Representative Jim Moran’s notions of Jewish war-mongering are so patently offensive, so deeply pernicious, that they almost seem like residual ooze from another era in history. But this is not ancient history; the Virginia Democrat spoke his inflammatory words just last week. And he is not the only one talking this way these days.AddressingRead More

You’re Right Too

The leadership of Reform Judaism was right to bring its resolution on settlements and Palestinian statehood before the Jewish Council for Public Affairs at the council’s annual meeting this week in Baltimore. And the council was right to reject the Reform text.The Reform leaders were right because raising the topic was a courageous, principledRead More

We Couldn’t Make This Up

Dedicated readers of E.J. Kessler’s presidential campaign coverage in the Forward will hardly be surprised to learn that the latest entry into the Democratic presidential field, Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, has adopted a kosher vegan diet in deference to the religious practices of his long-time “best friend,” Cleveland labor lawyer YelenaRead More


Last Saturday, the world witnessed what was probably the largest mass protest in modern history. Between 6 million and 10 million people turned out on the streets of some 600 cities in 60 countries around the globe, united by a single, passionate plea: that President Bush not plunge the world into war.Watching the protests unfold around the world,Read More

Back to the Fight

In deciding to join the fight against the Bush administration’s proposed “reforms” to Medicaid and Medicare, United Jewish Communities and its network of local Jewish charitable federations have taken an important step. What’s at stake is not just the integrity of the nation’s safety net for the poor and theRead More

Recipe for Disunion

Great presidents, it’s said, are in large measure products of circumstance. It’s at moments of national crisis that a leader has the opportunity to rise above his narrow base, put aside his own past baggage and rally a united citizenry. Only in crisis can a president be transformed into something larger than the sum of his parts.Of course, notRead More

Mitzna’s Choice

Ariel Sharon faces a daunting challenge as he attempts to sort out the results of this week’s Knesset elections and put together a government that can lead Israel into the next phase of its struggles. All those who care about Israel’s welfare, even those who disagree with Sharon’s vision and his methods, must wish him well asRead More

Roe at 30

“And if men strive together, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart, and yet no harm follow, he shall be surely fined, according as the woman’s husband shall lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. But if any harm follow, then thou shalt give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth …” Exodus 21:22-24*Read More

Jews in Space

The liftoff of Israel’s first astronaut, Colonel Ilan Ramon, has Jews around the world going space-crazy. Synagogues, Internet sites and Chinese restaurants from coast to coast are abuzz with nonstop Ramon-mania. Ramon, though not personally observant, has decided to keep kosher in space. He asked Israel’s national Holocaust authority, YadRead More

Moving Right

It was, perhaps, inevitable. American Jews, known worldwide for their indomitable liberalism, have begun moving to the right. That’s the finding of a new survey appearing on our front page, conducted by Steven M. Cohen, the dean of American Jewish opinion research.The shift is only in its incipient stages, reflected mainly in decliningRead More

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