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All the Good Guys Are Dead, Mr. President

By Jim Sleeper

“It’s almost a war without a home front,” journalist Bob Woodward told Time magazine just before Christmas. “Taxes are down, everyone’s buying…. There is a sense almost that we’re not at war. I can’t explain that phenomenon.”Read More

My 75 Years at the Forward, From East Broadway to the Blogosphere

By Gus Tyler

This issue is the first of 2007, the Forward’s 110th anniversary year. It is a personal landmark for me, too: the 75th anniversary of my own association with the Forward. Over the years, I’ve gone from a young editorial assistant to a senior commentator. I’ve worked in print, broadcast and now on the Internet, riding the successive waves of the media age. Looking back, I’m struck by the evolution I have witnessed in the communications media and the resulting changes in our American democracy.Read More

The ‘Boy Crisis’ That Cried Wolf

By Rona Shapiro

Ever galvanized by a good emergency, the American Jewish community has been mobilizing in response to a recent spate of articles depicting a looming “boy crisis.” The Union for Reform Judaism inaugurated a “Young Men’s Project” to “address the dearth of boys and young men in our congregations,” and plans to hold a pre-biennial symposium next December on the topic of gender. Moving Traditions, sponsor of the program “Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing,” has also begun a major initiative on boys, engaging prominent boys’ development researcher and author William Pollack to head up the project.Read More

Let Irving and His Ilk Deny The Holocaust

By Eric Frey

Last February, when an Austrian judge sentenced British revisionist historian David Irving to three years in prison for denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers back in 1989, a wide range of commentators criticized the verdict and Austria’s prohibition statute on which it was based. Even American historian Deborah Lipstadt, who had won a high-profile libel suit against Irving in 2000 after calling him a racist and an antisemite, warned against using censorship laws to fight neo-Nazi thought.Read More

Assad’s Olive Branch Can Bear No Fruit

By Ammar Abdulhamid

According to an article in Time magazine this month, I am the central figure in some cockamamie plot to overthrow the Syrian government. The plan, apparently, is to undermine Bashar al-Assad’s regime through the ballot box, starting with the parliamentary elections scheduled for March 2007.Read More

Building a Community Starts at Birth

By Mark Rosen

Jewish life begins at birth, not when pre-teen children start preparations for their bar or bat mitzvah. Yet families with young children are largely uninvolved in Jewish life.Read More

Get Rich And Prosper

By David Klinghoffer

The old antisemitic stereotype of Jews obsessing about money has been re-energized of late in several pop-culture venues. But is this image — dare I voice a heresy — really all that antisemitic?Read More

An Annus Very Horribilis

By Leonard Fein

Time magazine notwithstanding, I don’t believe I am “Man of the Year.” That is not an instance of false modesty, nor, for that matter, of true modesty.Read More

Annan Made the Nations a Little Less United Against Israel

By Eve Epstein

On January 1, Ban Ki Moon officially begins his term as secretary general of the United Nations. Regrettably, the world body he inherits has not lived up to the noble principles enshrined in its charter.Read More

Respect Venezuelans, for They Are of a Similar Constitution

By Charles Schudson

Throughout Caracas, sidewalk vendors sell a very small and attractive edition of the new Venezuelan Constitution. Costing about $5, it’s been a best-seller since its adoption a few years ago.Read More

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