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The New York Times and its Israel Bias

By Richard A. Block

The New York Times thinks it is perfectly even handed when it comes to covering Israel. Richard A. Block thinks they’re missing the real problem.Read More

'I Suddenly Find Myself Feeling Powerless’

By Samuel Ghiles-Meilhac

EUROPE SPEAKS: ‘For once they are not targeting Jews.’ This was the strange thought that came to Samuel Ghiles-Meilhac’s mind when the carnage started. He was wrong.Read More

We Need a Mikveh Revolution

By Dov Linzer

The mikveh ritual can be traumatic for women, a fact that emerged loud and clear from the Rabbi Barry Freundel scandal. One Orthodox rabbi has a radical solution.Read More

What's Behind Mystery 'Suicide' of Argentina Prosecutor in Terror Probe?

By J.J. Goldberg

Alberto Nisman died mysteriously just as he was poised to expose his probe into Argentina’s worst terror attack. J.J. Goldberg asks if his ‘suicide’ is linked to a top Hezbollah leader’s killing.Read More

The Southern Jews Who Helped King

By Marc Schneier

There is an accepted mythology about the civil rights movement: national Jewish organizations fought alongside King, Southern Jews did not. Marc Schneier wants to change your mind.Read More

Don't Compare Ferguson and 'Palestine'

By Kenneth Jacobson

The latest strategy being used by those who make a career of assaulting the good name of the State of Israel is to link the issue of full equality for African-Americans, as symbolized by the word “Ferguson,” with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Read More

Europe's Jews and Muslims Need a Strong Left — Now More Than Ever

By Ari Paul and Michael Brooks

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, Ari Paul and Michael Brooks argue that Europe needs to reinvigorate the left to protect against the rise of far-right nationalism.Read More

Where's the Moral Clarity of #JeSuisCharlie When Free Speech Isn't Safe?

By Hussein Ibish

The world spoke as one to defend freedom of expression after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks — or did it? Hussein Ibish says Muslim and Western countries both fail to live up to their words.Read More

How Charlie Hebdo Attack Represents a Genuine Clash Between Civilizations

By J.J. Goldberg

Some don’t like to hear that the Charlie Hebdo terror attack represents a genuine clash between civilizations. But J.J. Goldberg explains why that’s the only way to understand it.Read More

What Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Can Learn from Boro Park

By Michael Karpin

What makes ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel different from those in America? With Boro Park in his mind, Michael Karpin takes a jog through Bnei Brak to find out.Read More

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