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How Elections Allow Leaders To Ignore Real Issues — in Israel and America

By J.J. Goldberg

Election season is starting again in Israel and just finished in America. J.J. Goldberg explores two countries with different electoral systems but a shared political dysfunction.Read More

Boycotting a Moses Named Christian in 'Exodus'

By Sigal Samuel

Charlton Heston as Moses. Johnny Depp as Tonto. Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi. Laurence Olivier as Othello. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. All white actors who have played non-white characters on the big screen.Read More

The Laws That Killed Eric Garner

By Jay Michaelson

The ancient Jews knew that God demands adherence to law. Jay Michaelson explains how America has moved so far away from that precept when it comes to police and black men.Read More

Not Afraid To Be a Girlie Girl

By Elissa Strauss

Unlike other Jewish comics, Amy Schumer’s point of view is unapologetically feminine. She represents a new stage in the evolution of the funny JAP, writes Elissa Strauss.Read More

A Failure To See Why Jerusalem Matters to the Other

By Marc Schneier

We’ll never resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without overcoming our mutual ignorance, writes Marc Schneier. Especially when it comes to the significance of Jerusalem to Muslims and Jews.Read More

The Insecurity That Lies Beneath Israel's 'Jewish Nation' Bill

By J.J. Goldberg

Israel isn’t alone in having a religious or ethnic basis. J.J. Goldberg explains that cold hard political calculations may be behind the new exclusionary ‘Jewish nation’ bill.Read More

Will France Recognize a Palestinian State?

By Robert Zaretsky

As France decides on whether to recognize a Palestinian state, a spotlight shines on a foreign minister with Jewish roots who will help decide the vote.Read More

Feeling That Black Lives Don't Matter

By Rachel Kahn-Troster

As Jews, we believe that all lives matter. So aren’t we obligated to speak out against the system of violence that led to the killing of Michael Brown?Read More

Ferguson Shows an Unjust System Cannot Produce Justice

By Jay Michaelson

It’s too early for anyone to have fully digested the testimony presented to the grand jury in Darren Wilson’s case. But whatever the facts, Jay Michaelson writes its conclusions are already suspect.Read More

I Admit It — I'm Binational-Curious

By Jay Michaelson

A growing chorus of people from the left and the right declares the need for a one-state solution. Jay Michaelson is ready to listen but he needs some details.Read More

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