Fast Forward

The Girlfriend He Left in Vienna

By Sarah Wildman

In her new book, Sarah Wildman details the discovery of old letters sent to her grandfather by Valerie Scheftel, the girlfriend he had to leave in Vienna when he escaped the Nazis.Read More

The Rise and Fall of Calcutta Jews

By Aruna D’Souza

The teeming Indian city was once home to a small but influential Jewish community — including a famed court jeweler and the first-ever Miss India.Read More

When Jews Found Refuge in Pakistan

By Gabe Friedman

When Hazel Kahan’s parents escaped Nazi Germany to the British-Indian city of Lahore, they didn’t expect that they would one day be interned — together with German Nazis.Read More

Tales of a Jewish 'Nun'

By Brook Wilensky-Lanford

What happens when mom lets you decide whether to be Jewish or not? Brook Wilensky-Lanford inherited a lifelong fascination with religion.Read More

The Rabbi of Brooklyn Bowl

By Gabe Friedman

Brooklyn Bowl is the first certified environmentally-friendly bowling alley in the country. And the Williamsburg hotspot also has a surprising Jewish history.Read More

Sailing To Understand Talmud and Torah

By Jon Kalish

Understanding the Talmud can be a lifelong endeavor. One Modern Orthodox congregation is taking eager students out on a boat for lessons — with success.Read More

What the Day of Atonement Meant to One Hasidic Woman

By Frimet Goldberger

For married women belonging to the Satmar Hasidic sect, getting ready for Yom Kippur means a special visit to the ritual bath — and wearing white.Read More

Does Fasting Put Pregnant Women at Risk?

By Anna Goldenberg

Is it a health risk for pregnant women to fast on Yom Kippur? A new study suggests that it might be — but the science behind it is anything but understood.Read More

A Satmar Girl Remembers Rosh Hashanah With Honey and Fear

By Frimet Goldberger

Growing up in the ultra-Orthodox Satmar community, celebrating Rosh Hashanah meant honey, vows for modesty, praying with father — and waking up early to confuse Satan.Read More

10 Reasons Why Celebrating Both Jewish and Secular New Years is a Win-Win

By Ellen Scolnic and Joyce Eisenberg

How is the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah, different from that other New Year? Let us count down the ways, so you can raise your champagne glass — twice.Read More

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