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Can Peretz Conquer General Skepticism?

By Yossi Alpher

How symbolic that Amir Peretz’s first act as Israeli defense minister was to approve an air strike that killed five Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. The dovish former labor union leader, turned instant hawk.His second act, though, was to begin lifting the most recent closure strangling the West Bank. More than any other job in Israel, the defenseRead More

Exploring the New Jewish Spiritualities

By Jay Michaelson

What is spirituality? For some, the word connotes the fantasies of the New Age, from harmless notions like astrology to dangerous ones like apocalyptic messianism. For others, the word means precisely the opposite: not seeing the imaginary, but seeing the real more clearly, from the stirrings of the heart to theRead More

March of Living Must Embrace Life

By Tad Taube

Each year in April, thousands of Jewish youngsters from Israel and the Diaspora make a pilgrimage to the sites of the Nazi death camps in Poland, to commemorate the millions murdered, to remember and never to forget. The March of the Living has become one of the most important international Jewish events, a practical implementation of EmilRead More

When a Scholar Became Chancellor

By Elliot Cosgrove

Who is Arnold Eisen?Few of my colleagues in the Conservative rabbinate have ever met this Stanford University professor, who was named last month to replace Ismar Schorsch as chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. The appointment is sure to shape the character of the premier American institution of Jewish studies and theRead More

It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid

By Eric Frey

At a international conference last month in Almaty, Kazakhstan, leading Russian political scientist Igor Panarin explained American policy toward Iran as follows: “Everybody knows that the real reason for American belligerence is not the Iranian nuclear program, but the June 2004 decision by the Tehran government to launch an Iranian oilRead More

Let Darfurian Refugees in Israel Go

By Kathleen Peratis

As thousands, not a few of them Jews, assembled in Washington on Sunday on behalf of the victims of genocide in Darfur, more than a hundred Darfurian refugees languished in jails — in, of all places, Israel.As of the end of 2005, about 30 Sudanese had escaped persecution and violence in Darfur by fleeing first into Egypt and then, whenRead More

With Will The Kids Will Be

By Leonard Fein

It was the kids that got to me. (The kids, and George Clooney’s father.) I hadn’t planned to write about Darfur this week, or even to mention it. But this is not about Darfur; it’s about the kids.I don’t know the numbers, but they were plainly the vast majority of those who came to Washington on Sunday to join in the rally toRead More

What’s Good for General Motors

By Gus Tyler

During the roaring years of the post-World War II boom, when the American economy was running at super-speed to meet the needs of a crippled Europe and Japan as well as those of the folks at home, the president of General Motors Corporation, the nation’s largest, declared thatRead More

Next Sunday, Bless Our Feet

By Leonard Fein

By now, most of us know the frightening word: Janjaweed, the government supported marauders who have killed somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 villagers in the Darfur region of Sudan and chased another 2 million from their homes. It turns out that Janjaweed is a real word; it means “armed men on horses.”There was an article in The NewRead More

Jerusalem, the Eternal and Divisible Capital

By David Newman

Last week, the Israeli government revoked the East Jerusalem residency rights of four Hamas parliamentarians, in response to the Palestinian government’s refusal to denounce a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The next day, Israel’s High Court ruled in favor of completing the separation wall surrounding Jerusalem.Taken together, the two decisionsRead More

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