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Don't Let the Billionaires Decide

By Jeremy Ben-Ami

Billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban often claim to speak for American Jews on Israel. J Street’s Jeremy Ben-Ami says this needs to end.Read More

How Can She Believe in God?

A Jewish atheist struggles to talk to his wife, who’s a believer in God. He asks the Seesaw for help raising their children Jewish in a divided household.Read More

First Relief, Then Tracing the Roots of Bloody Har Nof Attack

By J.J. Goldberg

J.J. Goldberg was relieved that his relatives were spared in the Jerusalem terror attack. It gave him the perspective to examine the rhetoric that fed the hate —  on both sides.Read More

Anti-Semitism Creeps Into Europe's Daily Routines

By Deborah E. Lipstadt

Deborah Lipstadt was part of the American delegation to the recent European conference on anti-Semitism. What she heard there was deeply disturbing.Read More

The Hasidic Community Is Not a Cult

By Joseph Berger

Hasidic Jews follow charismatic leaders, marry and work within the community, and avoid secular distractions. But that doesn’t make their faith a cult, Joseph Berger writes.Read More

Why Should Women Pray to a Male God?

By Elissa Strauss and Scott Perlo

There is some inherent dissonance to being a God-believing woman. Elissa Strauss talks with Scott Perlo about whether women should keep praying to ‘Him.’Read More

Who's to Blame for Temple Mount Violence?

By J.J. Goldberg

Benjamin Netanyahu blames Mahmoud Abbas for spiralling Temple Mount violence. But Israeli security insiders say Jewish extremists pose just as potent a threat, J.J. Goldberg writes.Read More

Why Do We Keep Dissing Chabad's Spirituality?

By Jay Michaelson

Why are we still ignoring spiritual practice as a means to engage young Jews? Chabad houses are doing something right — and we should learn from them, Jay Michaelson writes.Read More

Rabbis on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

By Jay Michaelson

With scandals mushrooming, Jay Michaelson wonders if Rabbi Barry Freundel was such an exception. He asks: Are we stressing out our rabbis to the breaking point?Read More

The Shrinking Jewish Middle

By Steven M. Cohen and Jack Wertheimer

Newly emerging evidence from the Pew survey of American Jewry points to huge challenges facing federations, Jewish philanthropy and organized Jewish life.Read More

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