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Why Jews Will Vote Democrat Again

By Anne Roiphe

With midterm elections coming up, Jews will likely vote Democratic again in disproportionate numbers. Anne Roiphe explores the reasons for this phenomenon.Read More

The Raw Honesty of Klinghoffer

By Lisa Goldman

Lisa Goldman went to see “The Death of Kinghoffer” on opening night and found herself transfixed by the opera’s emotional power.Read More

Kiss Those Nobels Goodbye

By Noah Efron

There were no science Nobel Prizes for Jews this year. Noah Efron thinks this indicates that Jews don’t gravitate toward the test tube anymore.Read More

Clothes Help Make Us — From the Fig Leaf to Ralph Lauren

By Elissa Strauss

Clothing shapes our identity in ways that can be hard to express, writes Elissa Strauss. Still, even a glance at Jewish history makes clear the importance of what we wear.Read More

Bibi Tries and Fails To Bypass the Palestinians

By J.J. Goldberg

Benjamin Netanyahu has been talking about a new coalition with Arab states. But J.J. Goldberg reminds us that there’s an issue closer to home that’s not going away: the Palestinians.Read More

A French Jew Gazes Longingly Back at Vichy

By Robert Zaretsky

A new French best-seller puts the puppet Vichy regime on a shameful pedestal. Robert Zaretsky unpacks the historic distortion, written by a Jewish author.Read More

Confronting Campus Scourge of Anti-Israel Venom

By Judea Pearl

Judea Pearl thinks we need to be vigilant about anti-Israel bias in academia. Naming those who support BDS is no ‘blacklist’ — it’s warning of hatred and anti-Semitism.Read More

Why Fasting Is Good for Body and Soul

By Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum tells us why fasting brings us closer to God.Read More

Why Benjamin Netanyahu's Dream of Building Arab Alliances Doomed to Fail

By Yossi Alpher

Benjamin Netanyahu has been speaking lately about working with Arab states. Yossi Alpher writes Israel has tried the tactic before — and failed.Read More

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Wrong To Cite ‘American Values’ in Jerusalem Feud

By J.J. Goldberg

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests ‘American values’ back settlements in East Jerusalem. That assumes the divided city belongs just to Israel — which the world denies, J.J. Goldberg writes.Read More

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