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Demjanjuk’s Long Road to Justice Nears a Murky End

By A.J. Goldmann

The day I arrive in Munich is dismal and gray. One of the jewels in Germany’s crown, the Bavarian capital does not impress on a day like this. Rather, the Glockenspiel at Marienplatz, and the elegant shopping boulevard Maximilianstrasse seem dull and lifeless. Inside, the beer halls are bustling. No wonder — they are the only islands of cheer on this October day.Read More

Citing Their Close Ties With Local Muslims, Chicago’s Jews Unfazed by Terrorist Threat

By Ethan Michaeli

If those who sent bomb-laden packages to Chicago from Yemen were trying to terrorize the Second City, they did not succeed.Read More

Israel Quietly Accedes to Huge Saudi Arms Deal, The Largest Ever

By Nathan Guttman

Almost everyone seems ecstatic about the biggest arms sale in U.S. history, a recently announced $60 billion deal with Saudi Arabia.Read More

Should Israel Abandon Policy of Nuclear Ambiguity? A New Book Argues Yes

By Nathan Guttman

It’s a policy that has been around for so long that most Israelis and Americans cannot imagine a world without it.Read More

How Will Jews React to ‘Budrus’?

By Josh Nathan-Kazis

Protesters in the Palestinian town of Budrus were growing frustrated. After months of nonviolently demonstrating against the Israeli separation barrier being built through their olive groves, the demonstrators faced increased force from Israeli border police who were firing tear gas and swinging batons. Young Palestinians began tossing rocks at the soldiers despite pleas from protest organizers, and Israeli forces occupied the town, sending live ammunition down the narrow streets.Read More

Venezuela Community in Eye of Storm As Chavez Assails Israel

By Ilan Stavans

It was just a few weeks ago that Fidel Castro condemned anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in Iran, telling the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg: “I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say, much more than the Muslims.”Read More

In a Time of Terror, Soviet Jews Unfurled Their Courage

By Gal Beckerman

In this excerpt from his new book, “When They Come for Us, We’ll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle To Save Soviet Jewry” Gal Beckerman writes about an act of defiance that forced three high-profile refuseniks to fall victim to Soviet justice.Read More

When Violence Overcame a Freedom Struggle

By Gal Beckerman

This excerpt from Forward staff writer Gal Beckerman’s new book, “When They Come for Us, We’ll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle To Save Soviet Jewry,” tells of Meir Kahane’s tumultuous reign over the Soviet Jewry movement, and the fatal consequence.Read More

Abbas Softens on Settlement Freeze

By Jane Eisner

Speaking to a room full of American Jewish leaders on Tuesday evening, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas indicated that if the moratorium on Israeli settlement building expires as scheduled on Sunday, he would not necessarily quit peace negotiations.Read More

Eight Months Later, Haiti Struggles as Never Before

By Jane Eisner

It took us several hours to drive from Port-au-Prince to the tiny village of Monwi Mon Ivwa. On rare stretches, the road was flat and paved, occasionally punctuated by a house standing half-finished and empty, a frustrating hint of what could be if Haiti were a normal place. But mostly the road was thick with stones and ditches, difficult for even the scrawny resident goats and donkeys to navigate as they rummaged for food.Read More

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