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DER YIDDISH-VINKL April 15, 2005

Stanley Siegelman returns to Der Vinkl once again with a rare news item and a poetic piece in his peculiar and distinctive Yiddish and English versions — both of them in his very own Yinglish vernacular, a mix of Yiddish and English. “Kiddish Klubs,” he wrote, “have come under fire. They are groups whose members too often steal away fromRead More

Traveling The World — By Proxy

By Marjorie Ingall

Right now, I feel tethered. I’m always holding someone, wiping someone, feeding someone. Someone is always sick. I go to the fridge, I lift my shirt, I put away the laundry, I type, I TiVo. There are days that I don’t go outside. (Seasons? What are these seasons of which you speak?)’Twas not ever thus. The summer I graduated fromRead More

Lifting a Ray Of Sunlight From An Otherwise Bleak Historical Chapter

In July 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt convened a conference in Evian, France, to discuss the plight of Nazi-occupied Europe’s Jewish refugees. Thirty-two nations attended, but nearly all refused to open their borders.In a world turned upside down by war, only the Dominican Republic’s military dictator, Rafael Trujillo, agreed to let inRead More

Where the Torah Meets the Torus

By Rick Harrison

While watching a science fiction program alone in his Newton, Mass., apartment in 1968, Stan Tenen saw a strange code flash across the screen, prompting him to consult the opening passage of Genesis — in the original Hebrew. “This was a strange urge,” he admits in one of his instructional videos, “because I didn’t know Hebrew.”Read More

Foundation Sings of Harmony at Songstress Denise Rich’s Home

By Masha Leon

At the March 16 benefit for the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, held at songwriter Denise Rich’s Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, home, Lawrence Kopp, the foundation’s executive director, lauded the hostess as “a prolific philanthropist.” Kopp cited the foundation’s programs, which include an antisemitism campaign and the Shared Dreams HighRead More


Stanley Siegelman returns to Der Vinkl once again with an unusual news item and an equally unusual poem in his Yinglish — with its English and Yiddish variants. Here’s the way he describes his subject: Scientists reported a dramatic decline in the sperm count of European men; their findings caused concern as to whether the sameRead More

What Home Office? You’re Just a Writer!

By Andrew R. Heinze

The IRS owes me $16.35, but I’m afraid to ask them for it. So I decided to complain instead. To you.Sixteen dollars and 35 cents is what it cost me to purchase, develop and mail one roll of Kodak black-and-white, 35mm film to the IRS office in Oakland, Calif. This expenditure of my money — and time — resulted from that special formRead More

Has Anyone Seen a Wedding Ring?

By Zackary Sholem Berger

In between patients, each room in the hospital has a life of its own: The operating theater is prepped for another run; the delivery room is ready for another baby to come down the pike. Everything’s sterilized and rearranged. While the attendants and residents wolf down their cheeseburgers, a medical student (that’s me) retreatsRead More

Red, Red Wine

By Jenna Weissman Joselit

Every year, just about now, the public is dutifully informed that Passover is around the corner. Advertisements tout the virtues of this or that brand of gefilte fish, while supermarket shelves fill up with boxes of matzo, Pesachdik cookies and foodstuffs from Israel, all of which is destined straight for the Seder table.Wine merchants, too, getRead More

IDF Chief Voices Optimism at New York Gala

By Masha Leon

A satellite question-and-answer session with Israel’s Prime Minister Sharon was a highlight of the March 15 Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Gala Dinner, attended by more than 1200 Israeli army supporters from around the country. I had quick chats with Malcolm Hoenlein, Raphael (Rafi) Rothstein, Joshua Matza, Fanya Heller, Sam Bloch, GabrielRead More

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