Bintel Brief: Ask Ron Dermer

For this week’s Bintel Brief, we’re proud to have Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer answering your letters.Read More

Secret Jewish History of Temple Beth Shalom

By Joanie Weiss

Temple Beth Shalom is one of Boca’s most popular bridge venues. But few who cruise past to get a nosh at Izzy’s Deli realize that there’s some Yiddish in Temple Beth Shalom’s own bloodlines.Read More

Support the Jews of Ukraine: Come to Our Banquet!

At the banquet, donors will be referred to in speeches according to the following key.Read More

In Compromise, Bibi Addresses 9th Grade Model Congress in Suburban Illinois

By Rob Kutner

BACKWARD: After all the controversy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally addressed Congress — sort of.Read More

American Snipper: The Fastest Mohel in U.S. History

BACKWARD: You’ve heard of ‘American Sniper,’ but what about ‘American Snipper’? Meet the fastest mohel in U.S. history.Read More

Catching Gefilte Fish in the Wild

By Renee Calarco

BACKWARD: For years, I’ve served nothing but wild-caught gefilte fish at my Seder. But it’s gotten so expensive!Read More

Beardman Triumphs

What rhymes with tuber? Buber!Read More

50 Sheitels of Grey

By Ian Fist

BACKWARD: Frum housewives spice things up. But they do it modestly.Read More

Black Hat Messiah

D’Angelo Converts?Read More

Pain and Ponce Are Deli's Main Ingredients

By Ian Fist

BACKWARD: As you enter the narrow doorway of Brooklyn’s Pearlstein + Dung, the first thing that greets you is the sparse shtetl décor and the pungent odor of artisanal cuisine.Read More

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