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Rabbis on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

By Jay Michaelson

With scandals mushrooming, Jay Michaelson wonders if Rabbi Barry Freundel was such an exception. He asks: Are we stressing out our rabbis to the breaking point?Read More

The Shrinking Jewish Middle

By Steven M. Cohen and Jack Wertheimer

Newly emerging evidence from the Pew survey of American Jewry points to huge challenges facing federations, Jewish philanthropy and organized Jewish life.Read More

More Dire Signs of Liberal Jewry's Demise

By J.J. Goldberg

As the number of non-Orthodox day school kids plummets, Haredi enrollment explodes. J.J. Goldberg sees this as another dire sign for the future of liberal Jewry.Read More

Two Jewish Berlins, Divided by the Wall

By Liliane Weissberg

With the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, the city’s two Jewish communities, invisible to one another for so long, suddenly came face-to-face.Read More

Building Jewish Life on the Rubble of the Berlin Wall

By Michael Brenner

25 years ago, the fall of the Berlin Wall offered a new lease on life for German Jewry. But it’s a very different community than anyone imagined, Michael Brenner writes.Read More

Switzerland Begins To Confront Its Own Holocaust Past

By David E. Gumpert

What will it take for Switzerland to emerge, at long last, from the shadows of the Holocaust? Two disputes over Nazi-looted art may hold the key.Read More

Should You Give Jewishly?

By Elissa Strauss

There are plenty of variables to weigh when deciding how to support charities. Elissa Strauss writes that it’s even more complicated if one chooses to give Jewishly.Read More

A Double Standard That Works in Israel’s Favor

By J.J. Goldberg

Why is Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem different from the U.S. taking Hawaii? J.J. Goldberg counts the ways — and explains why the world has done so little about it.Read More

Jewish History's Lesson for Handling Ebola

By Joshua Teplitsky

The sharp debates surrounding Ebola are not new. Joshua Teplitsky explains the lesson that a 400-year-old episode in Jewish history holds for today’s crisis.Read More

How Barack Obama Refuses To Learn From the Past

By J.J. Goldberg

Barack Obama thought he could keep America out of Iraq and end Washington gridlock for good. Boy, was he wrong on both counts, writes J.J. Goldberg.Read More

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