How To Fix a Charity

The world of Jewish charity and community organization has been offered a rare opportunity for growth and adaptation with the publication this month of “From Predictability to Chaos?” the penetrating study of the United Jewish Communities by a pair of communal experts at Hebrew Union College, Gerald Bubis and StevenRead More

Not Peace, but a Start

Even the most enthusiastic boosters of this week’s Middle East summit in Sharm el-Sheikh aren’t claiming that the brief gathering signaled the dawn of some new era of harmony and peace. The meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, together with the heads of neighboring states, did little more than ratify some practical understandingsRead More

Bush’s Bad Budget

President Bush is to be congratulated for recognizing in the new budget proposal he submitted to Congress this week that the gargantuan deficits he has engineered during the past four years represent a looming catastrophe. Inheriting a government that spent $1.8 trillion and ran an $86 billion surplus in the last year of Bill Clinton’sRead More

A Haven at Last

Israel did the right thing this week in deciding to double the pace of immigration from Ethiopia, where an estimated 20,000 members of the so-called Falash Mura community have been waiting for years to join their relatives in the Jewish state. Jerusalem’s foot-dragging on the issue has been a blot on Israel’s humanitarian and ZionistRead More

The Limits of Unilateralism

President Bush and his allies have a right to claim last Sunday’s election in Iraq as a moral victory. The willingness of millions of Iraqis to defy terrorist threats and line up to vote is a testament to the power of the human spirit. After decades of tyranny, Iraqis were given an opportunity to vote on their future, and they braved bombs andRead More

The Lessons of Auschwitz

There was something at once moving and unsettling in the worldwide outpouring of tribute that accompanied the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz this week. Watching the ceremonies creep across the globe, from New York on Monday through Paris and Berlin to the Polish killing ground itself on Thursday, like some slow-motion imitation ofRead More

Bad Speech, More Speech

The anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation provided a fitting backdrop to one of the most encouraging developments on the world scene in recent months, the sudden re-emergence of calm in Israel and the territories. Thanks to the unexpected determination of the Palestinian Authority’s new chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, and the impressivelyRead More

The Accountability Moment

The beginning of a president’s second term is a complicated moment, both for the president and for the nation. It is at once a reaffirmation, a chance for the president to continue and finish what he has started, and a pause, a time for the nation and its leader to rethink and start anew.As President Bush enters his second term, there is everyRead More

Sharon’s Misbegotten Miracle

The new Israeli government sworn in this week in Jerusalem is a stark testament to the power of one man’s will. Ariel Sharon, for a half-century the living embodiment of Israeli intransigence, has decided to remake Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians before his days are up, and he is willing to batter down any door, climb any mountain,Read More

Time for Heresy

Four months ago, the American Jewish Congress stunned Israel and the Jewish world by naming a foreign diplomat, Alon Pinkas, outgoing Israeli consul general in New York, to be its new CEO. The congress, a struggling agency, was showered with plaudits (including an editorial in this newspaper) for its boldness in choosing an eloquent voice thatRead More

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