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Why I'm a Liberal — and I Hate the Nanny State

By Jay Michaelson

We usually think of opposing big government as a conservative precept. But Jay Michaelson thinks liberals also have plenty of reasons to dislike onerous regulation.Read More

Why Russian Jews Don't Want to Hear About Being Saved

By Lea Zeltserman

The history of the Soviet Jewry movement is moving for American Jews as a catalyzing force for the community. Lea Zeltserman explains why it leaves Russian Jews cold.Read More

What Did the Orthodox Do Now?!

By Elissa Strauss

Our fascination with the ultra-Orthodox world often tips into sensationalism and stereotyping, writes Elissa Strauss. Maybe we should pause to wonder why we are drawn to these tales.Read More

How Prayer Can #BringBackOurBoys

By Avi Shafran

Critics say prayer won’t bring the in the three kidnapped Israeli boys home. But Avi Shafran turns to Jewish tradition — and declares that every plea to God makes a difference.Read More

Benjamin Netanyahu Lashes Out at Hamas — But Real Enemy Is Elsewhere

By J.J. Goldberg

Benjamin Netanyahu is using the kidnapped teens crisis as an excuse to crush Hamas. But J.J. Goldberg warns he is conflating threats Israel can manage with the real danger of terror.Read More

Move To Ban Kosher Slaughter Really Not About the Animals

By Jacob Ari Labendz

As a vegan, Jacob Ari Labendz would normally be in favor of moves to fight animal cruelty, like the push to outlaw ritual slaughter in Europe. But he sees something else at work.Read More

Kidnapping of West Bank Teens Points To Worse To Come

By Nathan J. Brown

The kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers is a sign of things to come, argues Nathan J. Brown. After the collapse of peace talks, both sides will now likely speak in the language of force.Read More

Prayer Won't #BringBackOurBoys

By Leah Bieler

The whole Jewish world is praying for the three kidnapped Israeli teens. Leah Bieler writes that such devotion risks taking the focus away from those who are really responsible.Read More

The Rebbe's Big Idea

By Joseph Telushkin

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, was inarguably the most well-known rabbi since Moses Maimonides.Read More

Why Isn't Alan Gross on Next Plane Home After Bowe Bergdahl?

By Fulton T. Armstrong

Bowe Bergdahl is home, but Alan Gross still languishes in a foreign jail. If we can talk to the Taliban, why let Cuban exiles block a deal to free the Jewish contractor?Read More

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