Divesting From Immorality

EDITORIAL: The campaign to get universities to divest from fossil fuels is failing. Institutions don’t get that climate change is a moral issue — and one they can do something about.Read More

Why the Mikveh Scandal Cuts So Deep

EDITORIAL: The shocking peeping rabbi scandal has turned many women away from a place that should be a spiritual haven. They deserve to know the mikveh will be theirs again.Read More

Take Sex Assault Probes Off Campus

EDITORIAL: With the current focus on mishandling of sexual assault cases on college campuses, a fundamental question has been lost: Why aren’t local police involved?Read More

How Rudy Giuliani Got 'Klinghoffer' Right

By Jane Eisner

Jane Eisner praises Rudy Giuliani for his restraint in leading a protest against ‘The Death of Klinghoffer.’ Why did so many others cross the line into destructive rhetoric?Read More

Tale of Two Sermons on Israel

EDITORIAL: The high holidays presented a challenge to rabbis who felt the need to address Israel. Two sermons show the difficulty and possibility involved.Read More

Finding Hope in Images of Sarajevo

By Jane Eisner

It’s hard to find hopeful signs of Muslim-Jewish coexistence these days. But Jane Eisner discovered one from an iconic symbol of conflict: Sarajevo.Read More

Two Bad Speeches — and Scant Hope for Peace

EDITORIAL: Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas both wasted the world’s time with empty rhetoric at the U.N. They left looking less like peacemakers than ever.Read More

Haredim and Hollywood

EDITORIAL: The decision to avoid vaccinating their kids has made strange bedfellows of Los Angeles’s liberal denizens and the Haredim of New York. Both communities are dead wrong.Read More

An Unlikely Friendship Between 2 Men of Letters

By Jane Eisner

Cartoonist Tony Auth, who recently died at 72, was rightly lauded for his independence and skill. Jane Eisner recalls the extraordinary collaboration he shared with author Chaim Potok.Read More

The Salaita Scandal

EDITORIAL: Is tweeting a form of academic freedom? Steven Salaita’s case shows that universities don’t know how to deal with social media when it turns toxic.Read More

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