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Potent, But Not Omnipotent

By Leonard Fein

Back in September, the White House released a document entitled, rather pompously, “The National Security Strategy of the United States of America.” Much of the discussion that then followed focused on the document’s explicit endorsement of preemptive action: “The greater the threat, the greater the risk of inaction — and the…Read More

All of Israel Responsible for One Another’s Children

By Drora Karniel

When I first hear about any terrorist tragedy, whether here in Israel or elsewhere in the world, my mind races from the victims who lost their lives to the secondary victims — the children, the children who lost and continue to lose parents and siblings and best friends and their innocence. I also fear for the life of my own son, a soldierRead More

King’s Spiritual Activism

By Irwin Kula and Brad Hirschfield

There appear to be two kinds of faith these days in America. The first, fundamentalism, promotes coerciveness and exclusivity, encouraging polarization, impenetrable boundaries and a deep suspicion of the other. The second, a type of New Age spirituality, is largely self-concerned, mainly focusing on the individual and his or herRead More

Tend to Our Garden

By Daniel Sperber

Tu B’Shvat, which we observe this Saturday, challenges us to think seriously about how we might apply authentic Jewish values to the ecological challenges confronting our planet.Sadly, some Jews are not involved in this enterprise, even though they observe the traditions, for they identify environmentalism with nonreligious, even anti-religious,Read More

At Home With Exile

By Leonard Fein

Israel proclaims itself the center of the Jewish world, the source of Jewish loyalty and inspiration. Even those of us who not only dwell in the Diaspora but who are in some real sense Diasporists — people who find Jewish meaning and potential in our dispersion — are for the most part prepared to acknowledge that Israel is the most significant…Read More

Singling Out Israel Doesn’t Evidence a Double Standard

By Gideon Maltz

With much of the world singling out Israel for criticism — and ignoring some pretty vile abuses elsewhere in the Middle East — it is easy to buy into the argument that targeting the Jewish state alone for criticism is ipso facto illegitimate. After all, if a concern for human rights abuse alone does not explain the fixation on Israel, wellRead More

Selective Condemnation of Jewish State Is Antisemitic

By Robert Horenstein

‘When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews,” Martin Luther King once said. “In short, it is antisemitism.”But what about criticizing Israel? More specifically, what about singling out the Jewish state as a perpetrator of war crimes or as an egregious violator of human rights? Is this also antisemitism? Or is the claim of antisemitismRead More

Sunday Afternoon at the Three Tomatoes With Howard Dean

By Roy Morrison

In New Hampshire, it’s the season. Snow in the mountains. Ice on the roads. Skiers on the lifts. Presidential candidates trying to romance and recruit the political people and activists that can still make the difference in New Hampshire. The battle’s begun. Not the war to topple Saddam Hussein, but the bloodless political conflict between theRead More

Mitzna, Laboring Against the Odds

By Leonard Fein

For a brief moment, in the wake of the revelations regarding vote-buying in the Likud Party primary, Prime Minister Sharon’s party looked to be heading for free-fall. Almost overnight, it lost six or seven seats from its high a week earlier.But of course the loss was only in the…Read More

From Babylon To Beersheva, By Way of Berkeley

By Loolwa Khazzoom

Weeks after a friend was nearly shot boarding a plane to Israel from Los Angeles last July, days after a suicide bomber blew up scores of students at the Hebrew University cafeteria in Jerusalem, amidst a wave of terrorist attacks across the Jewish state and with Israel and Iraq on the brink of war, I left my quiet, tree-lined streetRead More

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