Gay Clergy See Revelations in Scripture

By Eric J. Greenberg

Episcopalian Bishop V. Gene Robinson has a special attachment to the biblical story of Exodus. Indeed, Robinson holds a Passover Seder every year to commemorate the liberation of the Hebrews — as well as his own liberation.“I have drawn such comfort from that story,” said Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal priest to ever become aRead More

Merger of Communal Groups Yields Disappointment

By Nathaniel Popper

The merger that created the United Jewish Communities in 1999 has been a disappointment to almost everyone involved, according to the authors of the first detailed study of the process, which is set to appear in the coming months.The report, which is being compiled by two professors at Hebrew Union College, looks atRead More

Nazis: Yom Kippur Rally an Accident

By Rick Harrison

A group claiming to be America’s largest Nazi party has scheduled a rally on Yom Kippur — by accident.The leader of the Minnesota-based National Socialist Movement, Jeff Schoep, told the Forward that he invited like-minded groups to show up for a rally in Valley Forge National Historical Park on September 25, the day of Yom Kippur. TheRead More

As Leaks Dry Up in FBI Investigation, Activists Still Fear Jury Probe

By Ori Nir

WASHINGTON — Even as a lull in government leaks appears to be short-circuiting the media frenzy over the FBI’s investigation of the pro-Israel lobby, sources with access to the Justice Department say the probe is moving forward.Sources told the Forward that a federal grand jury is expected to begin interviewing people in connectionRead More


By E.J. Kessler

Figures released last week from the Congressional Budget Office show a record $422 billion U.S. budget deficit this year — and a projected 10-year deficit of $4.5 trillion if President Bush succeeds in getting Congress to make his tax cuts permanent.Democrats, including presidential nominee Senator John Kerry, were quick to seizeRead More

Bush Ripped Over Influx Of Hezbollah Into America

By Marc Perelman

The Bush administration has failed to act against a major Hezbollah infiltration of the United States, Senator Bob Graham told the Forward.In an exclusive interview, Graham, a Florida Democrat and former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite militant organization, has more trainedRead More


By Curt Leviant

One day, more than two decades ago, I walked into a Jerusalem bookstore — and stepped into a mystery. At the store, I met a man who was shopping named Reb Moshe Ashbel, an elderly, white-bearded Russian immigrant. As we got to know each other, Ashbel told me that he was a Lubavitch Hasid, a mathematician, and a lover of classical andRead More

Syrian Offer of Talks Throws A Wrench Into Sharon’s Plans

By Ofer Shelah

TEL AVIV — As if he didn’t have enough problems, what with mounting right-wing opposition to his disengagement plan, Palestinian terrorism stirring anew and his governing coalition in turmoil, Prime Minister Sharon now has trouble on his northern front. Syria, Israel’s most intractable foe, is offering to make peace.Syrian President BasharRead More

Newsdesk September 17, 2004

WJC Set for ShowdownThe controversy at the World Jewish Congress heated up this week, with one official claiming the organization’s chairman obtained e-mails and memos from his personal computer and leaked them to the media.In a memo issued this week to WJC leaders, the organization’s senior vice president, Isi Leibler, said that he isRead More

Zell Miller’s Speech Marks Political Parties’ Evolution

By Gus Tyler

Zell Miller, The Senator From Georgia, might have made history at the Republican Convention on several scores with his volley of vicious vituperation directed against his former party and its candidate for president.First, the simple nastiness of tone and content must earn him a place in the annals of those in prominent political life whose mediumRead More

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