Fast Forward

Do's and Don'ts of Going to Synagogue Only on High Holidays

By Lenore Skenazy

For every Jew who goes to synagogue only on the High Holidays, there’s a rabbi keenly aware of that fact. Sometimes even ‘stressed’ and ‘frustrated’ over that fact.Read More

All the Senior Ladies

By Ezra Glinter

Ari Seth Cohen is a man who knows how to talk to ladies — at least if they’re 65 and up. With his blog and documentary, Cohen celebrates the fashionable seniors of New York City.Read More

‘Here Lies Soap’

By Susan J. Gordon

Curious about a cenotaph commemorating the Holocaust, Susan J. Gordon traveled to Ukraine in search of her family history — but the answers lay a little closer to home.Read More

I Smuggled a Shul From Sweden to Israel

By Shlomo Liberman

Suppose you want to ship a synagogue from Sweden to Israel. It’s 1991 and the lack of a free trade agreement means paying high import duties. What do you do?Read More

The Incredible History of Jewish Smuggling

By Gabe Friedman

Sometimes Jews transferred goods illegally to preserve their way of life; in other cases, the incentives were less noble. From kosher wine to Ecstasy, here are our best bootlegs.Read More

Two Women and Two Faiths — One Shared Path

By Rachel Brown and Frimet Goldberger

Frimet Goldberger grew up Hasidic. Rachel Brown was raised Mormon. They talk about growing up, leaving their religious groups — and how to maintain enduring faith.Read More

Counter-Culture Spirit Lives as Boston's Havurah Shalom Hits Middle Age

By Anthony Weiss

Havurat Shalom is closing in on 50. Even in middle age, the bastion of Jewish counter-culture is still trying to reinvent itself — and infuse the entire community with its ideals.Read More

My Gaza Memories

By Chana Pollack

Three decades ago, Chana Pollack was a young Israeli officer assigned to work in the occupied Gaza Strip. She recalls the gritty streets — and enduring humanity of the people.Read More

Taxonomy of the Sheitel

By Frimet Goldberger

Everything you ever wanted to know about religious Jewish wigs, but were too afraid to ask. Frimet Goldberger breaks down what each wig means for the woman who wears it.Read More

The Doula Extraordinaire of Crown Heights

By Chaya Bar-Chaim

Rochel Vail has helped birth more than 2,000 babies. No wonder she didn’t blink an eyelid at helping a woman give birth in an upstate New York rest stop bathroom.Read More

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