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So You Really Think Liberal Zionism Is Dead?

By J.J. Goldberg

Liberal Zionism might have taken a beating during the Gaza war, writes J.J. Goldberg. But with the dust settling, there are surprising signs that a two-state agenda is alive and well.Read More

Fascism and France Today

By Robert Zaretsky

Zeev Sternhell, one of the top historians of modern France and a leading Israeli intellectual, talks with Robert Zaretsky about anti-Semitism in Europe and Israel’s war in Gaza.Read More

Liberal Zionists Unite!

By Elan Ezrachi and Naamah Kelman

After the Gaza war, some are writing eulogies for Liberal Zionism. Elan Ezrachi and Naamah Kelman say the Diaspora must not abandon the fight for a more humane Jewish state.Read More

Moral Emptiness of Holocaust Survivors Who Took on Israel

By Alvin H. Rosenfeld

An ad signed by Holocaust survivors harshly criticizes Israel. Alvin H. Rosenfeld writes the signatories are simply spreading propaganda — and join a centuries-long list of Jewish betrayers.Read More

Fighting for Israeli Democracy Atop a Wedding Cake

By Mairav Zonszein

A Jewish-born woman’s marriage to a Muslim man was met with crude protests in Israel. It is a bad sign for Israeli democracy that a court allowed such a demonstration, writes Mairav Zonszein.Read More

Jewish Emphasis on Life Makes Death Rituals a Gift to World

By Jay Michaelson

Perhaps because of Judaism’s emphasis on life, Jewish death rituals are often beautiful, stark, and wise. They are a gift we can give to the world — and offer mourning without myth.Read More

A Century After World War I, We Don't Put Ourselves on the Line for Beliefs

By Ralph Seliger

We remember World War I as the first bloodbath of the modern era. But it was a conflict that combatants embraced and believed in.Read More

If Maimonides Met Warby Parker

By Elissa Strauss

What would Maimonides, the Jewish thinker who created an eight-rung hierarchy of giving, say about the buy-one, give-one charity model popularized by Warby Parker?Read More

The Dark Forces Behind the Balfour Declaration — And Its Lasting Legacy

By Jerome Chanes

Why does the Balfour Declaration, written in 1917 during the darkest days of World War I, still tug at our elbow, insisting we pay attention to it even today?Read More

Who Leaked Israel's Top-Secret Briefing About Reoccupying Gaza?

By J.J. Goldberg

Who leaked the Israeli Cabinet’s top-secret military briefing on reoccupying Gaza? A dozen people had the opportunity. Several had the motive. But the main suspect is Netanyahu himself.Read More

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