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Hearing a Mother's Pain on Rosh Hashanah

By Shai Held

What sound is the Shofar supposed to invoke? Shai Held argues that it should make us remember a mother’s anguish over her dead son, whether she’s a stranger or one of us.Read More

On Rosh Hashanah, a Breath of Life

By Jonathan Sacks

As the year ends, former British chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks looks back at twelve months of fear and death — and finds hope in Judaism’s essential love of life.Read More

Like the Nazis, ISIS Must Be Confronted

By J.J. Goldberg

The fight against ISIS is an important moment for moral clarity, writes J.J. Goldberg. It’s a challenge that recalls nothing so much as World War II.Read More

Let's Make Climate Change the New 'Third Rail' of American Politics

By Jay Michaelson

What will it take to make climate change the new ‘third rail’ of American politics? Jay Michaelson says we should start by getting serious about luring middle America to the fight.Read More

Why Another War in Gaza Is All But Inevitable

By Yossi Alpher

The guns of Gaza have fallen silent for now. But Yossi Alpher says there has been almost no progress toward a permanent peace — making a new conflict all but inevitable.Read More

Do British Jews Have Better Approach to Strife Over Israel?

By Keith Kahn-Harris

Both American and British Jews have experienced strife over the war in Gaza. Keith Kahn-Harris thinks Americans can learn from Brits how to handle it better.Read More

Climate Change — A Hole Too Big To Ignore

By J.J. Goldberg

When it comes to climate change, we’ve all taken our eye off the ball, writes J.J. Goldberg. But the news from this summer should alarm us all over again.Read More

As Gaza Recedes in the Rear View Mirror

By Jay Michaelson

Americans have a habit of losing interest once the guns stop firing —but Jay Michaelson thinks we’re missing an opportunity to turn the aftermath of the Gaza war into a prelude for peace.Read More

Walking Amid the Rubble of Gaza

By Kathleen Peratis

Kathleen Peratis made her first visit to Gaza after the war, and what she found there, she writes, were scenes straight out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting.Read More

Taking the Banality Out of Evil

By Gal Beckerman

A new book about Adolf Eichmann has undermined Hannah Arendt’s theory about how banal his evil really was. Gal Beckerman speaks with author Bettina Stangneth.Read More

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