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Why Jewish #BlackLivesMatter Activists Should Take Back Seat

By Danya Ruttenberg

The #BlackLivesMatter movement will keep making waves in 2015. Danya Ruttenberg writes Jews should participate in the struggle but not seek to impose their leadership.Read More

Why Israel Cannot Ignore the World Any Longer

By J.J. Goldberg

David Ben-Gurion once famously claimed that Israel could safely ignore the rest of the world. J.J. Goldberg explains why his rhetoric has never sounded so hollow — and 2015 may prove it.Read More

When the Two-State Solution Collapsed

By Dan Goldenblatt

This was the year to mourn the death of the two-state solution to the Mideast conflict. Dan Goldenblatt has moved on to something new — and better.Read More

Europe's Last Jews

By Deborah E. Lipstadt

For European Jewry, last year was a tipping point, writes Deborah Lipstadt. Anti-Semitism became a fact of life that could not be avoided.Read More

How David Grossman Grieves

By Gal Beckerman

In a conversation with Gal Beckerman, David Grossman opens up about his most recent novel, his sustained grieving process and a very tumultuous year for Israelis.Read More

Israeli Politics Enters Silly Season as Elections Loom

By J.J. Goldberg

With the Israeli elections three months away, J.J. Goldberg puts his ear to the ground. Can any of the new marriages of convenience oust Benjamin Netanyahu?Read More

Israel Never Would've Killed 'The Interview' — So Why Did We?

By Jay Michaelson

Scrapping ‘The Interview’ over North Korean threats shows America at its weakest. We could learn from Israel, which would never back down to a two-bit dictator, writes Jay Michaelson.Read More

Don't Let North Korea Win Battle of 'Interview'

By Kent Harrington

North Korea has thrown down the cyber gauntlet to Hollywood and beyond with its (apparently successful) effort to squelch ‘The Interview. The real question is: What is Washington’s response?Read More

Abraham's Lesson: Quality Over Quantity in Push for Jewish Continuity

By Yehuda Kurtzer

Yehuda Kurtzer has heard the arguments about urging Jews to have more Jewish children. He uses Abraham to illustrate his own argument for quality over quantity.Read More

Family Is at the Center of Everything

By Jane Eisner

Jane Eisner counters Yehuda Kurzer with a simple argument: Without a strong foundation of marriage and children, all might be lost.Read More

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