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Who Says Europe Hasn’t Woken Up to Radical Islam?

By Eric Frey

Europe is ringing these days with wake-up calls. Voices from the United States, Israel and certain European types are demanding a much tougher line on Islamic Jihadists, Middle Eastern terrorists and radical regimes like Iran. Europeans, these voices charge, is in denial about the deadly threat to Western values and civilization, or even worse, is pursuing a policy of appeasement like Britain and France did toward Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.Read More

You Can Take the Jew Out of Jewish... But You Probably Wouldn’t

By Berel Lang

What is the difference between saying that “so-and-so is a Jew” and that “so-and-so is Jewish?”

An admittedly unscientific poll I took recently among 18 acquaintances reached a unanimous verdict; they always spoke of themselves as Jewish, not as Jews. Would “Jew” in the same context, they were then asked, be wrong or pejorative? Again a consensus: “No, but….”Read More

George W. Bush’s Reign of Error

By Leonard Fein

A new poll reports that 71% of Iraqis want the United States out of Iraq within a year; half of them think that we should be out within six months. They want us, as President Bush might put it, to “cut and run.”Read More

GOP Slanders Dems With ‘Anti-Israel’ Ads

By Howard Berman

Over the last month, the Republican Jewish Coalition has placed ads in Jewish newspapers across the country making the outrageous and ridiculous assertion that Democrats are “turning their backs on Israel.” At the same time, the accusation has been made by individuals who have sent out thousands of e-mails to all those in their inboxes.Read More

I Would Trade All the Fair Coffee Beans in the Universe

By Nina Kampler

I am a coffee addict. I love the taste, crave the spreading warmth and am intoxicated by the aroma. Sometimes I think it is the last thing on earth I would willingly surrender. But when I take the first few sips of my coffee in the early morning, I imbibe something more than the freshly dripped Starbucks percolating my brain awake. I am inhaling privilege and savoring the freedom to drink.Read More

When a Society Fails Its Women

By Yael Dayan

Sexual harassment has been a favorite topic of late at dinner tables across Israel. How deep in a woman’s mouth and for how long should the tongue, in this case allegedly belonging to Justice Minister Haim Ramon, be in order to consider it a sexual offense? How many of the eight women making allegations against President Moshe Katsav were actually raped, kissed forcefully, undressed or touched without consent, and how many, if any, are really just maliciously framing him?Read More

Turn to Sharia To Promote Human Rights in Muslim Countries

By Kathleen Peratis

In many Muslim countries, even those with ostensibly secular governments, some of the legal codes — especially family and personal status laws, laws regulating sex outside of marriage and laws of punishment — are enactments of Sharia, or Islamic law. Sharia-based laws are generally seen by the local population as not merely the law of the land but as the law of God.Read More

Put the Camp Back in Campus

By Wayne L. Firestone

Is that our daughter laughing and sparkling in the middle of a group of folk dancing tweens? Yes. We remember that girl. This is the child we brought into the world 11 years ago. One minute she is the picture of disaffected way-too-cool-ness, and the next, bam, she is back, a happy pre-adolescent.Read More

Redeeming Ishmael

By David Klinghoffer

With Rosh Hashanah upon us, inaugurating 10 days of repentance dedicated to freeing ourselves of negative personal habits, it seems an appropriate time to ask if fundamentalist Islam can be freed from its most bloody and aggressive tendencies. Is the enmity between many Muslims and the West destined to remain a feature of world history until the end?Read More

So My Son Can Choose for Himself

By Moshe Rosenberg

The about-face was stunning for its suddenness. The same woman — let’s call her my wife — who had coolly arranged for my son’s ticket, icily orchestrated his passport, and calculatedly coordinated his luggage and international cell phone, this same woman, upon seeing him pass through the airport checkpoint that leads to the gate, opened some internal spigot, and became a caricature of the mother who has lost her only child.Read More

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