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It's Time for Black Jews To Lead

By Marjorie Dove Kent

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has laid bare the fact that no progressive Jewish organization has Jews of color in visible leadership. Marjorie Dove Kent explains why this must change.Read More

What's So Wrong About Cameron Diaz's Jewish Wedding?

By Elissa Strauss

When word spread about Cameron Diaz’s Jewish-inspired wedding, some celebrated. But others see a danger in celebrities cherry-picking our traditions.Read More

7 Axioms of the Copenhagen Terror Attacks

By Deborah Lipstadt

The Copenhagen terror attacks should not have surprised anyone. Deborah Lipstadt offers 7 axioms of the new reality — starting with the fact that it has a name: Muslim extremism.Read More

Start Birthright With Younger Teens

By Steven M. Cohen

If Birthright’s goal is to encourage Jewish young people to build a relationship with Israel, why start in college? Steven M. Cohen says younger teens might get even more out of the program.Read More

Why Raif Badawi Matters to the Jews

By Debbie Hall

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has been sentenced to a barbaric punishment for insulting Islam, among other things. Why should Jews care and what can we do to stop it?Read More

The Eruv Dividing Church and State in the Hamptons

By Michael A. Helfand

A court has ruled on the eruv that has divided the Hamptons. Michael A. Helfand says the decision has implications that extend far beyond the playground of the rich and famous.Read More

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Right on Speech to Congress

By David Hazony

Benjamin Netanyahu is taking a beating over his planned speech to Congress. David Hazony says if all sides set politics aside, we might see why Bibi is right.Read More

How Ultra-Orthodoxy Is Most Feminist Faith

By Avi Shafran

Ultra-Orthodoxy is often criticized for its treatment of women. But Avi Shafran says it offers women more opportunities to work than men, who must study the Torah.Read More

Why Megachurch Concept of Sin Is So Dangerous

By Jay Michaelson

Last week, Jay Michelson argued that Jews had much to learn from megachurches. Now, he tells us what to avoid: the Evangelical concept of sin.Read More

When 'Let My People Go' Tugged at World's Heart

By J.J. Goldberg

When J.J. Goldberg first watched ‘Let My People Go,’ he recoiled in horror at the Nazi horrors. Why has the world moved on to other more universalist depictions of the Holocaust?Read More

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