame can now be quantified. At least 3.3 million people have been killed in the pointless, genocidal warfare in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the last four and a half years, while most of us were looking elsewhere. Let us remember, and tell our grandchildren. How did we not notice?The figure, releasedRead More

Naming the Plague

It’s possible, just possible, that there’s nothing more than coincidence behind the shocking increase in antisemitic incidents in various parts of the world during the last year. The surge may be entirely unconnected to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the escalating American war on Islamic extremismRead More

The Debate Debate

As America’s generals scramble to regroup for a battle more bloody than any envisioned and Republicans in Washington agonize over what went wrong and why, the American public is descending into a more basic and ugly debate over the very legitimacy of debating.The signs are everywhere. In New Mexico, four schoolteachers have been suspended so farRead More

Our Side

As America’s war machine rolled into action in the Middle East this week and humanity watched in awe and foreboding, there was no longer any denying the blunt fact that a new page was being written in world history. America, the world’s sole superpower, was claiming the right to make war anywhere — not for defense against aggression, butRead More

Following the Map

If nothing else, President Bush’s announced plan to release his “road map” to Israeli-Palestinian peace gives the lie to those paranoid theories about a Jewish conspiracy driving America into war with Iraq. According to the conspiracy-mongers, invading Iraq was supposed to upset the Middle East apple cart in a way that would leave IsraelRead More


Representative Jim Moran’s notions of Jewish war-mongering are so patently offensive, so deeply pernicious, that they almost seem like residual ooze from another era in history. But this is not ancient history; the Virginia Democrat spoke his inflammatory words just last week. And he is not the only one talking this way these days.AddressingRead More

You’re Right Too

The leadership of Reform Judaism was right to bring its resolution on settlements and Palestinian statehood before the Jewish Council for Public Affairs at the council’s annual meeting this week in Baltimore. And the council was right to reject the Reform text.The Reform leaders were right because raising the topic was a courageous, principledRead More

We Couldn’t Make This Up

Dedicated readers of E.J. Kessler’s presidential campaign coverage in the Forward will hardly be surprised to learn that the latest entry into the Democratic presidential field, Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, has adopted a kosher vegan diet in deference to the religious practices of his long-time “best friend,” Cleveland labor lawyer YelenaRead More


Last Saturday, the world witnessed what was probably the largest mass protest in modern history. Between 6 million and 10 million people turned out on the streets of some 600 cities in 60 countries around the globe, united by a single, passionate plea: that President Bush not plunge the world into war.Watching the protests unfold around the world,Read More

Back to the Fight

In deciding to join the fight against the Bush administration’s proposed “reforms” to Medicaid and Medicare, United Jewish Communities and its network of local Jewish charitable federations have taken an important step. What’s at stake is not just the integrity of the nation’s safety net for the poor and theRead More

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