In Hot Pursuit of the Sexy Swingers

By Gus Tyler

Call them the “Sexy 16.” Every four years, some of the most prominent guys in America set out in hot pursuit of these elusive creatures. This year, they are being chased heatedly by two mucho macho hombres by the name of George Bush and John Kerry.Apparently, what makes these 16 so desirable is their fickle behavior. One year they fall in loveRead More


By E.J. Kessler

Corsi Conciliation: Jerome Corsi, the co-author of the anti-John Kerry book “Unfit for Command” — who recently apologized publicly for some coarse comments about Muslims, Catholics and Jews that he posted on a right-wing Web site, — called the Forward on Tuesday to attest to his pro-Jewish bona fides.“IRead More

Boundaries Blur for Communal Leaders, Israeli Officials

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — A handful of Jewish communal officials were summoned about one year ago to the Israeli Embassy in Washington for a briefing on Iran.The meeting featured a computerized presentation from Israeli diplomats pointing to Iran as the party responsible for the 1994 bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish community center, which killedRead More

JPosters Stung by Hollinger Woes

By Nathaniel Popper

When a report about the “corporate kleptocracy” at the publishing company Hollinger International was released last week, it carried a special sting for employees at the Hollinger-owned Jerusalem Post, who have endured a series of extreme budgetary cutbacks during the past decade.The report, written by a special committeeRead More

At 70, Jewish Autonomous Region Gets a Face-lift

By Ben G. Frank

LETTER FROM BIROBIDZHANWherever you went last month in Birobidzhan — crossing the road, pausing on the sidewalk, entering a store or public building — you couldn’t escape the city’s frantic makeover. The capital of Russia’s so-called Jewish Autonomous Region, one of the odder footnotes of 20th-century JewishRead More

Campaign Questions Deserve More Than Just Bumper-sticker Answers

By Jeff Greenfield

At the end of the 1964 presidential campaign, so the legend goes, a voter told an inquiring reporter that she had decided to vote against Barry Goldwater because “he wants to sell my TV.” After the mystified reporter probed a bit, he told the voter that Goldwater was in fact talking about selling the TVA — the Tennessee Valley Authority, aRead More


By Ori Nir, Marc Perelman, With Reporting by E.J. Kessler

WASHINGTON — With America’s pro-Israel lobby scrambling to combat media leaks from unnamed government officials, the White House is drawing criticism from congressmen and Jewish communal officials over the FBI investigation into allegations that officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee illegally transferredRead More

Israel Plays the Understudy In Russian ‘Theater of Terror’

JERUSALEM — “Theater of terror.” That’s what Israeli defense officials are calling last week’s horrifying terrorist attack and mass hostage-killing in the south Russian town of Beslan.“This marks the return of an old terrorism with new tactics,” one senior Israeli security official said. “We’ve seen mass hostage-takings before,Read More

Brothers Bond in Suburban Angst

By Nathaniel Popper

Josh and Zach Braff are all grown up and living on the opposite side of the country from their childhood home in South Orange, N.J. But together the brothers have opened a vast panorama onto the experience of being young in the spiritual wilds of northern New Jersey.Zach Braff’s recently released first movie, “Garden State,” and JoshRead More

Newsdesk September 3, 2004

Israel Blames SyriaIsrael implicated Syria in Tuesday’s double suicide bombing in Beersheva. Syria has continued to offer logistical and financial backing to terrorist organizations operating out of Damascus, a senior military official told Ha’aretz. At least 16 people died in the bombings. This is the first time that Palestinians haveRead More

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