October 8, 2004

Promote Discourse On Leaders’ Israel Stance An October 1 letter to the editor mirrors almost to the word a complaint sent to me via e-mail by Ira Foreman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, following the inclusion of my thoughts on the potential for mischief inherent in the Senator John Kerry campaign’s evocation of aRead More

October 1, 2004

Key to Social Security Is Reforming Program It is odd that the Forward has chosen to at long last address the issue of the red ink that is a daunting part of our future, given the fact that I cannot recall another instance in which the editors objected to any spending proposals put forward heretofore (“Mortgaging ourRead More

September 24, 2004

In Bush We Trust Columnist Leonard Fein finds it difficult to understand why 46% of voters “imagine that Bush is more trustworthy than Kerry regarding Supreme Court nominations” (“Heads I Win, Tails You Lose,” September 17).Read More

September 17, 2004

‘Madness’ Didn’t Drive The Butchers of Beslan The shocking outcome of the hostage taking at Beslan was described appropriately in your editorial, “The Madness of Beslan” (September 10), as depraved and horrifying.Read More

September 10, 2004

Dumbing Down Identity I was taken by Bethamie Horowitz’s August 27 opinion column (“The Dumbing Down of Communal Identity”).Read More

September 3, 2004

Right on Settlements The August 27 editorial about the Bush administration’s questionable approach to Israeli settlement expansion was absolutely correct (“Bush and the Settlements”).Read More

August 27, 2004

Scapegoating of Pagans Reveals Author’s Bias As a neo-pagan, Wiccan and Druid for nearly 20 years, I feel compelled to respond to David Klinghoffer’s August 20 opinion column (“We Are All Pagans Now”).Read More

August 20, 2004

History of U.S. ZionismKudos on the very interesting August 6 article on the history of the organized American Jewish community (“Hearts Ungovernable”).Read More

August 13, 2004

Getting It Wrong The original headline to an August 6 front-page article — the online version of the article appears under a revised headline that correctly portrays the issue — is belied by the fourth paragraph of the story, which accurately refers to “the Reform movement’s strong support for Sharon’s general plan to pull out of Gaza and parts of the West Bank” (“Reform Rips U.S. Support for Sharon Gaza Plan”; Please see editor’s note, Page 1).Read More

August 6, 2004

Presbyterian Decision Not Representative In light of Israel’s history and centuries of Jewish suffering at the hands of Christians, one might think that Christians would make a special effort to understand Israel’s unique and perilous situation as a Jewish state among Arab neighbors (“Protestant Group OKs Divestment From Israel,”…Read More

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