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Confessions of a Non-intact Jewish Male

By Leonard Fein

It used to be that the Jewish male’s early sacrifice of his foreskin was meant to prevent trichinosis. No, wait a minute: Preventing trichinosis was the purpose of avoiding pork. Circumcision had no parallel scientific rationalization.Read More

The Dangers Are Great, But it Is Not 1938

By Stuart Eizenstat

There is a growing debate within the American Jewish community about whether the external threats to the Jewish community worldwide are similar to those just before the outbreak of World War II.Read More

When Making Common Cause Has Ill Effects

By David Forman

We in Israel’s liberal community often look abroad for support for our organizations from likeminded nongovernmental agencies. The challenge is that many of these foreign groups are so critical of Israel that to turn to them for aid for a particular cause can wreak havoc and even serve Israel’s enemies.Read More

Defend Your Faith When It Is Blasphemed

By David Klinghoffer

While the Jewish community is energetic about replying to perceived slurs against Jews or the State of Israel, we are remarkably passive when it comes to answering insults against our religion or our God.Read More

On Serving Justice for Hair-raising Racism

By Lawrence Rubin

The current controversy swirling around shock-jock Don Imus’s crude description of the Rutgers University women’s basketball players as “nappy-headed hos” recalls an incident from another time when tightly curled hair — this time on the head of a Jewish music professor — played a dramatic, though ultimately minor, role in the struggle against segregation.Read More

Respond to Riyadh by Convening ‘Consultations’

By Yossi Alpher

The smoke has cleared from last month’s Arab summit in Riyadh. The Arab peace initiative, originally ratified in 2002, has been reconfirmed without change. Saudi Arabia, newly-emergent as leader of the Arab world, refused to soften the refugee clause as Israel requested; nor did Saudi King Abdullah invite himself to Jerusalem to present his case, as many suggested he should.Read More

The Restitution Law of Unintended Consequences

By Marilyn Henry

In late 2005, the Knesset passed Israel’s first Nazi-era restitution law. The legislation was the work of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee for the Location and Restitution of Assets of Holocaust Victims, which had been set up by Knesset member Colette Avital after reports that Israeli institutions held bank accounts and real estate belonging to Jews who perished in the Holocaust.Read More

Take Claims About Dead Sea Scrolls With a Grain of Salt

By Norman Golb

Once again, controversy is brewing over the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. After widely publicized showings in Seattle and in other cities, the largest Scrolls exhibit ever is scheduled to open soon at the San Diego Natural History Museum. A sophisticated media campaign has accompanied all the current exhibits, aimed at convincing the public of the truth of an old, and now increasingly disputed, theory of the Scrolls’ origins — namely, that they were written by Essenes living at the ancient site near the Dead Sea known as Khirbet Qumran.Read More

A Servant of Delusion and Master of Mistruth

By Leonard Fein

What has Ehud Olmert been smoking?Read More

Are We Being Served?

By Gus Tyler

The latest reading on productivity in the American economy offers cause for worry. A front-page headline in The Wall Street Journal from March 31 tells us this: “Productivity Lull Might Signal Growth Is Easing.” The term “productivity” is a measure of how much individuals produce per hour, on the average. The way in which we determine “productivity” is to take the Gross Domestic Product — the sum of all goods and services produced nationwide — and divide it by the total number of hours worked.Read More

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