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Who’s Afraid Of the Big, Bad Israel Debate?

By Jill Jacobs

Earlier this month a Torah commentary that I wrote for the Jewish Theological Seminary’s weekly student newsletter was rejected on the grounds that it included a critique of Israeli government policies. The decision by a member of the administration not to print the Torah commentary prompted the resignation of the student editor of theRead More

A Homeless Babushka’s Shopping Cart

By Roseline Glazer

I’ve never spoken to homeless people. They frighten me. Once, while walking out of a Starbucks in SoHo carrying my coffee, a wild-looking man walked over and began screaming. I ran away as I watched him lunge at me. I had no confidence that onlookers would help me out, and felt lucky my body remembered I had been a sprinter in my youngerRead More

For Aging Survivors, a Prescription for Disaster

By Menachem Z. Rosensaft

Somewhere in hell, Hitler, Eichmann and their cohorts must be laughing.While elderly Holocaust survivors cannot afford proper medical treatment and are forced to subsist on the edge of poverty, the German government provides full healthcare and generous pensions to its World War II veterans. It is utterly obscene that former NaziRead More

The Continental Iraq Divide

By Leonard Fein

It is exceedingly difficult to know what to make of and how to react to European misgivings about the American approach to Iraq. Germany and France, dismissed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as history, have made clear their opposition to Washington’s insistence on regime change in Iraq and the Bush administration’s readiness…Read More

Perfect? No. But UJC Is a Success Story

By James Tisch

I’m baffled and left wondering what motivates those who trade in misinformation and are selective in memory and gathering of facts.On this page last week, United Jewish Communities and the continental Jewish federation system were erroneously portrayed as lacking in purpose and in tangible results (“Ill UJC Needs Second Opinion,” by ShoshanaRead More

Animal Rights and the Political Animal

By David Klinghoffer

Is Judaism a religion of the left or the right? Or neither? I raise the question because I’ve been reading a new book that on the surface seems to have little to do with Judaism. Matthew Scully’s “Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy” is one of the best books of the last year and, to many critics, oneRead More

Israel, Beyond The Terrorism

By Gil Troy

Oddly energized by the intellectual onslaught against the Jewish state, “Israel advocacy” is hot on campus these days. Yet there must be more to a Jew’s relationship with the Jewish state than countering “myths” with “facts.” We need a more positive and meaningful engagement with Israel.Alas, too many community leaders stereotype…Read More

One-Track Minds on Two-Track Mideast Solutions

By Larry Cohler-Esses

In 1975, Assistant Secretary of State Harold Saunders scandalized Congress by becoming the first administration official to tell lawmakers that the Palestinian problem was the “heart of the conflict” between Israel and its Arab adversaries. Despite the shellacking Saunders took for his stance, a generationRead More

My Good Doctor: Two Pleas for Understanding

The following exchange began with a letter to the Forward from Dr. Marek Edelman calling on his fellow physician, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, to help initiate a joint Jewish-Palestinian movement for peace in the Middle East. Edelman’s letter and Barghouti’s response appear below.

Edelman, a cardiologist and human rights activist, is theRead More

Ill UJC Needs Second Opinion

By Shoshana Cardin

The ineffectiveness and torpor that pervades United Jewish Communities offers little comfort to those of us who were concerned and had misgivings about the overreaching and overly ambitious attempt to create a single entity that would be responsible for community services, resource development and allocations. Our federated system needs a central,Read More

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