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A Letter to the Israeli Voter

By Jay Michaelson

Jay Michaelson has something to tell Israel as it gets ready to vote: Don’t let Benjamin Netanyahu turn the Jewish state into a pariah nation.Read More

Bibi Shows How Fear Makes Bad Policy

By Jay Michaelson

What Netanyahu demonstrated in his speech to Congress, Jay Michaelson writes, is an uncanny ability to mobilize fear to his purposes.Read More

If Jewish Seminaries Are Empty, Let's Merge Them

By Andy Bachman

Rabbi Andy Bachman has a solution for the dwindling number of non-Orthodox rabbinical students: Combine existing seminaries for different denominations into one school.Read More

Why I Will Not Simply Accept Intermarriage

By Jeremy Kalmanofsky

The Conservative movement is slowly coming around to accepting intermarriage. Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky explains why rabbis must resist the trend for the future of the Jewish people.Read More

Bibi Speech Gave Us Green Light To Openly Debate Israel — at Last

By Jeremy Ben-Ami

The legacy of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech wasn’t sound bites or standing ovations. Jeremy Ben-Ami writes that American Jews now know they can debate policy — while supporting Israel.Read More

With Friends Like These (on Iran), Who Needs Enemies?

By J.J. Goldberg

Republicans want Jewish support to block a nuclear deal with Iran. J.J. Goldberg warns that the GOP has a bigger agenda in mind — and the planet’s future hangs in the balance.Read More

A Murder in Moscow

By Anna Katsnelson

Boris Nemtsov was killed in broad daylight steps from the Kremlin. The opposition leader’s murder shocked Russians, but Moscow is no stranger to assassinations.Read More

Why Purim Is Holiday of Ironies

By Avi Shafran

On Purim, we celebrate how a plan to kill Jews ended up with the death of the perpetrator. For Avi Shafran, the holiday demonstrates the beauty of irony.Read More

Grappling With God’s Wrathful Side

By Elissa Strauss and Scott Perlo

In this latest installment of Godology — in which Elissa Strauss and Scott Perlo discuss what it means to grapple with God’s existence — they discuss His (or Her) angry side.Read More

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Iran Exaggerations Now Clear for All To See

By J.J. Goldberg

A massive new leak says Benjamin Netanyahu brazenly hyped the danger of Iran’s nuclear program. J.J. Goldberg explains why the dramatic disclosure couldn’t come at a worse time for Bibi.Read More

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