Looking Back

Conductor of Israel National Opera Guilty of Nazi Collaboration

By Eddy Portnoy

In a Tel Aviv courtroom, Hirsch Barenblat, the conductor of the Israel National Opera, was found guilty on charges of collaborating with the Nazis.Read More

Jews Beaten and Attacked in Fascist Pogrom in Mexico

By Eddy Portnoy

“I did it because they ordered me to,” Nazi doctor Josef Klehr said after admitting to injecting carbolic acid directly into the hearts of between 250 and 300 Auschwitz prisoners.Read More

Polish Parliamentarian Says Jews Must Emigrate

By Eddy Portnoy

Speaking in the Polish Sejm, Camp of National Unity’s deputy, Surczinsky, offered a warning to Poland’s Jewish citizens to consider emigration, sooner rather than later, as a policy to solve the country’s Jewish problem.Read More

Plans for Soviet Jewish Autonomous Region a Failure

It’s been 10 years since the Siberian region of Birobidzhan was declared the Soviet Jewish Autonomous Region, and it now appears that Moscow is going to disband the project. Initially, plans were to settle at least 100,000 Jews in Birobidzhan, but after a 10-year period, no more than 20,000 remain.Read More

Army of Jewish Women Nab Tenement Thief Caught in Lower East Side Toilet

By Eddy Portnoy

After a string of tenement thefts, a lower East Side woman caught a would-be burglar in a hallway bathroom — and an army of neighbors cornered him on the street.Read More

Woman Held Captive in Saloon Rescued by Jewish Man

The trial of 22 Nazis who are accused of participating in the murder of 2 million people in the Auschwitz concentration camp network has commenced in Frankfurt, West Germany.Read More

Two Vegetable Vendors in Brooklyn Form Romance

By Eddy Portnoy

The Grynszpan family was brutally beaten by the Gestapo as they were forced to the border of Poland, where they currently live as refugees, in limbo, with thousands of other Polish Jews who had lived in Germany.Read More

United Hebrew Charities Catches Man Who Abandoned Family

By Eddy Portnoy

Having enacted a ruling that forbids Jews from living in certain areas, the Nazis prepared to return 600,000 Jews to ghettos.Read More

Israeli Government Declares a Mourning Period After Kennedy Assassination

By Eddy Portnoy

Hundreds of Israelis lined up at the American Embassy to express their condolences to the American government after Kennedy’s assassination.Read More

Jews Join Nation in Mourning Assasination of President John F. Kennedy

By Eddy Portnoy

The Synagogue Council of America called for prayers to memorialize President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Fifty years earlier, blood libel rumors spread in the Old Country.Read More

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