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The Trumpets Did It

By Gus Tyler

Not too many years ago, corporal punishment of students by their teachers was common. A popular song recalled, “School days, school days. Golden rule and school days. Reading and writing and ’rithmetic, taught to the tune of the hickory stick.” Since the 1970s, however, corporal punishment in any form has been outlawed in 28 states. In the remaining states, it is allowed but generally requires parental consent.Read More

The Fantasies of Avigdor Lieberman

By Leonard Fein

Some people going through a reasonably civilized divorce confess to an unsettling fantasy. While they do not wish their partner ill, it would be nice if somehow that partner would just disappear. Cease to exist. Be utterly pulverized (albeit painlessly, to be sure). See the lightning storm up ahead? Maybe you’ll get lucky and the next bolt will dispose of your burden. Presto.Read More

A ‘Lobby’ Prof Asks: Can We Talk?

By J.J. Goldberg

The brouhaha over the dark power of the “Israel Lobby” has flared into a full-scale intellectual prairie war in the past few weeks. And boy, the fireworks couldn’t be more riveting.Read More

In the Beginning, 13.73 Billion Years Ago

By Howard Smith

Since the start of the Hebrew month of Elul in late August, Jews have been examining the year past in search of lessons to apply to the year ahead. Now, as the holiday season winds to a close, the weekly cycle of Torah readings offers another opportunity to examine the past as we return to the study of the very beginning: Genesis and the story of creation. This year, modern science has something new to add.Read More

Don’t Play Politics With Antisemitism

By Sam Gejdenson

Heading into the home stretch of another bitterly fought national election, partisans on both sides aren’t pulling any punches. Democrats charge Republicans with incompetence, corruption and failed leadership. Republicans call Democrats ready to cut and run on Iraq, weak on security and, of course, tax-and-spend liberals.Read More

Contemplate the Contradictions and Complexities

By David Klinghoffer

A provocative challenge to religious conservatives has been lodged by Time magazine blogger Andrew Sullivan in his new book, “The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How to Get It Back.” A very publicly gay, self-identified conservative and former New Republic editor, Sullivan thinks conservatism in general and the Republican Party in particular have been ruined by “fundamentalists” and “Christianists.”Read More

Habits of the Informed Heart

By Leonard Fein

It can hardly be called a parade. Some people are frenzied, others are sluggish, the drums beat out of synch, it’s altogether a mess.Read More

Hezbollah Will Rebuild Unless Borders Enforced

By Tom Lantos

Among the ruins of south Beirut, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah hailed a massive rally a few days ago. People jammed the streets to see him, crying out his name.Read More

Who Says Europe Hasn’t Woken Up to Radical Islam?

By Eric Frey

Europe is ringing these days with wake-up calls. Voices from the United States, Israel and certain European types are demanding a much tougher line on Islamic Jihadists, Middle Eastern terrorists and radical regimes like Iran. Europeans, these voices charge, is in denial about the deadly threat to Western values and civilization, or even worse, is pursuing a policy of appeasement like Britain and France did toward Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.Read More

You Can Take the Jew Out of Jewish... But You Probably Wouldn’t

By Berel Lang

What is the difference between saying that “so-and-so is a Jew” and that “so-and-so is Jewish?”

An admittedly unscientific poll I took recently among 18 acquaintances reached a unanimous verdict; they always spoke of themselves as Jewish, not as Jews. Would “Jew” in the same context, they were then asked, be wrong or pejorative? Again a consensus: “No, but….”Read More

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